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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTER

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Externalisation, 508:been active in Biblical history, and will again enter into the lives of human beings with moreExternalisation, 509:from the thralldom of the past and enabled to enter into the liberty of the Kingdom of God. [510] Externalisation, 511:steadily gathering momentum and will before long enter upon their designated task. The MasonicExternalisation, 518:in a peculiar sense in 1934. We shall then enter upon three years of excessive endeavor in anExternalisation, 608:But before all this can happen He must again enter the public arena, play His part in world affairsExternalisation, 691:Into the nature of this training [691] I cannot enter, for it differs for disciples upon theFire, 12:ordained. They waited for the sacred flood to enter and to fill. The Builders responded to theFire, 26:million Watchers refused to heed the call. "We enter not the forms," they said, "until the seventhFire, 38:cosmic rays manifesting: 4 "That whereinto all enter, vishanti, is Vishnu; he who covers up,Fire, 38:Vishanti sarvani indicates that all things enter into It and It into all, and such is the Self,Fire, 308:- DIVISION A - MANAS OR MIND AND ITS NATURE We enter now upon a very important division of ourFire, 309:as we already know, is the Fifth principle. Here enter in certain factors and analogies that itFire, 353:Certain problems of real interest are prone to enter our minds, but they serve only to developFire, 376:This is too intricate a calculation for us to enter into it here, and it cannot be undertakenFire, 423:the peoples of this world. It is not possible to enter into this in greater detail, as the subjectFire, 432:and from this plane he must secure the right to enter the Path, and procure that control over hisFire, 447:work of form-building, certain factors enter in which must here be enumerated as they concernFire, 462:Monads, who are passed in the fifth round, will enter into the fifth kingdom, or respond to itsFire, 462:achieve individualization during the fifth and enter the fourth kingdom. This will be brought aboutFire, 492:also. A portion of the animal kingdom will enter into a temporary obscuration, thus releasingFire, 557:physical matter in any of its grades will not enter into its composition; it will simply be aFire, 687:vibratory development which will permit them to enter, as the nirvanis in this system waited untilFire, 700:- waited for a specific moment at [700] which to enter, and so continue their work. A parallel caseFire, 711:and thus enable the divine Spirit to enter into fuller life by means of limitation by form, byFire, 719:Egos awaiting opportunity will not, of course, enter in until the human type of that era isFire, 776:brought about wherein force in the future will enter the three atoms simultaneously through theFire, 779:themselves with the lower three vehicles) enter upon their work, the key being given to them by theFire, 796:other than the purely "personal" will enter into its time periods. The influence of other groupsFire, 807:d. On the Building of the Causal Body We enter now upon one of the most vitally practical parts ofFire, 837:will be dispelled, and we shall in due time enter the fullness of the divine Presence. - TheFire, 839:in Their high place have waited. They may not enter yet the forms prepared, but feel Their hourFire, 875:systemic and cosmic. Certain [875] factors enter into the thought of sex which might be enumeratedFire, 902:life upon the planet; the goal for them is to enter into that higher group of devas which we callFire, 909:nor will juveniles be allowed rashly to enter into the marriage obligation. There is no need toFire, 993:practical value. Unless students of magic enter upon this pursuit fortified by pure motive, cleanFire, 1017:their labors then, and let the inner workers enter on their cycle. One of the fundamental conceptsFire, 1078:to transcend their human limitations, and to enter the fifth kingdom one by one, and unit by unit.Fire, 1109:to the fire and they stand the test, he can enter "Heaven" again, his time though being limited byFire, 1137:These three lower groups achieve concretion, and enter the upward arc, through the medium of theFire, 1138:are energized by three streams of force which enter along the line of the three spirillae of theFire, 1145:into a wave of a higher vibratory capacity. Enter the Hall of Records and there read a peculiarFire, 1145:of manifestation, he has earned the right to enter into the councils of the planetary Hierarchy,Fire, 1174:comprehended and conformed to) enables a man to enter into a new cycle. It is the law of the adept,Fire, 1183:forces, and distribute them justly. They enter, pass to the center of the sphere and there (if IFire, 1184:make clear. This particular set of active lives enter the heart shaped depression, pass around theFire, 1266:linked to a still higher Logos. These two paths enter into cosmic states of consciousness asFire, 1267:men whose note responds not to the note of red enter the scale upon the right hand side. FromFire, 1268:The sons of men (and few their number is) enter that door of luminous fire when they surmount theFire, 1271:blazing fire, issuing from the midway point, may enter in. They throw their beams ahead toGlamour, 29:you are all more or less immersed, you will enter into a greater freedom of living and usefulness.Glamour, 37:the open door through which group glamor can enter. An instance of this can be seen in this group,Glamour, 40:in the field of your life, and so may you [40] enter into that Presence where the two are seen asGlamour, 136:of God is sequentially grasped and man can enter into that pure knowledge, that inspired reason,Glamour, 168:today humanity (having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" and consciously take part inGlamour, 172:of Glamor 1. The Technique of the Presence As we enter upon our consideration of this subject, theGlamour, 177:in the field of human apprehension and can now enter into a new era wherein illusion can beGlamour, 202:is new and a part of the divine intention can enter. The new ideas and the desired ideals can comeGlamour, 205:the right moment - withdrawn. I cannot here enter upon an elucidation of the process of meditation,Glamour, 245:Through concentration. Through detachment. We enter now the field of practical occultism. This isHealing, 2:this makes it most difficult for new ideas to enter and for the student to assimilate the hithertoHealing, 9:hour has struck in which knowledge can again re-enter the realm of the subjective and transmuteHealing, 11:realization, and understand that just as man can enter more intelligently into the mind of God thanHealing, 11:the kingdom of God is revealed on earth shall we enter into some real understanding of the generalHealing, 48:can take on a new expression of usefulness, and enter the new age equipped to deal with the peopleHealing, 50:focal points through which energy can enter, raying forth then into the vital centers in theHealing, 56:to make it clear that it is not my intention to enter into the realm of physiological discussion,Healing, 83:which lies beyond the individual human life can enter. The etheric body is fundamentally the mostHealing, 124:is ended. It is not possible for me to enter into explicit detail in considering these problemsHealing, 140:a quiet pool into which the little ones can enter and find the healing which they need." So saysHealing, 220:the karmic liabilities of mankind. Here we shall enter the realm of occult knowledge and ofHealing, 238:heart. Heart disease will increase greatly as we enter into the new root-race, particularly duringHealing, 254:as an [254] aid, then and only then, shall we enter upon a new era of well-being. Healing, 268:into which it is needless for me to enter because I could not prove to you the truth of myHealing, 272:and fanatical that they rush ahead and enter into a world of speculative experiment which may orHealing, 277:personality and the soul charts, but will also enter the field of medicine, particularly inHealing, 289:you is an entirely new one. Those among you who enter it may not see the results of what you areHealing, 289:further back, and we could - if we so desired - enter a field of such intricacy and detail thatHealing, 304:energies as they make their impact upon, enter into and pass through the centers in the body. AllHealing, 306:through the questions, the teacher himself can enter into a closer rapport with the students'Healing, 331:the body, and which divide into two when they enter into matter and form. They bring to matter, orHealing, 336:undreamed of - will be revealed. Man will enter into a new life and a higher era of understanding.Healing, 365:"clear cold light" into which he will some day enter, and so close the chapter for a while upon theHealing, 374:a measure of response, but which will only later enter into its true usefulness and mission. Later,Healing, 428:physical enterprise. Two major streams of energy enter the physical body and produce its activity,Healing, 441:those left behind the thought of sorrow will not enter and death beds shall be regarded as happierHealing, 443:of death is well-nigh ended and we shall soon enter upon a period of knowledge and of certaintyHealing, 446:every possible means to recontact it and to re-enter. In a few cases, great personal love for thoseHealing, 472:open so that the forces of death itself may enter anew, having no focal point behind the door" inHealing, 504:our thinking and in our effort to understand, we enter this realm of pure abstraction, it is timeHealing, 522:- having achieved the higher initiations - can enter upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In thisHealing, 529:and men and women of spiritual orientation will enter the medical [530] profession and perfectHealing, 573:striving? These downpouring energies of the soul enter the physical body, via the etheric vehicle,Healing, 596:the life-giving energies is sealed; nothing can enter to aid the healer in his work, and theHealing, 615:His work, but into the real meaning I need not enter here. I have dealt with this theme elsewhereHercules, 27:my son, go forth. Pass through the Gate and enter on the Way. Perform thy labor and return to me,Hercules, 38:understood. Let him proceed to labor once again, enter the second Gate, returning with dispatch."Hercules, 38:dwelt the bull, and where adventurous men could enter that vast maze which lured them toHercules, 48:up into heaven, figuratively speaking, and can enter upon its right function; which is, toHercules, 54:They noted how the laborer arose and prepared to enter on his task. "Send out the word to guard theHercules, 58:"Pass through that Gate. Capture the doe and enter once again the Holy Place." [60] The Tibetan
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