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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTHUSIASTIC

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Astrology, 250:Prejudice - Justice. Judgment. Dull stupidity - Enthusiastic wisdom. Untrue, showy outer form lifeBethlehem, 234:early Christians and of their approach, in those enthusiastic days, to Christ and to life in theDiscipleship1, 406:are in this group for two reasons: First, your enthusiastic endeavor and the adjustments which yourDiscipleship2, 482:never again will blindness be possible. An over-enthusiastic nature. This induces the disciple toDiscipleship2, 711:a more expressive love, and a more enthusiastic dedication to the principle of service. A.A.B. (ifExternalisation, 654:the sudden and the beneficent changes which the enthusiastic desire. Every necessary evolutionaryHealing, 400:emphasis upon belief and thus stultifies all enthusiastic investigation. The discovery of the factHercules, 63:from the hundred-headed serpent, with the enthusiastic help of the three beautiful maidens, andHercules, 128:to justice or judgment; from dull stupidity to enthusiastic wisdom. How unusual and delightful aHercules, 128:and a bit stodgy, but wisdom should be "enthusiastic". Something to ponder, that. And there may beIntellect, 233:time, will bring results infinitely greater than enthusiastic but spasmodic efforts. A few minutesMagic, 54:disability. They have wisely learnt that enthusiastic rushing forward and a violent energeticPatanjali, 255:than the violent rushing forward and the enthusiastic endeavor of the emotional and temperamentalPsychology2, 268:connotation and not in the usual emotional and enthusiastic significance. These impulsive movementsRays, 240:the dynamic of determination or of enlightened enthusiastic will, is reaching humanity direct, via
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