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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTERPRISES

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Astrology, 261:and for his own satisfaction and personality enterprises, and this becomes steadily stronger andDestiny, 15:the arresting of the individual's activities or enterprises where that is deemed desirable in theDestiny, 31:including all educational and financial enterprises, just as the influence of those who have soulDiscipleship2, 75:enterprise. I have indicated many spiritual enterprises which called for your full measure ofDiscipleship2, 75:upon his life work along the lines of my enterprises; it will be a hard one, growing out of theDiscipleship2, 83:me to go into details anent these two spiritual enterprises. You know them well, though only a fewDiscipleship2, 83:The Arcane School is not one of my activities or enterprises, and has never been. In view of theDiscipleship2, 84:some one or other of my suggested spiritual enterprises and effectively work together for itsDiscipleship2, 337:great wealth to philanthropic or educational enterprises. In neither of these cases is the discipleDiscipleship2, 447:Emotions are, however, ephemeral. Personality enterprises have offset greatly your reactions, andDiscipleship2, 592:inspired educational processes, philanthropic enterprises and the great medical expansions, andDiscipleship2, 639:Orient yourself towards the spiritual enterprises (for there are several) which emanate from theExternalisation, 220:world moves and the present gigantic national enterprises is now out of the hands and the controlFire, 882:manifestation, A revelation as to certain cosmic enterprises in which our planetary Logos is actingHealing, 374:can confer upon us, we will inaugurate those new enterprises which will speed humanity upon itsHealing, 374:speed humanity upon its way. Among these new enterprises the healing art will be the foremost,Magic, 104:work of the aspirant as a co-worker in the enterprises of the Great White Lodge. We are dealingMagic, 109:[109] He withdraws his forces from soul enterprises in the spiritual Kingdom, and centers hisPsychology2, 337:discontent; the savor of his life experience and enterprises begins to prove unsatisfactory.Psychology2, 410:those complexities of idea and those "spiritual enterprises" which affect the mystically inclinedPsychology2, 678:brotherhood (of which our modern philanthropic enterprises are an illustration), the ideal of groupPsychology2, 748:and it is to these constructive and peaceful enterprises that the servers of the Great Ones and ofRays, 14:of fertilization and of all the coming new age enterprises. These descending energies evoke alsoRays, 676:comfort, material possessions and material enterprises; to this the labor movement today and theRays, 730:that one [730] goes forth happily to the day's enterprises, and when the nights of sleep areSoul, 139:medium of the throat center, and of humanitarian enterprises through the medium of the heart
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