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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENLIGHTENING

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Discipleship1, XIV:in the Ashram. This will prove particularly enlightening as, for instance, in the cases of P.D.W.Discipleship1, 178:is in you and in the pupil, and apply it to the enlightening of physical plane living, for theDiscipleship1, 199:illumination? or Because I want to help in enlightening those around me? If this review work is aDiscipleship2, 133:hold and use a measure of soul energy, thereby enlightening their way, improving their spiritualDiscipleship2, 388:process which is unique, synthetic in value and enlightening. As I have told you, they are each ofDiscipleship2, 473:wisdom comes; they came to realize that in [473] enlightening others the radiance of the glory ofExternalisation, 123:volume two of The Secret Doctrine will prove enlightening to students, if they will study withFire, 296:in the ordered scheme. They will then be seen as enlightening and revealing the necessary sequenceHealing, 590:These correspondences can be found most enlightening if due consideration is given to them. In thePsychology2, 598:The acceptance of this statement would be found enlightening and much progress would be made if theRays, 381:First: The time when the relating, mediating, enlightening correspondences to Those we now call theRays, 616:The influencing of the minds of disciples. The enlightening of intelligent humanity. The mental
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