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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTER

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Discipleship1, 456:a channel whereby spiritual light and love may enter into the living organism of the group, thatDiscipleship1, 477:life tendency is towards the light and you will enter into light some day. Your work at this timeDiscipleship1, 479:problem; learn to love and understand and so enter into light. Discipleship1, 480:radius of your aura as it would be for you to enter the sleeping room of those of soiledDiscipleship1, 485:it and struggle to achieve it; in this way you enter into a world of glamor from which it is oftDiscipleship1, 490:the door of service, as you know, stands open. Enter with joy, for that is a quality which you needDiscipleship1, 499:contact, the power to intuit, and the ability to enter the world of ideas must be constantlyDiscipleship1, 507:reason for his silence and mine is that you now enter the stage of the solution of your problemDiscipleship1, 511:own thoughts. It permits two kinds of glamor to enter: First of all, the glamor of special trainingDiscipleship1, 513:to your garden, my brother, I would ask you to enter into it early each Sunday morning. See yourDiscipleship1, 513:It remains just dreaming and colorless. Enter your tower and climb to the summit and then releaseDiscipleship1, 527:with details which keep you always devitalized. Enter into the joy and strength of non-frustratedDiscipleship1, 545:inner life of your experiencing. First, you must enter into a deeper and more assured soulDiscipleship1, 561:of pain, I lose myself and find my Self, and enter into peace." For your seed thoughts for the nextDiscipleship1, 593:come to an end before the disciple can enter into his real service. This resumed stability tookDiscipleship1, 652:the next two years will depend whether you enter into a life of widely expressed usefulness, orDiscipleship1, 655:what I have written. Thus you can be helped to enter upon a voyage of discovery about yourselfDiscipleship1, 655:and sincerity) will end by enabling you to enter upon a closer relationship with the Hierarchy andDiscipleship1, 660:many words when again you resume old contacts. Enter into a period of happy silence and innerDiscipleship1, 664:for it will bring you much and you should enter, through its means, into closer contact with theDiscipleship1, 674:door stands open now. The words sound forth: "Enter upon the way of real desire." The life, thatDiscipleship1, 674:another phrase. The life continues on its way. "Enter the field where children play and join theirDiscipleship1, 675:A different voice seems to sound forth. "Enter the cave and find your own; walk in the dark and onDiscipleship1, 676:clear within the head and not within the heart. "Enter again the playground of the Lord and thisDiscipleship1, 676:his, and naught he knew of loss. "The lives that enter into form along with lives self-conscious,Discipleship1, 681:more and more of the human race may more easily enter. Self-interest will not open it. TheDiscipleship1, 694:soul. Nothing of the personality is allowed to enter in - personality reactions, disabilities,Discipleship1, 708:- disciples and initiates of all degrees - to enter the secret place of initiation with a sense ofDiscipleship1, 709:of meaning," the disciple discovers that he can enter into the first stage of the period ofDiscipleship1, 716:the aspirant has reached the point where he "can enter into the light of the Angel," that theDiscipleship1, 722:world. I tell you that such a picture does not enter into the vision of reality at all. It is basedDiscipleship1, 742:they rescue and safeguard others if they fear to enter into realms of life where the lower psychismDiscipleship1, 756:expression of the capacity of the Master to enter into the Council at Shamballa, to register theDiscipleship2, 4:active participation in this future work. As I enter upon the task of preparing you for futureDiscipleship2, 11:instruction in due time. Then third, I have to enter into that meditative condition, and thatDiscipleship2, 16:half an hour free so that you can attempt to enter into my consciousness. I realize that it may notDiscipleship2, 16:closer together, slowly and steadily, until you enter into the heart of the blue disk. Whilst doingDiscipleship2, 37:hope and charity. God keep you. God bless you. Enter within thyself. Love thy brother. Stand inDiscipleship2, 37:Where art thou? Tread the Path. God guard thee. Enter into peace. Lift up thine eyes. Speak low,Discipleship2, 37:The work to be done is now outlined and you enter upon a fresh period of study, of effort, and ofDiscipleship2, 52:spiritual nature is truly intensified, you will enter almost immediately into, or through, the diskDiscipleship2, 102:L.D.N-C? I would guarantee that they seldom enter your mind. Yet they are still an integral part ofDiscipleship2, 104:to the task in hand. Personalities do not enter in. You will remember how some years ago I told youDiscipleship2, 153:centers to register and transfer energies which enter into the lower mechanism as a consequence ofDiscipleship2, 181:it was so planned that it could enable you to enter into the field of energies and from there -Discipleship2, 190:in" on the life in all forms, and therefore enter into a full measure of inclusiveness, with allDiscipleship2, 286:Logos made was when he decided to incarnate or enter into the form of this planet. This was fromDiscipleship2, 294:the medium of an extra-planetary light, we enter realms which are indefinable and for which noDiscipleship2, 295:mental polarization, prior to permitting them to enter their Ashrams. This was the best that couldDiscipleship2, 473:This you have learned and from henceforth you enter in a new stage of discipleship and can beDiscipleship2, 484:a time) to keep a diary of contacts; you should enter into it a conversation by means of which youDiscipleship2, 492:will, for the constant element of free will must enter in) force each disciple to work in thoseDiscipleship2, 520:and energy from Sirius does not normally enter our planetary life via Shamballa. Shamballa is theDiscipleship2, 521:The question of motive will immediately enter in, for motive underlies will in a most curiousDiscipleship2, 528:can answer. In order to answer them you should enter into a cycle of intense quiet and - ifDiscipleship2, 529:close of the period of self-imposed discipline - enter into a cycle of very great usefulness. IDiscipleship2, 530:be solved and wisely determined and you will enter upon a new cycle of spiritual life ifDiscipleship2, 552:quiet thought will come a voice, inviting you to enter the circle of those who live within theDiscipleship2, 561:thus the Lighted Way (which is my Lighted Self), enter the light and so return the light to thoseDiscipleship2, 562:It is his path and destiny in life to enter upon what has been called "the higher way"; he has toDiscipleship2, 585:your consciousness registered it not; you will enter your next incarnation having advanced inDiscipleship2, 611:struggling aspiring personality. Personalities enter not into Ashrams - only souls. There is noDiscipleship2, 626:form begins to die out, we then "see" it and enter the stage of duality. Yes, my brother, we doDiscipleship2, 633:character and capacities have permitted him to enter the Ashram with the full consent of itsDiscipleship2, 636:you will have reached the point where you can enter the "room of withdrawal." Again I speak to youDiscipleship2, 650:of all this suffering you will reap as you enter your next incarnation. So be of good cheer, andDiscipleship2, 651:rest from your labors and esoterically enter into light. Work not under such a sense of innerDiscipleship2, 654:aloud: "Well done. Pass through the gloom; enter the mist; dry up the rain and tears and findDiscipleship2, 654:its gates I see the forms of those who long to enter. Into my heart there come the words, spoken IDiscipleship2, 656:ahead in still greater brightness, and you can enter into the brightness with confidence andDiscipleship2, 667:soul love are only the reflection) will begin to enter in. Go forward with joyful expectation. GetDiscipleship2, 690:to what you have surmised or thought can enter into your thinking and condition your future. UnlessDiscipleship2, 694:rapidly learned by you; you should therefore enter your next life infinitely more liberated thanDiscipleship2, 699:of release from the struggle of the past and can enter upon a more constructive and happier phaseDiscipleship2, 700:Let the great music of the masters of sound enter (in a new and powerful way) into yourDiscipleship2, 700:can be said of few. I would like to see you enter within the inner place of the Ashram, yet youDiscipleship2, 700:of influence. Let love and light and music enter more definitely into your daily life. Spurn notDiscipleship2, 700:to incarnation. Surely you would like to re-enter physical plane existence with a different andDiscipleship2, 721:that door, and o'er its lintel are the words: Enter with calm; speak low and only if a need isDiscipleship2, 721:calm; speak low and only if a need is there. Enter the stream behind the door and wash away theDiscipleship2, 741:disciple, love the activity of the mind, and you enter - with your eyes open - into situations inDiscipleship2, 743:you but see it, but of no use to you unless you enter it voluntarily, freely and withDiscipleship2, 745:but I speak to arrest your consciousness) and enter into that full demonstration of theDiscipleship2, 754:begin en masse to work in this manner, they will enter upon a cycle wherein evil karma will noDiscipleship2, 759:soul, and to take it this life, so that you can enter into your next incarnation with the initiateEducation, 62:is into these worlds that the esotericist must enter as far as his perception permits; he willEducation, 140:the child, waiting [140] for an opportunity to enter and irradiate the consciousness. Thus will beExternalisation, 17:himself to this forcing process, but he should enter upon it with his eyes wide open and should beExternalisation, 155:which are interplanetary and cosmic Forces which enter into our solar system via Jupiter as theExternalisation, 163:center. Humanity will then for the first time enter upon its destined task as the intelligent,Externalisation, 179:motivating impulse. No hate must be allowed to enter in. The greatest good of the greatest numberExternalisation, 241:be taken if the vision of this new world is to enter into the realm of accomplished fact. CertainExternalisation, 246:and word and deed, the lover of humanity will enter the battle against evil; with completeExternalisation, 263:which will become so potent that desire will enter in; then the dream or vision enters into a newExternalisation, 285:THE RACE The Doctrine of Avatars May 1941 As we enter the momentous month of May this year, I haveExternalisation, 309:the Evolutionary Process The Immediate Task I enter upon my concluding remarks wondering ifExternalisation, 336:and thus the departmental spirit need not enter in. One point I will touch upon for theExternalisation, 351:focused upon these points, and endeavor to enter into the Full Moon exercises - both of May andExternalisation, 361:today humanity (having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" and consciously take part inExternalisation, 386:the relationship of mother and child did not enter into the calculation of the German agents as
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