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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTERED

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Fire, 620:Silence the words occur: "Before that Path is entered, thou must destroy thy lunar body, cleanseFire, 674:Logos is understood (which knowledge is entered upon after initiation, being a part of the Wisdom)Fire, 697:key employed. The fifth or spiritual kingdom is entered when the units of the fourth kingdom haveFire, 724:will remain with us until all the schemes have entered upon their fifth round, and are nearingFire, 743:added light when the virtue of the will hath entered. He garnereth color as the reaper garnersFire, 938:third stage of the building of the etheric body entered upon. The building work of the next threeFire, 970:or tuned to each other, the second stage is entered upon. The idea is conceived. [971] Fire, 971:the second part of the gestation period is entered upon, and the vitalization by desire is begun.Fire, 1020:the final cycle of work upon the astral plane is entered upon. This is summed up in the next rule. Fire, 1078:of nature. A period of radioactivity is being entered upon now in which men and women will achieveFire, 1079:lesser existences quitted our earth chain, and entered upon subtler, and more advanced work. ThenFire, 1079:Third, when the coming great Lord has entered upon His mission upon earth, thereby increasing theFire, 1092:self-consciousness in the moon chain only entered into renewed activity in the middle of the fourthFire, 1146:for the intensely material nature of those who entered the human kingdom on this planet. TheFire, 1197:with the Great Bear. We are told that They entered through the second ventricle within the SacredFire, 1234:become apparent to the student after he has entered the Hall of Learning, just as the exoteric formFire, 1265:pass to it via the deva evolution, which can be entered by transference to the fifth, or Ray Path.Fire, 1265:merge and from the fifth, the sixth Path can be entered. [1266] Fire, 1267:be seen behind the dragon's form. This path is entered by a fourfold door. The sacred phrases ofFire, 1268:the dragon's feet." The first Word having entered on its mission, the victor lifts His head andGlamouraspirant. Such group action, voluntarily entered into, when not dominated by autocratic leadershipGlamour, 37:of this can be seen in this group, when glamor entered in through the medium of L.T.S-K., and sweptGlamour, 66:objective [66] Deity. At that moment, He entered fully into the consciousness that He was HimselfGlamour, 66:in this infinite and supreme realization, there entered for a moment a sense of loss and ofHealing, 144:Cancer." Initiation into the kingdom of God is entered through the "Gate of Capricorn." These fourHealing, 228:and impure, returned to earth; thus evil life entered the pristine cleanliness of the ancientHealing, 230:of the planet. As the ages passed away, humanity entered into the Atlantean stage of development.Healing, 294:lower worlds. A.A.B.) The seven imperfections entered the seven races of men, each in their ownHealing, 301:Our Karmic Liabilities "The Great One fought and entered into combat. All that He met appeared toHealing, 384:ages man has passed through its portals and has entered into new and richer realms ofHealing, 425:the higher values and the life of the soul, as entered upon through the insistence of the mind inHealing, 445:below the threshold of consciousness and have entered the world of instinct; therefore, there is noHealing, 573:that area and by means of which soul energy entered the dense physical body. The [574] healer isHealing, 664:in adequate numbers, achieved initiation and entered the Ashrams of the Masters, and through theHealing, 687:sphere of obligation. This sphere, which can be entered only after a large measure of liberationHercules, 5:that radiant and perfected Son of God, who "has entered for us within the veil, leaving us anHercules, 23:group of Immortals, were outlined to him and he entered upon the Way. We are told that in hisHercules, 25:came to an end at the crucifixion [25] when he entered upon greater and more important work. TheHercules, 38:power before the Gods, received their gifts and entered through the first wide open Gate to laborHercules, 38:isle (though how we are not told) Hercules entered on his task to seek and find the bull, and leadHercules, 49:have been an initiate of high degree when he entered into the married state. [50] They forget thatHercules, 56:himself and, turning thus, he met disaster. He entered without thought upon the third great testHercules, 58:words, the first words spoken to him since he entered on his search: "The fourth stage on the wayHercules, 89:father of all that is". The gate of Cancer is entered through the process of transference out ofHercules, 89:into the human, whilst the gate of Capricorn is entered through initiation. One is inevitable,Hercules, 90:to express the cadence of Cancer when first entered: "A sorrowful little voice underground, a low,Hercules, 98:who is a son of man and yet a son of God, entered that cave and passed throughout its darkenedHercules, 103:even the club which he had himself made, he entered the cave and with his two hands choked the lionHercules, 109:personality has to be dealt with and the cave entered. In the symbolism of the scriptures of theHercules, 110:interpretation of this cave which Hercules entered. The Aryan race, to which we belong, is one ofHercules, 170:the stranger across. Hercules at last had entered Hades, a dim and misty region where the shades,Hercules, 210:thousand years ago in Palestine, when our sun entered the sign of the world Savior, the sign ofHercules, 220:the water carrier, though we have not yet entered fully into that sign, a process that will takeInitiation, 10:into the human at individualization, so he has entered upon the life of the spirit, and for theInitiation, 14:Initiation leads to the stream that, once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries him to theInitiation, 14:of consciousness to another. As each state is entered the horizon enlarges, the vista extends, andInitiation, 18:to the first cosmic initiation, that of "entered apprentice" in Masonry; and makes a Master anInitiation, 18:apprentice" in Masonry; and makes a Master an "entered apprentice" of the Lodge on Sirius. TheInitiation, 21:of the fifth kingdom in nature. This kingdom is entered through the full development and control ofInitiation, 22:will come to a fuller development after he has entered into the fifth kingdom. In the fifthInitiation, 22:intelligence. In the fifth kingdom, which is entered at the first initiation, and which covers allInitiation, 23:of those entities who have achieved, who have entered into the fifth kingdom and who have thereInitiation, 32:that every kingdom in nature is linked and entered when the units of that kingdom becomeInitiation, 64:taught the rudiments of the Divine Wisdom and is entered into the final grades in the Hall ofInitiation, 190:pass to it via the deva evolution, which can be entered by transference to the fifth Path, the rayInitiation, 190:merge, and from the fifth Path the sixth can be entered. 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship ThisInitiation, 215:who, having traversed the path of evolution and entered upon the final stage of the path, the PathIntellect, 114:become apparent to the student after he has entered into Meditation, just as the exoteric form ofIntellect, 124:conclusions reached and the realm of knowledge entered are recorded as truth and proven fact byIntellect, 138:mind. In contemplation a still higher stage is entered upon and we endeavor to receive into theIntellect, 165:divine. One after another the Sons of God have entered into their heritage and found themselvesIntellect, 182:Way, and through the following of that Way have entered into a new state of being, the DivineIntellect, 203:all fields has now been so developed that it has entered the realm of energy and of pureIntellect, 206:The former takes some time, but it can be entered upon at once. The latter requirement of statedIntellect, 206:of stated concentration periods, can also be entered upon, but its success depends upon two things:Magic, 38:individualized self-consciousness, but who have entered into a wider realization, that of theMagic, 68:trodden, is not seen; the door which should be entered is unrecognized and the man remains in theMagic, 90:light" of man on the physical plane. I, who have entered somewhat into an understanding of the lifeMagic, 185:whereby the light is centralized, intensified, entered and eventually becomes that magnetic lineMagic, 185:is reached and the soul consciousness is entered. The above language is symbolic and yet vitallyMagic, 187:also in physical bodies, for a Master's group is entered in service to be rendered and specificMagic, 324:a fresh cycle of receptivity eventuates. I have entered thus into explanation as I have seen manyMagic, 333:Then, having through the use of his intuition entered into a new realm of thought, he takes theMagic, 388:of the Great Work, and another Son of God has entered into the Father's home. That he may go outMagic, 399:the office holders in the exoteric lodges. Mind entered not in. This must be remembered. There wereMagic, 532:knows that in himself, as once he was before he entered prisoner into form, he knew not pain.Meditation, 28:the abstract, that the causal consciousness is entered, and man - during this final period -Meditation, 47:occult meditation is desirable and possible, has entered some particular family from deliberateMeditation, 183:it because in meditation the domain of fire is entered, and because of its prime importance. TheMeditation, 204:of the means whereby the Divine storehouse is entered, but to understand the method whereby thatMeditation, 231:of the colors be truly known. That Hall is entered through the meditation which prepares theMeditation, 237:the matter in greater detail, and why have I not entered into lengthy explanations and sought toMeditation, 261:Himself from its confining walls and has entered within the Triad. He has done this always by theMeditation, 293:but having consciously conformed to rule, and entered within the silence of the high places, theMeditation, 301:aim and goal. They will be prepared for and entered from schools that definitely undertake, underMeditation, 304:he has contacted the Lord of his Ray and has entered into the bosom of his "Father Which is inMeditation, 322:they will not be large), a private shrine entered from the rear by a closed door and having aMeditation, 349:who, having traversed the path of evolution and entered upon the final stage of that path, the PathPatanjali, 48:him, and through his subjective realization has entered consciously into the world of causes. ThePatanjali, 123:family (with the exception of a percentage which entered the race too late to permit of the full
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