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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENTRUSTED

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Astrology, 169:to pass through the door of initiation and be entrusted with the secrets of life. Only on his kneesAstrology, 493:the seat of power. This task is pre-eminently entrusted to the three great Lives Who functionAutobiography, 274:to the Hierarchy emerges. These disciples, entrusted with the difficult work of launching the newDestiny, 34:the symbolic mission with which their race was entrusted, and they have taken to themselves theDiscipleship1, 177:balanced person can truly meet the need of those entrusted to him to teach or can handle withDiscipleship1, 644:You belong to the new school which is entrusted with the task of producing the new, esotericDiscipleship1, 751:a more valuable asset in the Ashram and is entrusted with specific duties and tasks for which he isDiscipleship2, 597:school. Another disciple, D.H.B., is also entrusted with a share in this special field ofDiscipleship2, 710:own affair. But, my brother, a working disciple entrusted with a definite task by his Master, andDiscipleship2, 711:present appears. Workers will emerge who will be entrusted with wide responsibility, and A.A.B.Externalisation, 192:or party. The objective of those who are entrusted with the straightening out of the world is notExternalisation, 389:meetings field at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritual guidance of the planet andExternalisation, 627:them and for the work with which they have been entrusted? How can the people of the world, the menFire, xii:too great, and the race as yet too selfish to be entrusted with these potencies. Man is already,Fire, 981:words, mantrams and formulas will be entrusted to their care. [982] The laws of speech are the lawsGlamour, 182:intuitives) is recognized as one to whom can be entrusted some revelation, some new impartation ofHealing, 231:used by those Members of the Hierarchy Who were entrusted with the guidance of the race and WhoMagic, 543:requirements must be met if a man is to be entrusted with any measure of understanding of theMeditation, 152:him before the secrets of the Path can safely be entrusted to his care. In meditation he has,Meditation, 263:A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has entrusted to Him, by virtue of work accomplished, certainMeditation, 316:of the students. To these ten teachers will be entrusted the work of grounding the students in thePatanjali, 339:knowledge, certain words and formulas, can be entrusted to him which will, through concentratedPatanjali, 410:or apparent littleness for to each of us is entrusted some part of the plan and we must work itPsychology1, 106:and carry out certain aspects of the Plan as entrusted to the Great Ones, that all true chelas arePsychology1, 335:for humanity, which is yet too selfish to be entrusted with it. THE PLANETS AND RAYS Sacred - RayPsychology2, 722:of that part of the Plan with which he has been entrusted. [723] Certain forces which we (in ourReappearance, 176:them and for the work with which they have been entrusted? How can the people of the world, the menTelepathy, 87:longer the victim of his own personality can be entrusted with so dangerous a cycle of powers. AsTelepathy, 91:then become agents of the divine will and are entrusted with the direction of energies, with the
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