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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENLARGE

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Fire, 1186:effect is form building. Upon this we will not enlarge at any length, as all that it is at presentFire, 1266:It is unnecessary and profitless therefore to enlarge further upon these exalted states. [1267] Glamour, 5:group work to oneself as the center. I cannot enlarge further upon the subject of Intuition. It isGlamour, 24:not just four sentences of definition. Before I enlarge upon this subject I would like you toGlamour, 90:goal of the four kingdoms in nature. We could enlarge the concept by expressing the truth in theGlamour, 154:of the Dweller. I would like, however, [154] to enlarge upon one or two points and give one or twoGlamour, 196:vision by arriving at fusion. I need not enlarge on this. It is the higher stage of at-one-ment toHealing, 25:in their implications. Upon this I will later enlarge. Today I but lay down the generalHealing, 133:this fourth group upon which I shall principally enlarge, dealing with the diseases of disciplesHealing, 176:desire, as is now the case. I cannot enlarge further upon this matter as the theme is too big. IHealing, 237:of boycott and sanctions. I have no time to enlarge upon these matters, but these suggestions willHealing, 242:Conditions It is obviously impossible for me to enlarge upon this subject, for it is not possibleHealing, 251:with facility. On this I need not further enlarge. Living conditions in many lands also fosterHealing, 302:part of this treatise and need not further enlarge upon the difficulties here (In EsotericHealing, 328:turmoil produced. On this matter, I cannot here enlarge, and there is no time for a longerHealing, 333:gained thereby. Further than this I cannot here enlarge, but the above will suffice to show thatHealing, 350:is possible and near. Upon this I need not here enlarge. But I do seek to give you a new slant onHealing, 350:is a tremendous subject, and I cannot further enlarge upon it. But I have said enough to offer youHealing, 391:character building. I seek not, however, to enlarge upon these elementary prerequisites. TheHealing, 407:I have given these brief summations so as to enlarge your general understanding of what the MastersHealing, 421:of the violet into the blue. This we cannot enlarge on. We simply make the statement, and leave itsHealing, 499:occult methods, but upon these I may not here enlarge. The destruction of the mental body is noHealing, 632:his scientific knowledge. I am not here going to enlarge further on the injunction to use medicalHercules, 163:In the life of the aspirant of today, I need not enlarge upon it, there has been a completeInitiation, 17:Holiness we get an approximate picture. Let us enlarge somewhat: The first four initiations of theInitiation, 106:as are the earlier five, it serves no purpose to enlarge upon his work. These initiations are takenInitiation, 200:their maximum vibration. It is not necessary to enlarge upon this point beyond pointing out that asIntellect, 251:"idées fixes", that there is no need for me to enlarge upon it. Magic, 24:thinking humanity that it is needless for me to enlarge further upon it. This brings me to a point,Magic, 24:the phraseology which says: "It is needless to enlarge on [25] this for it would only be understoodMagic, 74:microcosm and the light within it; we shall not enlarge upon the macrocosmic analogies. InMagic, 204:4. Meditation. Upon this matter we will not enlarge as it has formed the basis of much of theMagic, 314:on the subject and it profits not for me to enlarge upon them here. 4. Faint emanations from theMagic, 316:we know well, and it is unnecessary for me to enlarge upon it here. 7. The emotional (astralMagic, 475:from striking upon thine ear. Speak of the soul; enlarge upon the plan; forget thyself in buildingMagic, 518:be. It would not be right nor proper for me to enlarge here upon the work of utilizing theseMagic, 542:of thought precipitation. I have not time to enlarge upon this fact, but I can assure you that asMagic, 549:the white magician has steadily grown. I could enlarge on many other quaternaries, but the few justMagic, 586:an example to others. Is it necessary for me to enlarge upon this? It seems as if it should not beMagic, 636:is his physical condition. On this I cannot enlarge beyond begging all disciples to act withMeditation, 99:the door to serious dangers, which I will later enlarge upon when we take up the subject ofMeditation, 106:theoretically, and I do not purpose to enlarge on it greatly today. I but seek to point out thatMeditation, 109:teach him concrete facts and science and thus to enlarge the content of his mental body, with aMeditation, 110:you may well imagine it is not my purpose to enlarge upon the dangers incidental to a defectiveMeditation, 158:next step on. I may touch on this and somewhat enlarge when we take up the subject of access to theMeditation, 160:but letters on meditation, so I must not further enlarge. In the forms used in these three casesMeditation, 160:more fluidic, is more easily impressed. I cannot enlarge upon the troubles of the mental body todayMeditation, 170:will find it very illuminating. (I seek not to enlarge the mental body but to train the intuition.)Meditation, 289:All have been hinted at, but I may somewhat enlarge the already imparted data. Patanjali, 32:as this perforce must be it is not possible to enlarge to any extent upon this subject, but somePatanjali, 82:Heavenly Men Themselves. It is not necessary to enlarge here upon these centers beyond indicatingPatanjali, 414:this has been covered earlier it is needless to enlarge upon this here. Psychology1, 156:More than that I know not, nor may I further enlarge upon the matter. But the wonder and thePsychology1, 162:the three worlds, and upon this we shall later enlarge. In relation to mankind, these four rays ofPsychology1, 194:of the many schools of human thought, which enlarge through their researches the range of humanPsychology1, 250:and intuitive. But on this mystery we need not enlarge. The sufferings of humanity are primarilyPsychology1, 271:the ages, past and present. It is not my work to enlarge in detail upon the mistakes, the evilPsychology1, 338:of the seven sacred planets. On this I need not enlarge, but it was necessary to call attention toPsychology1, 422:in the three worlds and upon this we shall later enlarge. In relation to mankind, these four raysPsychology2, 94:to point out here that in the New Age, we shall enlarge our concept of this term World Savior. AtPsychology2, 161:of the Oversoul. There is no need to enlarge here upon the technique whereby this choice is to bePsychology2, 162:being dispassionate. Is there need therefore to enlarge upon this law as it works out in the lifePsychology2, 217:science, and it would be useless for us to enlarge upon it here. To set up a magnetic center in thePsychology2, 226:in and through a human vehicle. We can now enlarge somewhat upon the previous statements, so as toPsychology2, 255:spirit and matter. Upon this we cannot here enlarge for only those initiates [256] who have, inPsychology2, 274:touches. It might be of interest if we were to enlarge somewhat upon this matter. The correspondingPsychology2, 329:these matters. Upon them there is no need to enlarge. The whole series of events involved in thePsychology2, 356:right use? Upon this it is not possible here to enlarge, beyond pointing out that all thePsychology2, 413:length in my other books, and so shall not here enlarge upon it beyond calling your attention toPsychology2, 489:possibilities that it is not possible for me to enlarge upon them here. They are all colored byPsychology2, 678:in true perspective. Upon this we need not here enlarge, but when it is seen that the growth ofPsychology2, 708:polarization? On these matters we may not here enlarge as the theme is too vast. It can, however,Psychology2, 720:may dawn upon our minds. It is not possible to enlarge upon these forces, nor may we interpretPsychology2, 731:for spiritual endeavor. It is not possible to enlarge within a brief space upon the methods and theRays, 7:into the planetary plans. Upon these I need not enlarge, nor need I take up with you here theRays, 33:what specifically does it convey to you? Let me enlarge upon it somewhat. The attitude of theRays, 119:activities. It is needless, therefore, for me to enlarge upon them; unless you are an initiate ofRays, 132:and it offers me the opportunity to enlarge upon a subject little known or understood by anyRays, 149:appearance and define them, and then I will enlarge upon them in order to point out where theRays, 204:It is therefore of small importance for me to enlarge upon this phase of the Rules. I would be moreRays, 305:this type of destruction. I feel no necessity to enlarge on this mode of destroying to studentsRays, 362:and controls His Ashram. This I will attempt to enlarge upon under our next heading. It is usefulRays, 392:will then be usefully available. I would like to enlarge somewhat upon an earlier remark. I statedRays, 425:Paths is as a climaxing comment. I shall not enlarge upon it, but if you have spiritual imaginationRays, 431:personality and the soul. It is not possible to enlarge at any length on that theme here, but IRays, 518:our study of the antahkarana; however, I want to enlarge a little further upon the three finalRays, 580:initiation are today passing. I cannot here enlarge upon the various ideologies which areRays, 615:Let me make the facts somewhat clearer and enlarge somewhat upon these three modes of HisRays, 636:importance to humanity have led me thus to enlarge. The decision anent the Jews is one ofRays, 645:Chamber of the Lord. Upon this I may not here enlarge, for we must not diverge too far from ourReappearance, 135:which the mass of men now live, I cannot further enlarge. This field of experience and of trial isReappearance, 170:business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlarge the horizon of humanity, and thus prepare theSoul, 135:Western intellectual types. It is impossible to enlarge at length upon this technique. It might,Telepathy, 72:presented by him. Upon this I will not further enlarge. For average humanity, the development ofTelepathy, 96:stages, upon which it is not my intention to enlarge: Sensitivity to impression from other humanTelepathy, 102:of well-meaning devotees. Upon this I need not enlarge. All disciples at some point or another ofTelepathy, 117:entry to the head center. Upon this I need not enlarge; all that I have taught you is [118] relatedTelepathy, 127:are most difficult things to express and to enlarge upon, my brothers, and only the penetratingTelepathy, 135:section. I do not feel it to be necessary to enlarge upon this basic relation; it is that which
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