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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTERING

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Psychology2, 266:zodiacal sign, Sagittarius, just as now it is entering Aquarius. This coordination is going onPsychology2, 425:that I have in view. Human thought is now entering a field for which there exists, as yet, no truePsychology2, 434:or glandular system, acting under impulses entering the physical body via the seven centers in thePsychology2, 513:It will be a slow process, for humanity is entering into what may be regarded as a longRays, 38:and imposed and well-tried rules, of the entering one towards a visioned goal. This involvesRays, 96:aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy as a whole, entering it through the Ashram of the Master Who hasRays, 151:that right direction should then guide the entering forces. The Law demands that the changes thusRays, 165:that right direction should then guide the entering forces. The entering forces, working under thisRays, 165:should then guide the entering forces. The entering forces, working under this law, are directedRays, 165:this law, the principle of abstraction (when entering the body) is held focused in the head and isRays, 329:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The entering of the two Doors The entering of theRays, 329:of Initiation The entering of the two Doors The entering of the Ashrams The dual life of theRays, 347:THE ASPIRANT AND THE MYSTERIES OF INITIATION The Entering of the two Doors of Initiation Let us nowRays, 353:the Baptism initiation, or the initiation of "entering the stream." The electrical energy of theRays, 366:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The Entering of the Ashram This theme necessarily hasRays, 371:center of all; it has this effect only after the entering initiate has taken the third initiation,Rays, 390:are not ray-conditioned. By that I mean that entering one or another of them is not in any wayRays, 422:pass on to this sixth Path directly and without entering the deva evolution. This sixth Path is oneRays, 424:The whole standard of the mental equipment of entering disciples is so much higher than it used toRays, 425:is released then into our solar system. This entering stream of balanced energies forms the secondRays, 426:An unknown constellation, via Gemini Methode The entering of the burning-ground [427] Hierarchy TheRays, 462:states of consciousness. He is therefore entering upon a new cycle where - this time equipped withRays, 536:a disciple with the aim in view of eventually entering [537] the Ashram of a Master and passingRays, 554:a tremendous stimulation. Simultaneously, the entering potencies released by this decision producedRays, 562:and potency" of his service among men. We are entering now upon a somewhat close analysis of theRays, 691:man bases all action in relation to these entering energies on the ancient premise that "energyRays, 730:circumstances, of leaving all behind and of entering into a new life, carries with it strength andRays, 764:Path. I reach the gate and pass within, entering thus the Heart, through the means of wideReappearance, 36:of this unfolding divine Presence, there is entering into the minds of men everywhere a newReappearance, 79:the age of Aries, the Ram, into which they were entering, the teaching of the Scapegoat whichReappearance, 79:Teacher of the new period into which the Sun was entering, the period of Pisces, is forgotten, butReappearance, 80:for the sign Aquarius (into which our Sun is now entering) is that of the Water-carrier, the manReappearance, 82:word "initiation" signifies the processes of "entering into," then it is indeed true today thatReappearance, 170:service that They are already - one by one - entering into outer activity upon the physical plane.Telepathy, 43:time to act as recipients. These are the major entering impressions, recorded by what is gliblyTelepathy, 43:of God, our planetary Logos. There are other entering impressions, but to them I do not refer, asTelepathy, 110:- also a form of sensitivity, and which is as an entering door or concept - becomes eventuallyTelepathy, 150:changes under the impact of the etheric energies entering in, passing through and disappearing fromTelepathy, 154:their own focal points in the etheric body when entering directly within the circumference of theTelepathy, 183:This lotus, the Earth, is responsive to the many entering energies with which I dealt at someTelepathy, 195:for the new energies which are, at this time, entering the world; these energies pour dynamically
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