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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTITY

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Fire, 410:yet brought under the intelligent control of the entity within the form. Only the Heavenly Men andFire, 410:entities, again, are evolved out of a single entity or Monad." - The Theosophist, Vol. VIII, p.Fire, 426:first, second and sixth. For the involutionary entity, whom we call the "spirit of the planet" itFire, 436:moulds the form to the need of the indwelling Entity; it brings about coherence and group activity;Fire, 438:aspects of their Being by the ray influence. Entity Force Centers Psychical Manifestation PhysicalFire, 443:be summed up as: The intelligent purpose of an Entity, a planetary Logos. His life energy workingFire, 445:three words is embodied the nature of this great Entity, Who presides over the processes ofFire, 447:of it suitable to the needs of any particular Entity. In all the constructive work ofFire, 447:The will or the one-pointed purpose of some entity. Second. The material through which the lifeFire, 460:- during the moon chain - held office as the Entity Who is the informing evolutionary Life of theFire, 460:manifestation depends in lesser degree.) Such an Entity finds expression through the animalFire, 460:upon temporarily faulty relations between an entity who dominated at one period of the third orFire, 462:form the heart center in the body of that great Entity Who is the life of the animal kingdom. FromFire, 465:groups, and which is the life expression of an Entity, will, under this seventh influence, blaze upFire, 469:in mind that Karma is imposed upon the ensouling entity through the medium of matter or ofFire, 469:which is bound up in the life experience of that entity who ensouls a chain, and is a center in theFire, 469:Globe Karma - The individual destiny of the entity who is a center in the body of the ensoulingFire, 477:by science, whether it is the life of a cosmic Entity such as a solar Logos, or the tiny elementalFire, 480:kingdom is reached that it is possible for an entity consciously and intelligently to do twoFire, 491:factors involved in a bad position. The life (or entity) concerned receives a setback, the devasFire, 497:If I might express it in other words: the cosmic Entity, Who is the life of the second globe andFire, 497:principle, has a close connection with the solar Entity Who is the informing life of the entireFire, 509:this results in a definite gain for that great Entity, the planetary Logos, through the relativelyFire, 517:in the imposition of karma upon the particular entity who may be utilizing it. They work directlyFire, 523:or substance aspect, and should apply to this Entity the same triple constitution as is apparent inFire, 528:the third aspect, the [528] life of that cosmic Entity Who is to the Logos the negative aspect ofFire, 533:body of Brahma, viewing Him as a separate cosmic Entity, [534] dissociated from His two brothers.Fire, 534:expressed by H. P. B. (S. D., I, 139, 144.) That Entity Who works through the FORM of a planetaryFire, follow:The Building Entities (Tabulation IV) Quality Entity Center Personality Kingdom 1. Atma Logos HeadFire, 567:my thought-forms with a high or a low order of entity? Do I study the laws of construction? Do IFire, 619:viewing Him as a solar Deity, a self-conscious Entity, works with His negative aspect throughFire, 620:of the Thinker (divine or human) becomes an entity, separated [621] from its originating source,Fire, 640:abstraction. - S. D., I, 559-560. The informing entity of the system is the Logos. The informingFire, 640:entity of the system is the Logos. The informing entity of a plane is its raja-Lord. Such as Indra,Fire, 640:as Indra, Agni, Varuna, Kshiti. The informing entity of a planet is its planetary Logos. TheFire, 640:a planet is its planetary Logos. The informing entity in the Microcosm is a Dhyan Chohan. TheFire, 640:the Microcosm is a Dhyan Chohan. The informing entity in the causal body is the Divine Thinker. TheFire, 640:causal body is the Divine Thinker. The informing entity in a physical atom is an elemental life.Fire, 640:things. - S. D., I, 146; II, 258. The informing entity is Fire - S. D., I, 145, 146. The matter ofFire, 647:of nature, the mineral, through which a specific Entity is manifesting, this center is a unity onFire, 659:product of the desire of some greater or lesser entity within the system. It might be apposite hereFire, 671:way of studying the evolution of the conscious Entity - God, Man, or lesser life - by means of devaFire, 676:turn reflects His prototype, that great cosmic Entity Who ensouls the cosmic astral plane. Second.Fire, 677:of devas, who form the desire body of that great entity who ensouls the animal kingdom. They areFire, 710:to function as a self-conscious unit, that entity we call Man. 37 Mahadeva sits at the heart, SuryaFire, 714:process that is conducted by the true human entity called the Manas. He, who is willing toFire, 722:pure spiritual source, and that a self-conscious entity only earns the right to this peculiar formFire, 724:concerns the present system as a whole. One such Entity, the "Karmic Avatar" appeared upon theFire, 725:Bear) is His cosmic prototype. This is, for the Entity concerned, the taking of a physical form,Fire, 733:devitalized as regards its form, yet the greater Entity persists, and is still active. Let us takeFire, 741:cosmic astral centers of the particular cosmic Entity Who is the Lord of his Ray, and therefore atFire, 745:and the secret purpose of that mysterious Entity, the Silent Watcher; to those who find the problemFire, 746:of the Adept. [746] The pralaya of a cosmic Entity, such as the Lord of a chain, the Lord of aFire, 746:sense; he enters into the plans of the greater Entity within Whose radiatory capacity he has aFire, 751:the force, energy, purpose or will of a cosmic Entity, will utilize the vehicles of an adept inFire, 752:and agent of the Planetary Logos. That great Entity speaks through Him and for one brief second (ifFire, 764:in atma-buddhi. The Thinker or spiritual entity stands free of the three worlds, and functionsFire, 769:embodies the consciousness of a still greater Entity whose "jewel" may be found on the secondFire, 786:ethereal, and only the stage of evolution of the entity involved will reveal its relativeFire, 845:that is, the etheric body of the planetary entity. This mysterious life is as yet an unfathomableFire, 845:body in its densest form of the planetary entity. It might here be noted that the planetary EntityFire, 845:It might here be noted that the planetary Entity is the sumtotal of all the elemental lives of theFire, 846:life " of this low grade substance, who is an entity from a point in the Heavens which may not beFire, 846:process of the entire earlier system. This entity has the same analogous relation to the devaFire, 846:On a large scale, this "life" or the informing entity of the lower life of the physical plane ofFire, 856:This concerns the response of the indwelling Entity to its surroundings. It deals [857] with theFire, 910:life; the other has differentiated, and each entity is a separate unit of the one life, complete inFire, 922:the embodiment of the throat center of a cosmic entity. From this statement will come a justFire, 925:producing the body of manifestation of the great Entity who is the sumtotal of the life of theFire, 929:activity of some greater, and more advanced, entity. As self-conscious evolution proceeds, more andFire, 933:builders of the etheric body of the planetary Entity. This great involutionary life must remain forFire, 949:goes to swell the proportions of this evil entity. Second, by the fostering care of the brothers ofFire, 953:centers be channels for pure force, and such an entity as the "Dweller" be an impossibility. AllFire, 1048:fourth cosmic ether, our buddhic plane). As an Entity - The Sun is the seventh principle of Brahma,Fire, 1055:and particular type of the indwelling planetary entity. In what corresponds to the head center inFire, 1056:but that the influence felt is by the planetary Entity - the sumtotal of the elemental essences ofFire, 1063:but with that period in the life of any living entity (atomic, human or divine) wherein the ethericFire, 1070:nature of solar energy as an expression of an Entity of the fourth rank will be appreciated. ThisFire, 1071:from a different center in the body of the Entity informing the mineral kingdom to that whichFire, 1072:to our planetary Logos, and also to the Entity Who is the informing life of the second kingdom. TheFire, 1072:close attention. The energy emanating from the Entity Who is the informing Life of the thirdFire, 1073:influences or to the force emanating from the Entity Who is the life of that kingdom. Finally, theFire, 1139:is the karma and life-history of the planetary entity. He sleeps and awakes; he is the embodimentFire, 1139:kingdoms. The lunar pitris are to the planetary entity what the three major centers are to man orFire, 1139:contribute the human form are (to the planetary entity) the correspondence to the head center.Fire, 1140:is due to primary activity on the part of some Entity, which activity is largely the expression ofFire, 1148:a unit of inertia, a sattvic point, or a rajasic entity. No hard and fast rule can be laid down atFire, 1152:The deva Ruler of a plane is a superhuman Entity Who comes in under a great cosmic impulse toFire, 1152:the will, plan, or conscious purpose of a cosmic Entity are responsible for all that is seen andFire, 1152:following tabulation may be of service: Cosmic Entity Systemic Entities Number of Impulses QualityFire, 1161:is even more interesting, for that great cosmic Entity demonstrates on the cosmic mental plane as aFire, 1164:color according to the nature and karma of the Entity concerned. It is in the enumeration of theseFire, 1172:power of the spirit of the Earth (the planetary Entity, not the planetary Logos) to hold allFire, 1172:tamasic lives of the body of the planetary Entity. This force works upon the negative, or lowest,Fire, 1176:are informed - as are the planets - by a cosmic Entity and are under the influence of the LifeFire, 1186:divided into its three aspects, and viewed as an Entity energized by three types of force,Fire, 1204:[1204] Entities, was that of the lesser cosmic Entity Who is the Life of our planet, the planetaryGlamour, 59:Through wrong Interpretation. The idea, a vital entity or a germ of living potency, is seen throughGlamour, 94:constitutes the great problem of the conscious entity. This condition is a difficulty in the realmGlamour, 102:this Angel must be brought together; the lower entity must be "blotted out" in the "light," or
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