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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTER

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Psychology2, 565:interview with these advanced leaders. They thus enter into the world of glamor and of delusionPsychology2, 597:the case? Because the energy which is seeking to enter him and permeate his whole organism onlyPsychology2, 601:and the failure of the mystic either to enter into the realm of mental perception or to bring hisPsychology2, 751:spirit of peace can work and the forces of Light enter. The Hierarchy waits. It has done all thatRays, 8:to arrest that control prior to an attempt to enter into the formless realm. The reason for thisRays, 10:the standpoint of the aspirant. The adept can enter the world of form, can contact it, work in itRays, 18:together. The Hierarchy into which they will enter when full acceptance and demonstration have beenRays, 25:Solar I gave the rules for those proposing to enter the grades of discipleship. I would like for aRays, 36:(note that phrase), it is not necessary to enter into explicit details. In any case, if theRays, 58:in consciousness, enabling the human being to enter into the larger awareness of the Whole andRays, 58:the larger awareness of the Whole and finally to enter into that mysterious event which is theRays, 98:in the future. In this particular Rule we enter the realm of the specific, and are presented withRays, 116:This has to take place before the initiate can enter into the Council Chamber of the Most High andRays, 144:bear the hierarchical light can be trained to enter into and form part of the light of ShamballaRays, 156:this eighth rule which we are now studying, we enter upon the consideration of certain majorRays, 189:(since 1933) for disciples of the White Lodge to enter. Elsewhere, however, the concentration ofRays, 203:unfolds before the initiate-consciousness. We enter here into a consideration of realms ofRays, 215:the Ashram itself and are never permitted to enter the mind of the disciple or the initiate whenRays, 246:Will will be seen. It is only as human beings enter into relation with the Hierarchy and areRays, 261:occultism and of true psychology. Later, they enter a higher world of meaning and find that "as aRays, 345:way of life. Go closer to the Door; seek not to enter it alone. I cannot see the door, now that IRays, 345:the man, surrounded by the many who are one, can enter by that Door which shuts itself upon the manRays, 345:which shuts itself upon the man who seeks to enter it alone." In Lemurian days, initiates enteredRays, 356:the initiate must four times move in order to "enter through that door." The other two initiationsRays, 366:Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. I seek to enter into no discussion of this leading Life of ourRays, 367:unfoldments which can lie ahead of humanity will enter the human consciousness when: The fact ofRays, 379:with the Ashram through its radiation and enter finally into its magnetic field. There is a dualRays, 382:related than ever before, and ready now to enter into a third historical period. In this comingRays, 389:and discover a door which will permit Him to enter the Way of the Higher Evolution in its moreRays, 391:enables Him to take the required training to enter His chosen Path, and this training is takenRays, 396:hitherto known. The majority of the Masters then enter into realms wherein They are needed "toRays, 399:"bewilderments," will come the opportunity to enter into the Heart of God, the center of pure love,Rays, 403:plane (in our imagination, needless to say) and enter those planes of which we know nothing and ofRays, 404:of energies from Libra which could not otherwise enter our planetary life at all. These LibranRays, 404:our planetary life at all. These Libran energies enter our solar system via the Heart of the SunRays, 413:of The Secret Doctrine) would be too small to enter in the slightest way into the consciousness ofRays, 414:to the initiate that two major streams of energy enter our planetary life: A stream of energyRays, 422:Path are rare indeed, and hitherto have had to enter this Path via the angel or deva evolution andRays, 422:process in solar creation. The Masters Who enter upon this Path, eventually and as part of TheirRays, 422:Path, eventually and as part of Their training, enter the Council Chamber of some of the sacredRays, 423:this triangular door all the great Avatars enter our system and "find the Point where They canRays, 424:initiation with a stupendous decision to make - enter upon the indicated Path entirely blindly, asRays, 441:Initiation The Science of the Anatahkarana As we enter on the consideration of "The dual life ofRays, 502:of the consciousness of his ray energy as can enter into his awareness; this is his egoic rayRays, 536:that it becomes possible for human beings to enter the Hierarchy. Forget not that the Hierarchy isRays, 538:recognition and of light utilization in order to enter into ever clearer light. Progress from aRays, 539:brilliantly lighted area into which he may now enter. This involves no leaving of the former fieldRays, 540:As one of the Masters has said: "The light must enter vertically and be diffused or radiatedRays, 541:that we are dealing at this time. Light may enter your mind in this connection if you willRays, 562:perceptive spirituality permits the initiate to enter into a relation with all those who haveRays, 562:activity in service. He cannot be permitted to enter the life of the ashram and become theRays, 564:is attained, it then becomes possible to enter into the "exalted state of mind" which holds theRays, 574:the Son of Mind) become more closely related and enter eventually into a conscious, recognizedRays, 602:higher expansions of consciousness and will then enter a realm of ideas which are not yet easy forRays, 649:in the next incarnation these same people will enter a physical body with a better equipment. InRays, 649:phenomena and the world of spiritual values will enter into a better, directed relation. From allRays, 653:attract the attention of those who should enter his Ashram, plus an esoteric process of blendingRays, 665:the first three initiations. [665] Today, as we enter the new era, the symbology of the fourthRays, 679:life and an expressed determination [679] to enter the field of world service. There must also beRays, 687:- The Transfiguration There is no need for me to enter into the symbolic details anent thisRays, 723:no [723] aspect of suffering. Suffering and pain enter not into the consciousness of the Master.Rays, 766:the flame; brave the fierce ardor of the fire; enter within the portal which is hidden by itsRays, 767:turn the key with his own hand and each must enter through that door alone. The blazing lightRays, 767:passing through the door close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the upward Way -Reappearance, 56:But before all this can happen, He must again enter the public arena, play His part in worldReappearance, 65:raging at that time will then end, and He will enter the city of Jerusalem to rule for one thousandReappearance, 80:Age, in the next sign into which the sun would enter. Prior to His "disappearance," He referred toReappearance, 86:as they prepare to undergo initiation or to enter into deeper phases of spiritual awareness. TheReappearance, 99:and planning, it is not possible for us to enter. Reappearance, 126:all at various stages of unfoldment) will "enter into" new states of awareness and into new realmsReappearance, 134:today humanity (having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" and consciously take part inReappearance, 142:in the past interpretations. These young men enter upon their religious training and preparationReappearance, 159:of God, leaving them far behind unless they enter as a humble part of the mass of men. NothingSoul, 17:knowledge in the world, and yet the youngest to enter the realm of true scientific study. Only aSoul, 26:useful, and yet they are not my dwelling, I but enter by them to an area of my dwelling" - Whitman,Soul, 43:ye become as little children ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." One is mindful, too,Soul, 62:does it not appear probable that it can enter once more in itself, since there is noSoul, 114:their exit from the inter-vertebral foramina, enter into communication with the gangliated cords ofSoul, 151:the resistance of lower laws, then we shall enter our true spiritual heritage." Telepathy, 6:of the soul consciousness. He will then enter into the world of ideas, becoming aware of themTelepathy, 6:energy has for its source a Thinker Who can enter into the divine Mind, owing to His havingTelepathy, 10:the solar plexus center, will be endeavoring to enter into rapport with a mental type. From thisTelepathy, 74:are entered on the password. Only the WORD can enter through this door - this highest and widest ofTelepathy, 105:correspondence to time. Into this, I cannot here enter as the theme is too abstruse; for time, inTelepathy, 145:of the student too undeveloped, for me to enter into greater detail. This will suffice as anTelepathy, 161:has been taken, a measure of buddhic energy can enter and the process of transference of the higher
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