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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTERS

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Glamour, 132:concept and often a sadistic incentive and thus enters immediately into the realm of illusion.Glamour, 175:usefully - it has developed into an illusion and enters upon a career of deception, ofGlamour, 249:concerned in this particular incarnation. He enters upon a prolonged period of observation, ofHealingtherefore for patience on your part. When one enters the realm of healing, one enters a world ofHealingpart. When one enters the realm of healing, one enters a world of much esoteric knowledge, and ofHealing, 101:risk to the healer, but if the element of will enters into his thought or the stream of energyHealing, 105:results. See that no thought-power or will-power enters into the stream of healing energy, but onlyHealing, 126:but is not conditioned by them, he then [126] enters upon the relatively simple life of theHealing, 255:work, for the subject is so intimate, and fear enters so strongly into the reactions of those whoHealing, 351:the Law of Karma. The soul, through alignment, enters into a right use of time; or rather theHealing, 385:certain vital and basic factors into which faith enters not at all. The effort of the patient toHealing, 394:the material vehicles. Into this concept again enters the thought of restitution. Wrong conceptsHealing, 394:forgotten; the idea of elimination also enters in so that right focus is attained. IntegrationHealing, 405:and responsibilities have all been met, he enters permanently "into the clear cold light of loveHealing, 428:in the heart. This stream of dynamic energy enters the body, via the head, and passes down to theHealing, 428:distinctive from the individualized life force, enters the physical body, via the spleen. It thenHealing, 429:by desire (emotional or astral sentiency) and enters into the physical body, via the solar plexusHealing, 494:(of a low or high order) wears off, and the man enters into the stage where he knows - because theHealing, 496:himself of the astral and mental bodies, the man enters into a sort of dream state wherein heHercules, 36:the warrior. The problem of Hercules, as he enters upon his labors, is to demonstrate his powerHercules, 73:he drops back into the brain consciousness and enters upon another experience. He has to wrestleHercules, 81:duality, in Gemini, the incarnating human being enters, through birth in Cancer, into the humanHercules, 89:the group [89] which the unit consciously enters, and also "the father of all that is". The gate ofHercules, 98:twain and as I enter one the lion passes out and enters by the one I left behind. What shall I do?Hercules, 128:test of Scorpio, while the more evolved man enters into the Libra test from the sign of Virgo, withHercules, 221:the Virgin on September 8th. Each year the sun enters the sign Virgo around August 15th and theHercules, 222:meaning "the hinge of a door". The word "door" enters much into the concept of discipleship and itHercules, 227:(October 23 - November 22, the Scorpion), he enters upon his supreme test, which is also theInitiation, 7:to chart form and to tabulate in detail, he enters realms where he is bound to err, and staggersInitiation, 16:star; it descends upon the man and he enters within the flame. Again, the four initiations, priorInitiation, 22:of Love the adept becomes something more. He enters into a still higher consciousness than that ofInitiation, 64:of the personal life, then the Christ-life enters, and the glory of the Lord over-shadows hisIntellect, 15:of the portal through which the human soul enters into the world where divinity resides." - Pupin,Intellect, 58:of which he remains personally unaware. Now he enters upon a process of self-education and of anIntellect, 65:what definite goal the educated man aims as he enters on the way of meditation, and in what wayIntellect, 66:what is wanted, and the anticipation factor enters in; also something is eventually acquired,Intellect, 104:whom his soul may be in touch. Then the mind enters upon a new and fresh usefulness and its rangeIntellect, 116:Christ, the divine Soul. Man, at this point, enters into God. [119] Intellect, 134:use of considerations and reasonings, it enters at once into its subject, and sees all itsIntellect, 136:brings him to the stage of contemplation and he enters into the consciousness of the soul. HeIntellect, 137:VI, 7, 90. In contemplation, a higher agent enters in. It is the Soul that contemplates. The humanIntellect, 137:and still, whilst the true spiritual Entity enters into its own kingdom and registers the contactsIntellect, 139:vision of the wonders of God, as the human soul enters the realm of the divine light." - Puglisi,Intellect, 149:mystic revelation. The thought of a Light which enters in and which shines upon our way, theIntellect, 154:exist for him: he is both and knows it. He enters into the Mind of God - that universal storehouseIntellect, 166:and mundane worries cease and the mystic enters into the peace that passeth understanding. He canIntellect, 242:good and lead a man towards catastrophe if he enters upon the Way of the Knower without a properMagic, 60:nature decreases, and the man little by little enters into conscious contact with his Master andMagic, 89:as a soul, in this group meditation, and enters upon that cycle of service which expresses itselfMagic, 90:consciousness with that of his own soul. He enters then into the community of souls, and stands notMagic, 108:"on the throne between the eyebrows". Here enters in the work of one of the means of yoga,Magic, 108:lotus of the head, the path of light issues. It enters into the Greater Being, producing a livingMagic, 109:centers his attention on the work to be done. He enters into deep meditation. Magnetic rapport withMagic, 109:The instrument, man, responds, and also enters into meditation. The work proceeds in ordered stagesMagic, 167:which is a characteristic of the soul, he enters into voluntary and intelligent control of hisMagic, 185:time a man has to become that path itself. He enters the light and becomes the light and functionsMagic, 192:creative force in the higher worlds; he enters within the veil, and begins to create the pattern ofMagic, 198:He is facing a most complex problem. He enters blindly into a situation which is the result of aMagic, 200:is the "world of force into which the initiate enters," and it is the training he receives as anMagic, 200:that makes such a step possible. Each of us enters life with a certain equipment - the product ofMagic, 204:is dangerous and unprofitable to the man who enters upon it without the basis of a good characterMagic, 219:to note in this connection that, as humanity enters into its heritage of mind, there appearsMagic, 249:of the personality. That vital spiritual force enters through the cranial aperture, and pours intoMagic, 263:that goal, passes it and disintegrates. Pain enters [264] into all shattering of the form, andMagic, 285:This vital life of the universe of matter enters into the human organism through the spleen. TheMagic, 296:the following esoteric phrases: "When the stream enters the River of Life, its passage can beMagic, 316:(astral sentient) equipment with which a man enters into life, which he utilizes, and which heMagic, 342:cultivated, that the faculty of wise balancing enters, and that mental equilibrium must beMagic, 343:the guidance of the soul is he who more and more enters into the consciousness of his Master. ThenMagic, 352:is to be vivified and indwelt. The Christ life enters and the form becomes alive. Herein lies theMagic, 366:he must progress even deeper still, until he enters the realm of pure intuition. He can then tapMagic, 366:He can then tap truth at its source. He enters into the mind of God Himself. He intuits as well asMagic, 386:utilize it, as a medium of experience. The man enters into the consciousness of the Monad, the ONE.Magic, 448:associates. The moment that the mind factor enters in and becomes dominant, that moment a manMagic, 468:the many patterned forms God takes. The soul enters "the playground of the Lord" and plays thereonMagic, 480:plane, time is not; therefore the time equation enters not into the idea of a final ending by fire.Magic, 513:can only be perceived when each son of God enters consciously into his divine heritage. The mode ofMagic, 529:any human being and he becomes at-one with, and enters into relation with his soul, then heMagic, 532:to pain in kingdoms below the human, but it enters into another differentiation. It is notMagic, 537:When the factor of spiritual illumination enters into that service, you have those transcendentMeditation, 40:the need and also be safe. Another factor enters now, - a factor that varies somewhat according toMeditation, 41:passes away and the Ray of Ceremonial Law enters and with that entering comes a swinging intoMeditation, 47:family group is the second thing of moment that enters into consideration, and the matter is ofMeditation, 55:called into manifestation one ray, with all that enters in on a ray. Each sound demonstratesMeditation, 102:manifestations of inner evils. Each human being enters into life equipped with a physical andMeditation, 115:that is oft overlooked by the pupil when he enters upon the path of probation and starts meditationMeditation, 125:the obsessing entity (clothed in mental matter) enters the two lower vehicles. In the case ofMeditation, 125:dark Brother, who is to use the physical body, enters it and makes connection with his own cord.Meditation, 144:whereby attainment eventuates. Each man who enters upon occult development and who aspires towardMeditation, 163:in a specific tone. When so sounded, the adept enters into the consciousness of that plane and ofMeditation, 172:into the life of the Supreme Being. Thus he enters into the life of all within the LogoicMeditation, 172:egoic and then with all groups, till finally he enters into the consciousness of the Deity Himself.Meditation, 327:upon the point in evolution at which he enters the school. Those just entering the Path ofMeditation, 334:utterly the race consciousness, and because he enters into the problems of the day in a manner morePatanjali, 33:form taking as the result of attachment, and enters into a new state of consciousness upon which itPatanjali, 39:(in its true nature) perceives and knows. He enters into the world of causes. The first group mightPatanjali, 97:are expressions is realized, and the perceiver enters into the realm of ideas and of causes. ThisPatanjali, 131:emerges well-nigh adept." [131] Finally, the man enters the Hall of Wisdom to which he was admittedPatanjali, 138:and can teach no further lessons, evil enters in, for a tendency to evil is but a tendency toPatanjali, 171:intellectual but later assumes more reality and enters into the happenings of the emotional and
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