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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENLARGE

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Astrology, 123:story of Jonah and the whale. I have not time to enlarge upon it here, but it is a parableAstrology, 181:light of the soul blend. Upon this I need not enlarge, as nothing I could say would be more than itAstrology, 209:spiritual recognitions. Upon these we need not enlarge. There is little for me to add here inAstrology, 219:creative potency, upon which theme I will later enlarge when dealing with the Science of Triangles.Astrology, 221:and of initiation. There is no need for me to enlarge upon this fourfold theme and the truth of itsAstrology, 251:are Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. I need not enlarge upon their effect except to point out that theAstrology, 288:a part of the Sphinx, and upon this I need not enlarge as we have touched upon this elsewhere. ThisAstrology, 350:the focusing of energies at this point. I will enlarge upon this later, but the above will give youAstrology, 354:but upon these it is not necessary for us to enlarge. In a peculiar way, therefore, MercuryAstrology, 464:will assume the major importance. This I will enlarge upon when we take up the theme of the threeAstrology, 537:upon which I would like somewhat to enlarge, because their potency and the climax of theirAstrology, 563:twelve signs of the zodiac. On this I may not enlarge as it concerns the mysteries of the higherAstrology, 575:not give to you, nor will it profit for me to enlarge upon the conditions which emerge in theAstrology, 680:of the present knowledge. Let us briefly enlarge upon it, correct certain erroneousAstrology, 684:Venus is one." (C. F. 298) "It would be well to enlarge here a little on the connection betweenAtom, 48:and most complete development. Next week I shall enlarge a little upon this, when I take up theAtom, 53:Evolution of Form, or Group Evolution I want to enlarge tonight upon the basic idea of the unity ofAtom, 61:the method whereby the forms are built up, or to enlarge upon the evolutionary process by means ofAtom, 113:meditation, which it is impossible for me to enlarge upon here, will result in a definite change ofAutobiography, 4:to make the way easier for them. This I will enlarge upon later and show how I personally came toAutobiography, 117:to look after the other two children. I will not enlarge upon the difficulty of that episode. ThoseDestiny, 94:the real and the holy. I would like to enlarge somewhat upon this subject of the centers throughDiscipleship1, 28:and unpolarized that it is needless for me to enlarge upon the possibilities ahead. When men can beDiscipleship1, 31:been permitted to share? I would like briefly to enlarge, somewhat upon this so as to make theDiscipleship1, 47:Upon these I would like very briefly to enlarge and then I will lay before you (for yourDiscipleship1, 254:equal equanimity, then your field of service can enlarge. You will have no interest in the affairsDiscipleship1, 402:manner. Ponder on this. You will be able to enlarge upon these ideas yourself from your knowledgeDiscipleship1, 501:upon its difficulties and problems I need not enlarge. You know them well. You are learning toDiscipleship1, 503:barriers. I do not seek here, however, to enlarge on this. I would ask you to ponder on myDiscipleship1, 526:of physical disability. Upon that, I will not enlarge beyond pointing out that preoccupation withDiscipleship1, 556:for you will recognize that whereof I speak. I enlarge not here upon the hidden significance whichDiscipleship1, 582:again lies for you a problem. Upon it I need not enlarge, beyond reminding you that a sixth rayDiscipleship1, 586:into control. A tendency to criticize. Need I enlarge upon this? I think not, for I realize that itDiscipleship1, 607:questions, I will answer for you, but I will not enlarge upon them. First: You have not sent outDiscipleship1, 633:by the seventh ray. Upon this I need not enlarge. You are, therefore, a composite aggregate ofDiscipleship1, 716:without reservation. There is no need further to enlarge upon this preliminary phase, upon theDiscipleship1, 753:the sumtotal of consciousness. I cannot here enlarge upon this theme as it proceeds under theDiscipleship1, 757:group results. More I may not say, nor can I enlarge upon the process whereby a chela within theDiscipleship2, 7:I seek to put the emphasis upon failure or to enlarge upon it, but because clarity of thought andDiscipleship2, 9:all else, to fuse it with his soul. I shall enlarge later upon this when giving each of you hisDiscipleship2, 137:as to the Ashram and I need not further enlarge. The third point of the triangle (as far as yourDiscipleship2, 211:of divine and spiritual Workers, and I will not enlarge upon it here. Basically, they work throughDiscipleship2, 212:have told you much about this group and will not enlarge upon it here; your understanding of theDiscipleship2, 294:year, it may be possible for me greatly to enlarge upon the matter in my next instruction. Discipleship2, 298:will inevitably demonstrate. On this I shall not enlarge; the practice of goodwill will lay theDiscipleship2, 333:of a point of crisis. On these I shall not here enlarge, for I have given you much along theseDiscipleship2, 408:Externalization of the Hierarchy) and will not enlarge upon it here. The outposts of that [409]Discipleship2, 423:their import. Upon these words I do not care to enlarge. Their familiarity is such that they areDiscipleship2, 485:the work of the Ashram. I do not intend to enlarge upon this as I want you to arrive at your ownDiscipleship2, 600:my suggestion. Upon the second glamor I need not enlarge. We might call it the "glamor ofDiscipleship2, 685:be yours. In this connection and in order to enlarge your perspective, I would add that ChristianEducation, 5:on a relatively large scale. On this I need not enlarge, for it concerns the technicalities of theEducation, 39:should be left behind. I would like here to enlarge somewhat upon the interpretation of the muchExternalisation, 20:them that they will begin to see more truly and enlarge their horizon; it will enable him toExternalisation, 66:or potentially destructive. I hesitate to enlarge upon this theme, owing to the probableExternalisation, 108:factors upon which I would like somewhat to enlarge: [109] Upon the point achieved in racialExternalisation, 222:a world-consciousness. [222] Let me now enlarge somewhat upon the possibility of divineExternalisation, 367:the freedom of the world. There is not time to enlarge upon them, but they can be listed and peopleExternalisation, 388:will and desire of humanity itself. I will enlarge upon this in my Wesak message, but I seek to getExternalisation, 389:knowers testify. I have not time today to enlarge upon this theme. I simply ask for your acceptanceExternalisation, 432:human being that it is useless for me to enlarge upon their existence. They are concerned with theExternalisation, 473:of resurrection. There is no need for me to enlarge at this point upon the world that They areExternalisation, 530:which I may not indicate or upon which I may not enlarge), preparing Itself for the experience ofExternalisation, 622:business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlarge the horizon of humanity, and thus prepare theExternalisation, 640:coming decades is as follows, and I shall not enlarge upon it because you have [641] been trainedExternalisation, 641:focuses the invocative demand of humanity. 2. Enlarge the work of the Triangles so that,Externalisation, 669:ray to the first ray. There is no need for me to enlarge upon the work which I am doing in andFire, 33:but we desire to recapitulate and in so doing to enlarge, thus laying down a broad foundation uponFire, 46:as is its greater correspondence. Later we can enlarge on this. It is this spark of mind in man,Fire, 132:of the violet into the blue. This we cannot enlarge on. We simply make the statement, and leave itsFire, 331:mental, astral and physical planes. We will not enlarge upon the subject, as it will later beFire, 366:mantrams and formulae. On this we may not enlarge as these mantrams are esoteric and the use ofFire, 375:vibration of that center. It would be well to enlarge here a little on the connection between VenusFire, 382:for it sets a goal for man and enables him to enlarge his present concept. The chain angle. ThisFire, 386:of the present knowledge. Let us briefly enlarge upon it, correct certain erroneousFire, 407:Kumara be evidenced and felt. On this I cannot enlarge, being only permitted to make the statement.Fire, 418:is, of course, to be laid upon the future, and I enlarge not upon that which is already developed.Fire, 426:more than touch upon certain points, nor can we enlarge along the line of the mechanisticFire, 432:but it does not serve any useful purpose to enlarge further. I might, in summing up these ideas,Fire, 459:individualization elsewhere and seek not here to enlarge upon it. I would only point out aFire, 469:of KARMA, even though we have not the time to enlarge upon the subject. A book by itself of vastFire, 503:and transmutative power it is needless to enlarge. All these ideas and concepts are of value onlyFire, 530:passing into obscuration. It is impossible to enlarge further upon this mystery. 73 Forms. DivineFire, 533:Earth and Mercury. As yet it is not possible to enlarge further. The entities who are the sumtotalFire, 563:interesting factor comes in upon which we shall enlarge later, when considering the elementals. TheFire, 634:sensory nerves of the physical body. I will not enlarge upon this angle of vision. These devas haveFire, 641:man. It is not advisable for us further to enlarge upon their functions. It should be noted that inFire, 706:of which we know but little, we need not here enlarge upon it. The planetary chains embody centers,Fire, 748:into which they might be divided. We might now enlarge somewhat more upon the methods. The methodsFire, 754:its fullest sense, and it is not for us here to enlarge upon it. Suffice it to say that theFire, 771:affected. Beyond mentioning this fact, we cannot enlarge, for the subject is stupendous, and beyondFire, 893:for no arbitrary reason. It is not possible to enlarge upon the underlying truth which is hidden inFire, 909:the marriage obligation. There is no need to enlarge further upon this, for in working out theirFire, 934:to touch upon; it is needless further to enlarge, as no substantial profit will eventuate from theFire, 940:is concerned. There is no need for us further to enlarge. H. P. B. has outlined these stages in theFire, 1050:It is not the purpose of this Treatise to enlarge upon each distinctive impulse. It but seeks toFire, 1126:substance and from form. There is no need to enlarge further on this subject. I would like toFire, 1152:or incarnation, and it is not my purpose here to enlarge at great length. Just as it is notFire, 1173:term is occultly used. It is not possible to enlarge upon it, but only to point out theFire, 1186:into the divine, but on this there is no need to enlarge. 2. Form Building The second effect is
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