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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTERED

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Patanjali, 213:or spiritual contemplation [213] can then be entered, when the soul looks out upon its own world,Patanjali, 287:three states of feeling when understood and entered into, put a man en rapport with the soul of allPatanjali, 346:of infinite knowledge. (Sutra 31) Eternity entered. (Sutra 33) Return of consciousness to itsPatanjali, 349:body of manifestation of any son of God who has entered into his kingdom. Then the fourthPatanjali, 398:wheel turns and experience after experience is entered into, the desire nature reaches satiety andPatanjali, 419:conqueror and not slave: "The fivefold one hath entered into peace, yet walks our sphere. ThatPatanjali, 426:its purpose and the spiritual unit which has entered into form, carrying with it potential powersProblems, 24:for human freedom, yet all the great Powers entered this war with selfish motives and forProblems, 145:the living example of that attainment, Who has entered for us within the veil, leaving us anProblems, 150:that the way into the Holy Place could be entered through love. To the mental principle was added -Psychology1, 40:life." In those olden days no thought of purpose entered into the minds of men, for the race wasPsychology1, 84:waxed stronger, for one by one the sons of men entered the temple, passed from north to south, fromPsychology1, 84:found understanding and the power to work. They entered through the door; they passed before thePsychology1, 84:the Seven; they raised the temple's veil and entered into life. The temple grew in beauty. ItsPsychology1, 84:height and depth and breadth slowly emerged and entered into light. Out from the east, the WordPsychology1, 94:assured of divinity and of immortality, and has entered into a state of knowledge as to the naturePsychology1, 396:discussed. The rest of those who were prepared entered into light and passed between the pillars ofPsychology1, 396:they left behind the loads they brought and entered free, and were accepted, carrying naught.Psychology1, 398:passed through their long pilgrimage and have entered into eternal peace, but the results of theirPsychology1, 398:on the return of the day when they might have entered into light, the story of the search forPsychology2, 12:This process of entering into and of being entered into should be a simultaneous and syntheticPsychology2, 38:hide the divine reality. He lost himself. Fear entered in. He asked himself: 'Another pattern mustPsychology2, 50:the Buddhist. This high state of being has to be entered also in full continuity of consciousness.Psychology2, 98:Soul or Group Life The Old Commentary says: "He entered into life and knew it to be death. "He tookPsychology2, 152:can be divided into four groups of degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, (followed by the MarkPsychology2, 153:Word. He has risen from the dead; he has been entered, passed, and raised, and now can bePsychology2, 153:eighteen degrees in Masonry, from that of the Entered Apprentice to that of the perfected initiatePsychology2, 169:way, traversed the gallery of tribulation and entered [170] into light within the chamber of thePsychology2, 174:the doorway into the Holy Place. He died. He entered the strife. He learnt the way of service. HePsychology2, 179:the race can begin to be tried. Those who have entered upon the Path of Probation have attempted toPsychology2, 210:occult teaching calls "pralaya" till that time), entered upon the probationary Path a very shortPsychology2, 211:type. It might be stated that 80% of those who entered human evolution at that time were egos whoPsychology2, 279:theme of the coming new religion. Mankind has entered into the Temples at the great cosmic ApproachPsychology2, 288:the synthetic unfoldment of man. The third panel entered the realm of synthetic work and wasPsychology2, 447:occurs. New fields of energy then are entered, [448] recognized and mastered, and then again newRaysupon the fact that the formless world is only entered when the aspirant has acquired somewhat theRays, 99:below the threshold of consciousness and have entered the world of instinct; therefore there is noRays, 128:and that is all. Once the world of the soul is entered, the disciple uses all forms wisely, withRays, 172:realization, then the realm of synthesis is entered. For that type of realization, language as weRays, 192:that, as the Old Commentary puts it: "He who entered among the first to penetrate within the veilsRays, 197:normal blindness is a protection, but has also entered a phase wherein it can be overcome.Rays, 327:Paths which stretch out before a Master are entered by the treading of the Way of the HigherRays, 339:is trodden and the Path of Initiation is entered. The zodiacal wheel is itself essentially a cosmicRays, 345:to enter it alone." In Lemurian days, initiates entered alone and one by one, and then only a fewRays, 355:Christ. It was the Master Jesus who "died" and entered into the tomb, thus climaxing His longRays, 365:Another such meeting place is recorded and entered (symbolically speaking) when the thirdRays, 404:the exit of those who hold the key because they entered by that door in aeons long gone by." AllRays, 524:is that the Science of Invocation and Evocation entered a new phase when Christ came and presentedRays, 533:aspect can be related to the degrees of Entered Apprentice and of Fellow Craft, plus certainRays, 538:burns a glow of flame - a flame which must be entered, ere the light of blue is entered and isRays, 538:which must be entered, ere the light of blue is entered and is used. [539] "Another light is thenRays, 540:a constant fusion of the lights, progressively entered, thus enabling the initiate to see further,Rays, 677:therefore, lies ahead of the initiate who has entered the purificatory water, or rather, fire? ToRays, 712:in nature. This whole subject is too vast to be entered into here, [713] but I have given you muchRays, 764:to know, the first gate must be found. That entered, in periodic cycles he will find the other six.Reappearance, 38:They lived on Earth as He did and does) have "entered for us within the veil, leaving us an exampleReappearance, 76:became the Embodiment of this energy and thus entered into a closer relation to humanity. OtherReappearance, 86:that He pledged Himself in June, 1945, and entered upon His responsibilities as the Forerunner andReappearance, 108:revelation and of hierarchical teaching; then He entered for us within the veil, leaving us anTelepathy, 54:more real than is the objective, once it is entered and known. It is simply (how simple to some andTelepathy, 74:the mind of humanity, true esoteric meetings are entered on the password. Only the WORD can enterTelepathy, 76:the true and the beautiful, plus that which has entered into the personality consciousness as aTelepathy, 131:Statement One. Dynamic electric energy entered into our planetary sphere from extra-planetary
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