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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENLIGHTENED

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Healing, 702:body. The center involved and (when he is an enlightened disciple) with its condition. TheInitiation, 25:the service of the race; by a purpose which is enlightened and intelligent, and which isInitiation, 216:in B.C. 592. The Buddha is one who is the "Enlightened," and has attained the highest degree ofIntellect, 185:State of the Hero, and State of the Divine or Enlightened." - Evans-Wentz, W. Y., Tibet's GreatIntellect, 189:made manifest by their light." "The 'Self' being enlightened by meditation...,then burning with theMagic, 8:This great Life is the basis of Monism, and all enlightened men are Monists. "God is One" is theMagic, 328:authority to the self-imposed guidance of an enlightened soul. These are the followers of a ChurchMagic, 334:thereby re-establishing on earth the rule of the enlightened. Note here, that these developmentsMeditation, 244:levels he can cooperate with the modern enlightened medical man, and thus safeguard [245] him fromMeditation, 351:in B.C. 592. The Buddha is one who is the "Enlightened", and has attained the highest degree ofPatanjali, 86:of ignorant savagery to that of the average enlightened man. It leads on then to a much higherPatanjali, 405:for all that. In the case of Yogins properly enlightened it is but proper that knowledge havingProblems, 6:process; it is a preface to a richer and a more enlightened life; it is a preliminary period to aProblems, 63:parents. Much, very much, has been done by enlightened groups everywhere and this they have doneProblems, 65:and understanding should be the goal of the enlightened everywhere and the hallmark of theProblems, 76:forced labor to take action. [76] Groups of enlightened men in Europe, Great Britain and the UnitedProblems, 88:this; it exists as yet only in the minds of an enlightened few in every nation, but it is not yetProblems, 93:politics and usher in an entirely new and more enlightened cultural and civilized age. This,Problems, 94:They realize that the only true hope is an enlightened public opinion and that this must be theProblems, 107:ceaseless tribal wars, sanitation, and a more enlightened religious system in the place of theProblems, 111:The future peace of the world depends today upon enlightened, farseeing statesmanship and anProblems, 112:It remains a mystery in the minds of other enlightened nations why the broadminded people of theProblems, 131:new age with its [131] new civilization and more enlightened culture. Blind faith and completeProblems, 140:religion - which should govern the thinking of enlightened churchmen of all faiths at this time.Problems, 159:in the churches whenever possible under an enlightened clergy) to accept the fact of theProblems, 162:humanity in the hour of man's need? Cannot the enlightened members of the present great worldProblems, 169:in the eyes of the spiritually minded and of the enlightened worker for humanity, is a sign ofProblems, 174:and died in the service of humanity. There are enlightened educators, writers and lecturers inProblems, 177:when world need is better appreciated. An enlightened public opinion will make the decisions of thePsychology2of the mystical perception and the wisdom of the enlightened man. As is often glibly said withPsychology2, 12:underlying group work, and the training of an enlightened public opinion in these concepts. By thePsychology2, 32:is now the natural state of the liberated and enlightened spiritual Existence. All are possible ofPsychology2, 34:full of joy, 0 pilgrim on the Way towards [34] enlightened Being, for gain and loss are one;Psychology2, 226:in man. The future responsibility of an enlightened humanity, as it passes on into the New Age. WePsychology2, 277:Buddha when He took illumination and became the Enlightened One. There is one peculiarlyPsychology2, 278:the Buddha had of light and wisdom (being fully enlightened in the occult and spiritual sense) onPsychology2, 477:I interject these remarks, as there are some enlightened men who use these powers, but it is alwaysPsychology2, 528:on the impulse of devotion, aspiration and enlightened will and thus fuses itself in the head withPsychology2, 662:This seems to the leaders, no matter how enlightened they may be, to necessitate force in some formPsychology2, 677:but begins to dominate them by imposing his enlightened spiritual will upon his lower nature. ThisPsychology2, 730:held back. The one hope of the world is that the enlightened and responsible people will readjustRays, 41:because the self-will of the personality and the enlightened will of the soul have both equallyRays, 60:of his Master. Occult obedience gives place to enlightened will. He can now be trusted to walk andRays, 88:This means the paralleling development of an enlightened public opinion, which is (speakingRays, 88:been the custodian of the principle of light, of enlightened love, and which always - down the agesRays, 130:point of view. By so doing I can convey to the enlightened person a sense of synthesis, ofRays, 139:verities which are (from the insight of the Enlightened Ones) only the ABC of life. These truthsRays, 146:the cooperation - as far as may be - of all enlightened men, working under the Light-bearers, theRays, 153:when the initiate's understanding is somewhat enlightened and his energy-use and his power ofRays, 175:Kumara into incarnation makes an impact upon the enlightened brain of the initiate, bringingRays, 240:embodying the dynamic of determination or of enlightened enthusiastic will, is reaching humanityRays, 289:consciousness of the Christ - a consciousness enlightened, purified and divinely focused - thatRays, 378:at the heart of the seven Ashrams, energized and enlightened from the reservoir of will energyRays, 382:because humanity could now produce its own "enlightened ones." Rays, 527:greater Figure, the One Who is known as the "Enlightened One," also came and demonstrated toRays, 528:that which is greater, more inclusive and more enlightened. This is true, whether it concerns aRays, 530:say, you will have to call in what measures of enlightened understanding you may possess.Rays, 533:the early part of the next century) a group of enlightened Masons will rearrange the rituals andRays, 533:upon the foundation of a newly interpreted and enlightened Christianity, having no relation toRays, 618:World Servers (implementing the love of God and enlightened by the Mind of God) are brought alsoRays, 624:the old ways of spiritual understanding and of enlightened wisdom which distinguished her manyRays, 638:the behavior which will some day characterize enlightened humanity; let them not be discouraged,Rays, 694:of Decision. He determines then (by means of His enlightened will and not His mind) which of theRays, 746:unknown; it awaits the time when an educated and enlightened public opinion will bring it to power;Reappearance, 22:are the spiritually minded people, the enlightened statesmen, the religious leaders and the men andReappearance, 48:would be the impressing of the minds of enlightened men everywhere by spiritual ideas embodying theReappearance, 95:planet, through the graded spiritual groups of enlightened and perfected men who work upon theReappearance, 100:When there are enough of these servers and enlightened workers, He will come and nothing can arrestReappearance, 103:idea and promulgate it among those men who are enlightened enough to accept it, to spread it, toReappearance, 105:the answer and to lay the foundation for a more enlightened approach to life, giving the teachingReappearance, 141:into Christian and heathen, into the so-called enlightened and the so-called benighted - and asReappearance, 152:in the churches whenever possible under an enlightened clergy) to accept the fact of theReappearance, 164:that period which will surely come in which an enlightened people will rule; these people will notReappearance, 175:philanthropists and of a mere handful of enlightened statesmen, churchmen and educators, this senseReappearance, 177:and insistence - the little people of the world, enlightened and selfless in their viewpoint, existReappearance, 188:aspirants, spiritually-minded people and enlightened men and women, the cry goes up, "Let light andTelepathy, 46:These demonstrate through a steadily growing and enlightened public opinion. The influence of the
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