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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTER

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Astrology, 27:man, the disciple and the initiate. We shall enter into no definitions in connection with technicalAstrology, 93:will to be and do. Unfold the power to manifest. Enter into battle for the Lord. Arrive at unityAstrology, 114:developed the consciousness which permits him to enter into the Life and Mind of the planetaryAstrology, 123:that the imprisoned soul and the personality enter upon that process which will transmute The lowerAstrology, 177:of the door, for them I have no further need. I enter free, regain the arrow which I sent and speedAstrology, 187:can become increasingly sensitive. I cannot here enter into a detailed analysis of the manyAstrology, 241:all this, [241] he discovers himself ready to enter into new and deeper experiments (should I callAstrology, 249:and hence the intense activity of Saturn as we enter into the first decan of Aquarius and hence theAstrology, 283:consciousness is predominantly Atlantean. These enter via Venus and hence the conflict. [284]Astrology, 384:plane. These are the major concepts which enter our minds when Venus and Taurus are considered inAstrology, 482:are Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. I need not enter into an analysis of them as this was coveredAstrology, 515:changing personality sees a different ray force enter and each ray governs or transmits its forcesAstrology, 612:and their rulers, to our Earth. We enter here into the realm of causes and are dealing with thoseAtom, 73:and our consciousness expands, we shall enter more and more into a knowledge of His plan as He isAtom, 126:Here the question of right or wrong does not enter in, but simply the difference in the ability ofAutobiography, 111:chicken is a holy fowl - because so many of them enter the ministry. This period marked anotherAutobiography, 124:about. Intelligent young men will no longer enter them when confronted with ancient meanings toAutobiography, 192:a long time before I have earned that right "to enter into the place where the Will of God isAutobiography, 205:accept food from nobody but me. It refused to enter the house if I were not downstairs so at lastAutobiography, 280:of the Arcane School By Alice A. Bailey As you enter the Arcane School and become an active part ofAutobiography, 283:him the door of initiation. Therefore, all who enter the School and face the new cycle of trainingAutobiography, 283:Next Step on the Path of Evolution When you enter the Arcane School you are taking part in a newAutobiography, 292:Our secretaries are not permitted to enter into political or religious arguments with the studentsBethlehem, 11:may now pass, and thus obey His injunction to enter into new life? Must we not all be born again,Bethlehem, 19:is undoubtedly to the future period wherein we enter into that house in the zodiac which is calledBethlehem, 21:[21] to meet modern need, for we can now enter into the Holy Place as intelligent men and women,Bethlehem, 30:in the past to individuals), and humanity will enter into a new Kingdom and stand before thatBethlehem, 30:through which Christ passed. Then will mankind enter into the world of causes and of knowing. WeBethlehem, 34:of the womb of matter the Christ child can enter into the light of the kingdom of God. AnotherBethlehem, 38:in the experience of the soul. I cannot here enter into a definition of the word "soul." An extractBethlehem, 45:Jesus, that a man must become a little child to enter into the Kingdom." - Esoteric Christianity,Bethlehem, 50:process of discovering his own divinity, he will enter into the realm of real values and arrive atBethlehem, 52:to our opportunity and, through the new birth, enter into the kingdom of God. It is this Word whichBethlehem, 97:in the race today are going down to Jordan, to enter its purifying waters. A self-applied asceticBethlehem, 98:for the waters poured over all. When we began to enter this sign, about two hundred years ago,Bethlehem, 103:a vision of what we are, and what we can be, and enter [104] upon the Path of discipleship, or - inBethlehem, 117:experienced and not to be dreamed; something to enter into and not to vision. Bethlehem, 123:will be worse than the first. Seven devils may enter into the house, according to Christ's parable.Bethlehem, 130:today. Dr. van der Leeuw tells us: "If we would enter the kingdom this attitude must change to thatBethlehem, 130:rather than that of a part. Thus alone can we enter the Kingdom where no separateness can be." -Bethlehem, 152:testify, and it is this light into which they enter, and which enters into them, revealing theBethlehem, 158:life, and many of us have attempted to share and enter into the meaning of the Crucifixion. We haveBethlehem, 159:more men will pass through the birth chamber, enter the stream and climb the mountain, furtheringBethlehem, 179:these ideas it is no part of this book to enter. The only question which is of importance for us isBethlehem, 188:is finished." (St. John XIX, 30.) We can now "enter into the joy of the Lord." (St. Matt., XXV,Bethlehem, 188:and the preserver of ancient forms, but it must enter into new life and pass through theBethlehem, 189:can descend from the cross as Christ did, and enter into the kingdom of God, a living spirit. TheBethlehem, 190:believing that had He never died we could never enter heaven. On these truths the Eastern ChristianBethlehem, 191:themselves, given proper encouragement, can "enter into the kingdom of God." Who can say that it isBethlehem, 194:the writer goes on to say: 'Having boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, by aBethlehem, 206:He showed us the way in which humanity could enter that kingdom - by subjecting the lower nature toBethlehem, 206:us has to tread the way of the cross alone, and enter God's kingdom by right of achievement. ButBethlehem, 206:the kingdom is flung wide open and that he can enter in. But he has first to suffer. It is the Way.Bethlehem, 206:become followers of Christ and earn the right to enter into His kingdom, because we do not enterBethlehem, 206:to enter into His kingdom, because we do not enter alone. This is the subjective element in allBethlehem, 209:and another kingdom in nature which could now enter upon its cycle of activity. The human kingdomBethlehem, 221:"the dark night of the soul," can we truly enter into the blessed companionship of the kingdom.Bethlehem, 249:consciously and willingly, we must learn to enter and work in the world of values, and so fitBethlehem, 268:inspiration, it is not possible for a man to enter into the temple and to commune with That whichBethlehem, 270:Founding of the Kingdom We are told that when we enter the world of ideals, "the differencesDestiny, 25:through the medium of Humanity, which will then enter into its preordained and destined function.Destiny, 51:revealing function of this ray, then France will enter into a period of new glory. Her empire willDestiny, 135:evidence of man's extended senses) science will enter into a new era; its focus of attention willDiscipleship1, 7:will not be possible, elements of danger may enter in and the present effort come to naught. MyDiscipleship1, 29:a group activity and not a personal contact. Enter upon the work with the realization of your groupDiscipleship1, 71:been permitted to make this great experiment. We enter into no activities which are obviouslyDiscipleship1, 79:along the path of service; let us together enter into the Light and tread the way to world peaceDiscipleship1, 108:thought of the centers below the diaphragm need enter your mind. In order, brother of old, that IDiscipleship1, 115:two facts for the following reason: You must enter upon the next cycle of activity with setDiscipleship1, 122:has netted you big results and you will enter upon the next cycle of phenomenal existence with muchDiscipleship1, 128:It is not easy for a person of your type to enter upon a course of self-discipline under theDiscipleship1, 145:fully in the work of the Great White Lodge and enter into a closer fellowship and relationship withDiscipleship1, 150:F.C.D. January 1937 MY BROTHER: You are about to enter upon a period of fuller service. Much ofDiscipleship1, 151:who take the kingdom of heaven by violence and enter therein. B. S. D. needs this mental activityDiscipleship1, 182:consciousness are in fact non-existent; they enter not into the consciousness of the soul. You willDiscipleship1, 191:touch each day. Note this, brother of old, and enter on your record in your spiritual diary. ThusDiscipleship1, 241:busy with the Master's work and with happiness enter upon and accomplish each day's task... YourDiscipleship1, 243:most trouble and along which glamor will easily enter. It is, for instance, your personalityDiscipleship1, 257:control (as a soul) your mental body, you will enter into your next incarnation with the control ofDiscipleship1, 281:When the time problem is solved by you, you will enter into a greatly increased usefulness. In thisDiscipleship1, 303:rolls along the golden Path but which does not enter through the door but remains there, hiding theDiscipleship1, 303:in the light of my own light I tread the Way: I enter through the door. I turn and radiate." YouDiscipleship1, 305:in the light of my own light I tread that Way. I enter through the door. I turn and radiate theDiscipleship1, 313:turn the key with his own hand, and each must enter through that door alone." "The blazing lightDiscipleship1, 313:through the door, close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the Way - alone and notDiscipleship1, 313:is faithfully and rightly carried forward. Enter into a closer relationship with me, my brother.Discipleship1, 330:this year but does so unconsciously. Disciples enter upon cycles or, rather, register their effectsDiscipleship1, 342:give to you, if you care, for a year or so, to enter into some experiments with me and submit toDiscipleship1, 355:1931 MY BROTHER: I have a word for you as you enter on a period of wide usefulness and increasedDiscipleship1, 357:the way a disciple must proceed, but seek to enter more deeply into the technique of understandingDiscipleship1, 392:dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, seeDiscipleship1, 393:those days, my brother, and are beginning to enter into the realm of freedom, e'en though yourDiscipleship1, 394:stand apart and unafraid? 5th month - How can I enter into light and steadfast stand, seeing theDiscipleship1, 397:liberate me from fears? 5th month - How can I enter into the joy which the Masters know? a. UponDiscipleship1, 405:material [405] lesson, and thus enable them to enter upon their next life better equipped to love,Discipleship1, 408:their devotions and their customs) and to enter into their consciousness will give you the trainingDiscipleship1, 418:for you also those points by which glamor could enter. This is of value. Whilst this kind ofDiscipleship1, 426:Clear away the glamor of depression and enter upon the new cycle with joy. Discipleship1, 438:is the arriving at right decision as you enter into a new period of spiritual activity. The problemDiscipleship1, 440:problem and your service, until such time as you enter into that light wherein consciousness
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