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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENLARGES

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Discipleship2, 385:of his threefold personality; then the concept enlarges along paralleling lines as he seeks theFire, 1012:of years gradually increases its secretion, enlarges its form, and starts it into a new cycle ofInitiation, 13:It results in a horizon that continuously enlarges until it includes the sphere of creation; it isInitiation, 14:to another. As each state is entered the horizon enlarges, the vista extends, and the comprehensionMagic, 11:vision his perspective changes and his horizon enlarges, he comes to the realization that a law isMeditation, 91:wisely proceed with his work. Only as the heart enlarges its capacity to suffer with all thatMeditation, 115:affiliations. Let us remember too that as a man enlarges his capacity to serve he at the same timeMeditation, 202:of helpfulness for the wise student. Aught that enlarges his horizon and increases the range of hisMeditation, 233:virtues and as he coordinates [233] and enlarges his mental body, he is continuously altering itsMeditation, 275:of the note of the pupil's exoteric life. He enlarges the consciousness of the pupil in various
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