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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTERING

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Externalisation, 567:to this, it must be borne in mind that we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, andExternalisation, 582:is fully expanded - a consciousness entering a higher and greatly different phase, connected withExternalisation, 592:of this unfolding divine Presence, there is entering into the minds of men everywhere a newExternalisation, 622:service that They are already - one by one - entering into outer activity upon the physical plane.Externalisation, 685:time, a very powerful minority of Masters are entering into a much closer with theFire, 223:called matter. The subject we are now entering upon concerns several things which might beFire, 382:into objectivity, [382] Manifesting, Gradually entering into obscurity. This point of view is asFire, 403:of the vehicles of any planetary Logos are entering upon the Path, then the process ofFire, 405:and with the two schemes which will be entering into the stage of obscuration, the resolvingFire, 842:development has been one-sided, and hence their entering on a wave of energy into this scheme inFire, 888:[888] brought about with the three factors entering in. This has been sufficiently dealt with inFire, 979:were not permitted to speak for two years after entering the school and when they had learned toFire, 1028:the tangible, then and only then will he be entering the domain of causes, and even in this case,Fire, 1089:have in this concept an idea analogous to the entering in of those Monads, during Atlantean days,Fire, 1091:spaces, and some must wait until the entering in of a new mahamanvantara. Students should bearFire, 1110:body, and thus negate the necessity of our entering upon the subject in greater detail. The causalFire, 1138:The three lower groups are energized by energy entering by the three lowest spirillae (which weFire, 1251:method employed can only be expressed as the "entering of the burning-ground." The power to do thisFire, 1252:unknown constellation via Gemini. Method - The entering of the burning-ground. Hierarchy - TheGlamour, 48:consciousness. Finally, he will find himself entering into the silent places where the Masters ofGlamour, 75:perceptibly. The peoples of the world are entering the wilderness experience, and will find in theGlamour, 95:long period of "extrication from glamor and the entering into that world wherein only unity isGlamour, 100:problem. They see the pairs of opposites and are entering upon the "recognition stage of Arjuna'sHealing, 31:There are physical energy and streams of force entering into the etheric bodies of all forms, justHealing, 31:in physical plane conditions. The energies entering into the centers of man from the subtler levelsHealing, 48:knowledge should be required. Medicine is entering slowly into a new usefulness. Once the cause ofHealing, 91:but primarily are the result of emotionalism entering in. Those incident to the imposed physicalHealing, 122:is the vagus nerve, along which the energies (entering via the head center) are distributed to theHealing, 228:center which was the prime objective of the "entering fire." The work of the Hierarchy in LemurianHealing, 291:bring upon themselves when they are desirous of entering an Ashram to prepare for initiation. ThereHealing, 341:This produces the pouring in of radiance and the entering in of energy both subjective andHealing, 380:The Basic Requirements for Healing We are now entering upon a new section of our discussion on theHealing, 407:and is reabsorbed into the world of souls, thus entering into a state of reflection. Later, underHealing, 416:Seven Rays, Vol. I: Death is "initiation, or the entering into a state of liberation." - Page 197. Healing, 551:of entry of the healing forces, because the "entering light" will then be the brightest, the lightHealing, 657:of his own aura and by its responsiveness to the entering radiations from the healer's aura. ThisHealing, 713:immediate reaction. We are on the verge of entering a new era in scientific unfoldment, owing toHercules, 109:Capricorn we shall climb the mountain-top, and entering now, as we are, the Aquarian cycle, theHercules, 111:longer a personal, selfish life, that he could, entering by the opening represented by theHercules, 115:calls attention to the fact that we are now entering the eighth sign from Virgo, in other words,Hercules, 183:only fully with us in the sense that we shall be entering it and Piscean forces will be recedingHercules, 186:of life through it. You appreciate that we are entering into the Aquarian age where materialism, asHercules, 187:is divided into three decanates. We are now entering the first decanate governed by Saturn, henceHercules, 193:the walls, flow through the human family. We are entering increasingly into the age of energy,Hercules, 193:entering increasingly into the age of energy, entering into the age of love. Do you appreciate thatHercules, 204:learn to meditate. I am not [204] talking of entering into the silence, of sitting down and havingHercules, 228:This is the important sign into which we are now entering; the [229] most menial of all the laborsInitiation, 1:Introductory Remarks INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Before entering upon the subject matter of the followingInitiation, 7:us to the last point to be considered before entering upon the subject proper, which is: That theInitiation, 10:in the technical significance of the word. He is entering upon the fifth or final stage in ourInitiation, 10:to school in the Hall of Learning, he is now entering into the university, or the Hall of Wisdom.Intellect, 80:Tagore, in one place, defines meditation as "the entering into some great truth until we areIntellect, 92:part by every beginner, or [92] he would not be entering upon this particular phase in the agelongIntellect, 132:III. The Stage of Contemplation We are entering a realm of realization now which is muchIntellect, 194:the aspirant to his objective; there is the same entering into the state of contemplation ofIntellect, 253:his soul, and becomes at-one with Reality, he is entering into a state of group awareness, whichIntellect, 253:This world of illusion has its uses, and entering it is a most valuable experience, provided thatMagic, 51:his reflection. Some Basic Assumptions We are entering upon a course of study wherein the entireMagic, 89:physical plane. In order to do this the soul is entering into "meditation deep", in union with allMagic, 166:be long or short according as the aspirant is entering into the subjective consciousness for theMagic, 224:result - the passing through the baptism and the entering of the stream. So the world war and itsMagic, 262:man and serves him till death. The man who is entering on the occult path starts with the vehicleMagic, 265:ponder on this matter of the form, for with the entering in of a new ray, and the commencement of aMagic, 296:major initiation - the baptism and the final entering of the stream. Metaphorically speaking, theMagic, 313:the new sign of the zodiac into which we are now entering, the sign Aquarius. This sign, that ofMagic, 319:ancient Book of Rules, given to chelas of the entering degrees. All true esoteric [320] schoolsMagic, 331:matter, and their investigations of the atom are entering into a new field. In this [332] field theMagic, 389:in this mental age, we have the element of fire entering into the mechanics of living as neverMagic, 389:plane, the plane into which science is now entering. Mind has, for its main expression in theMagic, 468:now the great desire, and thus there comes the entering of the playground of the mind. But in theseMagic, 470:the utter glory of the radiant life! Not yet the entering into everlasting peace! But still theMagic, 491:to live in one's own thought world and by entering the world of ideas and the stream of humanMeditation, 25:in object, and not analogy in time. Now, on entering the third period, comes the most vital pointMeditation, 29:and are similarly composed, three factors entering in. [30] The causal body is a collection ofMeditation, 41:the Ray of Ceremonial Law enters and with that entering comes a swinging into prominence of theMeditation, 66:the connection with the higher, which higher, entering in, stabilizes the lower concrete mind. ItMeditation, 146:provides the ground for the occult experience of entering into the higher consciousness. The manMeditation, 173:[173] required. He mounts likewise by entering into the consciousness of those greater thanMeditation, 242:the transition period into which the race is now entering. Later, when the knowledge of occultMeditation, 258:are known, and that the possibility of entering into the consciousness of the Great Ones and of allMeditation, 273:is mastering the final stages of the Path and is entering into closer and closer touch with hisMeditation, 327:at which he enters the school. Those just entering the Path of Probation will be there for five toMeditation, 347:through the Hall of Learning prior [347] to entering the Hall of Wisdom. In training the mind bodyPatanjali, 105:of Holies into which the man has succeeded in entering. The truth is known and the cause of everyPatanjali, 143:we frequently call "the subtler planes" he is entering the Hall of Learning and is severing thosePatanjali, 144:student is the manipulation of force, and the entering of that world wherein forces are activelyPatanjali, 246:an object, without any other object or thought entering into one's consciousness is most difficultPatanjali, 361:of practice," and are those who are just entering the Path. These are the probationers, theProblems, 27:establishment of right human relations. We are entering a vast experimental period of discovery; weProblems, 158:slowly taking place - whereby God immanent is entering into a closer relation with GodPsychology1, 25:in man due to this ray influence, and is only entering into its real work. His influence is waxingPsychology1, 34:septenate, and when this happens, he is then entering into the world of subjective unity, and canPsychology1, 39:is going on, and the separated aspects are entering into an evolutionary relationship, resulting inPsychology1, 197:substances. This is initiation, or the entering into a state of liberation, for all mineralPsychology2, 12:be defined in two ways. It is first of all the entering into a new and wider dimensional world byPsychology2, 12:in his thinking and acts. It is, secondly, the entering into man of those energies which arePsychology2, 12:all who are liberated souls. This process of entering into and of being entered into should be aPsychology2, 80:the over-shadowing (carried forward prior to entering into [81] the three worlds for purposes ofPsychology2, 98:here. We seek the light. We need the glory of an entering God. [I can find no other words exceptPsychology2, 132:attention for one can easily waste effort by entering fields already well handled from the point of
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