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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTITY

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Magic, 470:any thought-form. When the latter is a completed entity, it is an effect built by accretion underMagic, 487:the physical plane fact. It [487] is a vital entity, robed in material of the astral plane and theMagic, 495:snapped. When this has happened, the conscious entity cannot return to the dense physical body andMagic, 495:which makes a human being a rational, thinking entity, is "anchored" by one aspect of this threadMagic, 495:in the brain, makes man an intelligent rational entity, self-conscious and [496] self-directing; heMagic, 496:to make man a living, conscious, functioning entity, governed by the soul, and expressing theMagic, 497:and response of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity, and of this theMagic, 531:animal kingdom is a self-conscious intelligent entity, working in full awareness of intent andMagic, 531:is controlling, and where a self-conscious entity is functioning. There is of course [532] theMagic, 535:to renewed effort and driving the living entity on along the path of evolution. Instinct, governingMagic, 544:with a tendency to black magic) is a soulless entity. He is a being in whom the Ego is - [545] asMagic, 546:human kingdom, viewing that entire kingdom as an entity, an organized life functioning on theMagic, 557:It underlies group work, regarding a group as an entity. If a group could appreciate the power ofMagic, 573:a study of it will begin to signify to him the Entity from which it has emanated. A knowledge ofMagic, 579:aspect, and that both of them are aspects of the entity or the being who is the embodiment of aMagic, 588:possible when man became a more truly thinking entity, during the past few centuries, on a wideMagic, 602:recognize himself as essentially a spiritual entity, different in nature, objectives and methods ofMagic, 637:and reveal to the man that he is a spiritual entity in incarnation and in touch - through his mindMeditation, 23:the moment when animal-man became a thinking entity, [24] a human being, to that of the consciousMeditation, 27:and the man is an active, feeling, thinking entity. He reaches the consummation of the personalityMeditation, 30:at the moment when animal-man becomes a thinking entity, a human being? The approximation of theMeditation, 54:the higher planes it is the agent of the great Entity Who wields the cosmic law of gravitation inMeditation, 56:to the Logos for purposes of manifestation, some entity on cosmic levels. The reflection of theMeditation, 56:and that matter is itself informed by some vital entity. Similarly, the cosmic Lords of Fire, theMeditation, 123:the man is at the mercy of the obsessing entity, and is unconsciously or unwillingly a partner inMeditation, 124:relaxed elastic permits entry of an extraneous entity from the emotional plane. The door ofMeditation, 125:in his mental body, [125] whilst the obsessing entity (clothed in mental matter) enters the twoMeditation, 127:use these mantrams at night when the obsessing entity may be supposed to be absent during the hoursMeditation, 358:Each of them is the embodiment of a great cosmic entity. The seven Rays can be divided into thePatanjali, 13:that it becomes possible for the inner ruling entity to liberate himself from thralldom, and imposePatanjali, 224:in this connection, that "space is the first entity" (Secret Doctrine I, 583.) and that cyclicPatanjali, 225:law of life. [225] When this is recognized, the entity, expressing itself cyclically, will make itsPatanjali, 365:according to the occult student "space is an entity" (Secret Doctrine I, 583), and this entity isPatanjali, 365:is an entity" (Secret Doctrine I, 583), and this entity is one and the same as the cosmic Christ,Patanjali, 381:upon the vehicles in which the conscious entity functions, is the sum total of the [382] processesPatanjali, 382:or a mutation in the vestures of the thinking entity, and they become transmuted and brought to aPatanjali, 385:Just as long as the consciousness of any entity (solar, planetary or human) is outward goingPatanjali, 415:lines to admit the possibility of there being an entity, detached and apart from the mind whoPatanjali, 416:The second aspect. The AUM. The self-conscious Entity. The second Person. The Thinker. The Christ.Psychology1, 6:not what it is, whether or no it is an informing entity, detached and separate from the bodyPsychology1, 6:of evolution, constituting a thinking, feeling entity; or whether it is no more than the aggregatedPsychology1, 7:which deals with the soul or self, the ensouling entity within the form. [8] C. The third effect ofPsychology1, 18:This interplay produces that psychological Entity which we call the Christ. This cosmic ChristPsychology1, 18:of the historical Christ. This psychological Entity can bring into functioning activity a qualityPsychology1, 20:and animated forms present an appearance of an entity or central life which is characterized by itsPsychology1, 20:other human being contacted. Man is a psychic entity, a Life Who, [21] through radiatory influence,Psychology1, 21:of quality demonstrates as a psychological entity. Every human being is a miniature replica of thePsychology1, 24:these great forces. I speak in terms of entity, of pure Being, and not in terms of humanPsychology1, 28:all that is known to us is a manifesting divine Entity, expressing Itself through three aspectsPsychology1, 53:there appears that self-identified entity which we call a human being. When the soul adds toPsychology1, 54:together of spirit and matter exists as an entity apart from the body nature, and constitutes (whenPsychology1, 55:its long career. It is now a differentiated entity. Psychology1, 55:stage is reached. It constitutes the spiritual entity, a conscious psychical being, a son of God,Psychology1, 57:when unrealized), but the conscious thinking entity knows the fact of the unity of consciousnessPsychology1, 58:by the nervous system, by the brain, and by the entity we call the self (who registers emotion andPsychology1, 74:For each ray is in its turn a triple manifesting entity, as is the solar Deity Himself. Love willPsychology1, 92:and impermanent self; or of an immortal entity who is the dweller in the body? Such are some of thePsychology1, 93:grew, automatically, the idea of a persistent entity called the soul, which could enjoy heaven orPsychology1, 94:there an immortal principle, a subtle intangible entity which has an existence either in the bodyPsychology1, 94:its source in the body-nature, or is there an entity who beholds and takes action? Is this entityPsychology1, 94:an entity who beholds and takes action? Is this entity different to and separable from the body, orPsychology1, 94:minded thinkers who posit an immortal entity are also right? As yet perhaps something is lackingPsychology1, 95:a new heaven and a new earth. Once the central entity within each human form is recognized andPsychology1, 96:soul's existence. The soul will be known as an entity, as the motivating impulse and the spiritualPsychology1, 105:successfully prove the existence of a spiritual entity in man, - an entity all-wise, immortal,Psychology1, 105:the existence of a spiritual entity in man, - an entity all-wise, immortal, divine and creative.Psychology1, 114:groups is forgotten in the life of the group entity as a whole. The members are trained in thePsychology1, 115:together in harmony. Thus they can, as a group entity, form a focal point for the transmission ofPsychology1, 119:being called Man, and man, as a psychic entity, is an established fact in nature, as is man, thePsychology1, 120:Then the work of unifying man - man, the psychic entity, and man, the conditioning soul - will goPsychology1, 135:mind, lower mind and the egoic intelligent entity) we enter more entirely into the domain of humanPsychology1, 169:the union above referred to takes place, and the entity has become the reincarnating ego, thePsychology1, 183:body will leave a man still a conscious living entity. He will be known to be perpetuating hisPsychology1, 193:indefinitely, and the response of the living entity to contact becomes more vital, morePsychology1, 200:give place to the dynamic will of the spiritual entity, released from form limitations by the firePsychology1, 237:that every kingdom, viewing it as a whole, is an entity, and (from its form side) the sum total ofPsychology1, 237:the sum total of all forms constitutes that entity's body of manifestation. In the last analysisPsychology1, 237:particular kingdom, is an expression of that entity's basic quality or qualities, - the aura ofPsychology1, 237:basic quality or qualities, - the aura of that entity's personality. Two rays govern each kingdomPsychology1, 238:in this evolution of divine life. This living entity has a different objective to the Life whichPsychology1, 240:the use of man, the world of minerals, and the entity which informs that world, are passing throughPsychology1, 240:was made possible by the personality ray of the entity, manifesting through this kingdom,Psychology1, 249:time, the point of evolution of the informing entity. Let me reiterate: The two factors which arePsychology1, See pa:other of the centers in the etheric body of that Entity Who informs an entire kingdom in nature,Psychology1, 309:with the animal kingdom. Man is a living entity, a conscious son of God (a soul) occupying anPsychology1, 318:races, and the pressure exerted in them by the Entity Who informs the human family as a whole, arePsychology1, 318:must look upon humanity itself as an integrated entity, as a Being, as a Life in a form. In thisPsychology1, 320:reflection of divinity we call a man. The human entity is a curious synthesis, on the subjectivePsychology1, 322:within the human physical form of a thinking entity, called by us the Soul, the procedure followedPsychology1, 335:every planet is the incarnation of a Life, of an Entity or Being. That every planet, like a humanPsychology1, 368:not been regarded as an integrated functioning entity. This must and will be changed, and thePsychology1, 415:constitute the heart center in the life of the Entity Who ensouls the animal kingdom. The animalPsychology1, 430:every planet is the incarnation of a Life, or an Entity or Being. That every planet, like a humanPsychology2, 10:appears upon the stage of life. The self-aware entity comes forth into physical incarnation. ThePsychology2, 10:to an ultimate unselfishness. The separative entity begins his preparation for group realization. APsychology2, 53:there is a gradual withdrawal of the indwelling entity. There are many corresponding cycles ofPsychology2, 63:which posit a self, a soul or a spiritual entity, and shows that both groups are dealing withPsychology2, 202:not be posited as a fact. As a definite Self, an entity, informing a body, functioning at variousPsychology2, 327:and not so much upon the indwelling, conscious Entity. The stage of evolution, or of refinement andPsychology2, 334:and the fact that there may be an indwelling entity, seeking to control in some measure the
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