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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTAIL

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Autobiography, 35:that I could do in the world but that it would entail my changing my disposition [36] veryAutobiography, 182:if they cared enough to do so, but that it would entail sacrifice as it had in my own life. I toldAutobiography, 193:appreciated the headache and anxieties it would entail and the responsibilities any esoteric schoolDiscipleship1, 75:tie (with all the weaknesses which that may entail) and a deep, if unrealized, affection betweenDiscipleship1, 116:in connection with all in the group and must entail difficulty. This difficulty may involve aDiscipleship1, 235:calls for no enforced obedience but it does entail the submission of the personality to the will ofDiscipleship1, 307:that one makes on earth does not necessarily entail the recognition of a soul link. We make new andDiscipleship1, 538:are driven by the life of the spirit, it will entail a galvanic upheaval in your inner life. ForDiscipleship1, 592:carrying revelation to small groups. This will entail less individual work and more work with smallDiscipleship2, 22:it will hasten your development; this will also entail obedience. We are basically occupied, littleDiscipleship2, 44:and lethargic quality of your group life would entail undue effort on the part of the otherDiscipleship2, 373:With these we cannot deal, because it would entail the writing of another complete treatise andDiscipleship2, 475:work instruction for you at this time. It will entail a task of watchful observation, of aExternalisation, 241:the same time that every step of that way will entail a fight, the overturning of that which is oldExternalisation, 544:the eleventh commandment; this, if kept, would entail the keeping of all the others. There was theExternalisation, 554:and the hardship which this emergence will entail, and only a vast inflow of divine love can makeExternalisation, 610:we cannot realize the revelation which this will entail and the new possibilities which will openExternalisation, 673:program which the plans of the Hierarchy may entail in any particular cycle. These energies bringExternalisation, 686:master the technique of relationship; this will entail much use of the sacrificial will. The reasonFire, 115:etheric web, and its static condition. This will entail the recollection of two things: First, thatFire, 290:in due course of time into love-wisdom, and entail the conscious control of the entire seven planesFire, 993:of one or other of his bodies. At times it may entail the destruction of two or more, and when thisHealing, 552:two wills will function in unison; this will entail a positive relationship between the two. WhenInitiation, 14:of the psychic faculties, but it does entail the inner comprehension that sees the value underlyingMagic, 491:visioned and the new ideas can enter. This will entail a daily, hourly watchfulness, but only untilMeditation, 245:and eliminate it. All these methods of course entail the active conscious cooperation of theMeditation, 254:Who are the Masters? What does access to Them entail: From the standpoint of the pupil? From thePatanjali, 189:the goal for any specific life. This does not entail a settling down and an acquiescence producingPatanjali, 246:sculptures and pictures. All these objects entail the use of the lower concrete mind and this isProblems, 47:From the standpoint of the educator, this will entail the creation of the correct atmosphere aroundPsychology2, 726:towards spiritual understanding. This would entail a restatement of the ideal on the part of eachPsychology2, 727:the normal outer group activity. This will entail the recognition of a common ideal; and thePsychology2, 727:hatreds of the world to an end. This will also entail the willingness to cooperate with all groupsPsychology2, 747:of our lives to the new impulses; it will entail the elimination of the non-essentials so that weRays, 325:about these goals, the service they could entail and the consummation of the hierarchicalRays, 383:the great Ashram. What this coming process will entail of change in civilization, in human natureRays, 434:mind of the initiate, with all that those words entail of meaning and esoteric significance.Rays, 496:are driven by the life of the spirit, it will entail a galvanic upheaval in your inner life. ForRays, 685:the initiate becomes what he is. This may entail hierarchical recognition, but not in the formReappearance, 58:we cannot realize the revelation which this will entail and the new possibilities which will openTelepathy, 43:present. This, I would have you note, does not entail the attendance of the entire Council. From a
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