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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENJOY

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Astrology, 556:for those who lie upon this Cross know and enjoy the significances underlying the words:Autobiography, 57:time at the close of a lecture - a time I always enjoy - I don't mind admitting I don't know when IAutobiography, 159:mixed up in an organizational row and I did not enjoy this period at all. I loved some of theAutobiography, 206:nice person. I suppose lecturing is the thing I enjoy the most in the world and today, becauseAutobiography, 221:She had a very different conception as to how to enjoy a foreign land to that which Foster and IBethlehem, 189:would be set free from the thralldom of decay to enjoy the liberty that comes with the glory of theBethlehem, 209:heaven where those who are believers shall enjoy an exclusive life of happiness, whilst the rest ofBethlehem, 217:Three words are used to express this power to enjoy - happiness, joy and bliss. Happiness has aDiscipleship1, 396:and with love) that you have not yet learnt to enjoy them. D. H. B. has been through the fire. HisFire, 136:clean-living, high-thinking man should normally enjoy. When the fires of matter have passedFire, 525:the rays of solar heat dwell in the light, and enjoy an ever increasing freedom, and vitalHealing, 567:at every stage in evolution to possess, own and enjoy that which they regard as the beautiful. AIntellect, 14:which enables them to do more than sense and enjoy. They understand; they know, and have becomePatanjali, 386:the "organs" created enable the spiritual man to enjoy the sense of individuality. When this stagePsychology1, 93:a persistent entity called the soul, which could enjoy heaven or suffer hell at the will of God andPsychology1, 101:vegetation vastly different to that which we now enjoy. Man himself has changed so much that wePsychology1, 312:beauty, to react sensuously to music, and to enjoy color and harmony. It is this divine somethingPsychology1, 397:gather and amass. Never the time to hold and to enjoy. Pass on therefore until the time shall come,
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