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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTITY

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Externalisation, 10:governing the passing in or out of an informing entity, nor do they know how to carry on this workExternalisation, 159:be spread abroad, is that mysterious and divine Entity with Whom the Christ came into touch andExternalisation, 219:of humanity. The state becomes almost a divine entity in the consciousness of the idealist. This isExternalisation, 223:by the will-to-good of some great and spiritual Entity. That thought-forms, embodying evil livesExternalisation, 269:Rider on the white horse is no extra-planetary Entity or Life, but is essentially One like untoExternalisation, 291:But always it is focused through a manifesting Entity, is called forth by a demand or massedExternalisation, 293:man, the planetary Logos, some extra-planetary Entity, some Cosmic Being, or an Expression ofExternalisation, 307:is taken possession of and inspired by some evil entity; in inspiration, there is no possession butExternalisation, 457:of Resurrection. It is this living spiritual Entity, working temporarily under the direction of theExternalisation, 560:in the possession of the immortal spiritual entity; that which the soul-consciousness has enfoldedFire, 44:ether 2. Sea of fire. 3. Primordial electric entity 3. Electricity. 4. Akasha 4. Prakriti. 5.Fire, 45:by the life force of the indwelling entity. Fire, 62:is the expression of the mind of some cosmic Entity. In the same way, the seven planetary Entities,Fire, 62:therefore: The undifferentiated Logos - a cosmic Entity. The Logos, threefold in manifestation: TheFire, 63:three entities again are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, theFire, 69:the Gita, p. 26. 23 Fohat, or electricity, is an Entity. He is the primordial electric Entity S.Fire, 69:is an Entity. He is the primordial electric Entity S. D., 1, 105. He is Will S. D., 1, 136. He isFire, 83:obvious; each Ray is the vehicle for a cosmic Entity, and all existence is necessarily triple inFire, 84:PRANA OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM THE SOLAR SYSTEM Entity manifesting The solar Logos. Body ofFire, 84:etheric radiation (felt cosmically). THE PLANET Entity manifesting A planetary Logos. Body ofFire, 84:(felt within the system). A HUMAN BEING Entity manifesting The thinker, A Dhyan Chohan. Body ofFire, 85:(felt by environment). [85] THE ATOM OF MATTER Entity manifesting An elementary life. Body ofFire, 102:vibration and quality according to the receiving Entity. Man passes the prana through his ethericFire, 105:many stages beyond the human. The planetary Entity is on the involutionary arc and is a very lowFire, 105:on the involutionary arc and is a very low grade Entity. He is the sum total of all the elementalFire, 107:The spirit of the planet (or the planetary entity) likewise has his cycles, and in the absorptionFire, 111:and the dominance of the spiritual indwelling entity over its vehicle. 48a "Ring-pass-not. TheFire, 128:it is - the vehicle through which a great cosmic ENTITY, the solar Logos, manifests activeFire, 128:vibrations, and the keynote of that cosmic ENTITY whose body we are. The heart beats of the LogosFire, 131:nothing more to desire; the Ego, or the thinking entity, loses interest therefore in the form, andFire, 138:or by the conscious effort of the indwelling entity; but that entity is held back in the effects heFire, 138:effort of the indwelling entity; but that entity is held back in the effects he seeks to achieveFire, 144:which do not themselves serve as forms for any entity to inhabit, but as the material out of whichFire, 146:of both these cosmic Entities stands another Entity Who is the embodiment of Will, and Who is theFire, 147:entities, again, are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the sevenFire, 160:handling at this point matter as informed by an entity who is to matter, when so informing, a pointFire, 165:expression of the "will to live" of some cosmic entity, and the force that swirled, that rotated,Fire, 175:the Pralaya no human, animal, or even vegetable entity will be alive to see it, but there will beFire, 207:He is electric fire - The monad, a solar entity. He is solar fire - Evolution of the life throughFire, 207:a chain, but one of Them is the incarnating Entity. They influence: Some globe in chain. SomeFire, 234:one of the principles of a greater cosmic Entity. A Heavenly Man. He manifests through a planet,Fire, 238:solar system embodies the consciousness of an Entity, who originates on planes entirely without theFire, 239:on which he may erect his temple of truth. This Entity, Whom we call the solar Logos, is in noFire, 241:solar fire or light. Hence, when the cosmic Entity takes form, there is added to the activeFire, 250:seven chains is the expression of the life of an Entity, Who occupies it, as does a man his body,Fire, 264:Sevenfold spirituality - the life of the Entity. We will note also that in the tabulation of theFire, 272:one center in the body of a still greater cosmic ENTITY. Human beings therefore [273] find theirFire, 276:such a nature that it is an inherent part of the Entity's working capital, it has to be exercisedFire, 277:of the wheel of life, or the passage of an entity through the three lower planes down intoFire, 278:only be conceived as relative to some conscious entity, to some Thinker. Time to the occultist isFire, 278:ends, in connection with the awareness of some Entity, and is recognized only as time when theFire, 280:else but the realization by the conscious entity of the swinging into his magnetic radius of anFire, 281:of ideas to express the cyclic activity of an entity. The subject is exceedingly abstruse, due toFire, 284:from the standpoint of the particular life or entity involved, and the special stage of awarenessFire, 284:center of consciousness, is to the particular Entity involved (be he God or man) a lesser cycle.Fire, 284:cycles. It has to do with the response of the ENTITY, to Whom our solar Logos is but a center inFire, 287:within the radius of control of the indwelling Entity. The point to be emphasized is that when thisFire, 290:an analogous position in the body of a cosmic Entity to that held by a Heavenly Man in the body ofFire, 294:form. Evolution in the Universe (Tabulation II) Entity Vehicle Center Space Time The Unknown 7Fire, 294:of groups, and of them all to the indwelling Entity Who holds them in synthetic correlation byFire, 295:thus to the matter aspect. That the idea of an Entity Who synthesizes the groups and is theFire, 296:Heavenly Men, considered in relation to the Entity of Whom the solar Logos is a reflection, are asFire, 302:for the spirit of the planet, or the planetary entity, who is the sumtotal of the elementalFire, 310:which is held in coherent shape by a mighty deva Entity, the Raja Lord of the mental plane. ExactlyFire, 312:centers in the body etheric of that great cosmic Entity, of Whom our solar Logos is a reflection,Fire, 313:of the will and desire of the indwelling entity, and which in man is the correspondence of theFire, 316:as vitality or the will-to-be of some Entity, and manifests as: Abstract Being. Darkness. Unity. Fire, 317:and are (to the manifesting cosmic Entity) what the mental body, the desire body, and the physicalFire, 318:to the work earlier accomplished by the cosmic Entity, involving cycles which have passed into theFire, 318:whole, under the complete control of that cosmic Entity Who is seeking expression through thatFire, 332:else that cohesive something which enables an Entity (whether Logos, Heavenly Man, or man) to work:Fire, 333:evolution. On certain planes, that are, for the entity concerned, the battleground of life, and theFire, 336:understood when we speak of Brahma, that cosmic Entity Who is the sumtotal of logoic activeFire, 337:will and ordered purpose of every self-conscious entity. I would urge the student to bear in mindFire, 339:coherent force which keeps the purpose of the entity ever in view, working it out through love inFire, 340:that it has brought about the liberation of the entity, man, from the three worlds, and hasFire, 345:the intelligent will, purpose and action of an Entity. By the approximation of these two polesFire, 351:within Him. This basic Interpreter is the Entity Who is independent of an existence which everFire, 351:and is equally that Self-knowing, individualized Entity Whose body contains our solar Logos as wellFire, 353:us, in illustration, is the thinking purposeful Entity who acts as the manasic principle, and theFire, 353:form the cosmic physical plane, whereon an Entity, inconceivably greater than our Logos, is workingFire, 354:be enumerated as follows: Who is the cosmic Entity in Whose scheme our Logos plays his little part?Fire, 354:is the coloring or basic quality of this cosmic Entity? Is the coloring of the fourth cosmic etherFire, 355:the active purpose, and the fixed idea of some Entity which brings about existence, utilizes form,Fire, 355:till it includes the ring-pass-not of the Entity through Whom the fifth principle comes to him; andFire, 355:and purposes, manas is the active will of an Entity working itself out through all the lesser livesFire, 356:with such an area as the calf of the leg. The entity, man, utilizes both, but the heart center isFire, 360:FACT of the essential Personality of this great Entity, the work that He is endeavoring toFire, 361:system the individualization of the great cosmic Entity we call Brahma was brought about. HeFire, 383:manifestation on the physical plane that great Entity Whose life animates the whole scheme. It mustFire, 393:is the active will, intelligently applied, of an Entity, and then that this active intelligent willFire, 393:activity in a solar system is that great cosmic Entity Who embodies our solar Logos as a center inFire, 393:activity in the planetary schemes is that cosmic Entity we call the solar Logos. He is the active,Fire, 393:in a planetary scheme is that lesser cosmic Entity Whom we call a planetary Logos. He works throughFire, 394:characteristic it is. To the life of that little entity we call an atom in the physical body of aFire, 396:of the Mind purposes [396] of that cosmic ENTITY Who enfolds our solar Logos within HisFire, 397:mind is the agent on cosmic levels whereby the Entity concerned formulates His plans and purposes.Fire, 404:through the cycles of objectivity, is such an entity as man possible, or can a Heavenly Man comeFire, 409:within the groups. Each of these is a conscious entity, yet each has no existence apart from itsFire, 409:pointed out, is the intelligent plan of the Entity concerned working out in time and space. Power
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