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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENHANCE

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Astrology, 369:in the case of the ordinary wheel serve to enhance the planetary rulers of the sign, Gemini withAutobiography, 150:traded on that and did everything possible to enhance world terror. It will take us a long time toDiscipleship1, 91:even by me, serves no vital purpose, except to enhance or corroborate an already known truth, or toDiscipleship1, 92:disciple's own problem. He can only endeavor to enhance the desire of the soul by the power of hisDiscipleship1, 215:Your sixth ray soul-polarization has served to enhance [216] the dynamic one-pointedness of yourDiscipleship1, 274:practical output upon the physical plane and enhance your value in the work which you, as a memberDiscipleship1, 292:for yourself, but it is always permissible to enhance right thought conditions. There is one ofDiscipleship2, 82:they are recognized for what they are) and will enhance the contribution to world service of thoseDiscipleship2, 89:of your activities along this line should enhance the usefulness of the service activities of theDiscipleship2, 522:of psychological reactions. These have served to enhance your problem, and your entire emotionalDiscipleship2, 583:may be the custodian can enrich the group life, enhance its effort and round out its presentationDiscipleship2, 651:for you revelation, and that revelation will enhance the light upon the Lighted Way which stretchesDiscipleship2, 666:Remember that initiation does not simply enhance and deepen the soul quality; it does not simplyDiscipleship2, 672:tide of loving understanding. You will thus enhance your usefulness. Discipleship2, 710:have a dual capacity to use second ray energy to enhance and implement the use of the teachingDiscipleship2, 757:writing will release this inner beauty and enhance your service. The essential quality which youExternalisation, 265:the selfish materialistic nature, it will only enhance desire and promote increased acquisitiveExternalisation, 271:So they were deliberately withdrawn in order to enhance their importance, and will later beExternalisation, 420:everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed toGlamour, 52:His dedication, consecration and right purpose enhance the directed inflow of spiritual energy. HeHealing, 513:power, later to be used in the three worlds to enhance soul energy within the form and to createHealing, 579:upon the physical body only serves to enhance its potency and to feed its appetites and bring toHealing, 581:certain psychological difficulties which greatly enhance the problem with which the patient isHealing, 694:you which will be profitable. They may perchance enhance the visional and realized difficulties,Intellect, 51:The objective of the evolutionary process is to enhance and deepen the control of the soul overIntellect, 79:when used with selfish and personal objectives, enhance the body life, strengthen the form orMagic, 522:so-called. Spirit, in its turn, is enabled to enhance its vibration through the medium of itsProblems, 162:everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfully the stream of thought energyPsychology2, 136:astral body and his inner orientation. It may enhance the glamor and deepen the illusion, swingingPsychology2, 576:of the masses. This must be done in order to enhance the magnetic power of the love aspect of theRays, 524:and increased enlightenment (in order to enhance His equipment as World Savior) revealed to Him theRays, 735:of electricity." These transmissions of energy enhance the magnetic-attractive force of theReappearance, 124:will emerge into the light and will then enhance that light and all men will see and together willReappearance, 154:everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed to
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