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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENUNCIATION

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Astrology, 631:the angels: "Glory to God in the highest" is the enunciation of its ultimate perfection andBethlehem, 20:will vision the new truths and arrive at a fresh enunciation of the ancient wisdom. Through theBethlehem, 52:[52] Again, every initiation is marked by the enunciation of a Word of Power. The initiate hearsBethlehem, 91:without ideas there would be no history. In the enunciation of a cosmic idea, and in the capacityDiscipleship1, 5:the offering of opportunity and for the right enunciation of the truth but for no more than that.Discipleship1, 8:clearly understood, let us pass on to the enunciation of certain principles and to a considerationDiscipleship1, 299:him and he met each of them in turn with the enunciation of a clear-cut principle, and not with theDiscipleship1, 685:it is his Ashram. In this statement lies the enunciation of a relatively new truth as far as humanDiscipleship2, 173:to the entire world through the medium of his enunciation of it and through its use by theDiscipleship2, 173:out throughout the entire world by means of its enunciation by men everywhere, and its meaning mustDiscipleship2, 238:reality as possible. Therefore, it is in the enunciation of truth that security for all men lies.Discipleship2, 426:right conditions had to be considered before its enunciation was possible. That was the first stepDiscipleship2, 665:I started off in that statement with the enunciation of that which is factual in your life. Let usEducation, 41:and with science definitely committed to the enunciation only of the provable and concerned onlyExternalisation, 341:the sick in mind and the bewildered, and the re-enunciation of the essential spiritual values whichExternalisation, 523:aspirants to the increased stimulation, and the enunciation of certain basic statements. The WorkExternalisation, 572:the important task of destruction, plus the enunciation of principles. They are preparing the wayExternalisation, 662:of the work to be done, and the clear enunciation of the platform upon which the new teaching mustExternalisation, 700:increased livingness will be facilitated by the enunciation of certain basic statements for theFire, 319:This is the birth of the Son. It covers the enunciation of the second syllable of the Sacred Word.Fire, 493:child shall lead them" is largely the esoteric enunciation of the fact that three fifths of theGlamour, 23:of light upon the world problem through His enunciation of the Four Noble Truths. His body ofHealing, 467:death" is spoken, and it is prior to this [467] enunciation of this word that a return to physicalHealing, 501:VI - The Art of Elimination We come now to the enunciation of a new law which is substituted forHealing, 528:above. People, however, are not healed by the enunciation of platitudes, by [529] the affirmationHealing, 536:and form combined. Note: This last law is the enunciation of a new law which is substituted for theHealing, 678:and there pointed out that this "last law is an enunciation of a new law which is substituted forInitiation, 27:and so, but the dictum of another person and the enunciation of a theory do not aid beyond givingInitiation, 38:occult books. Yet in the wise and careful enunciation of collected facts, and their correlationInitiation, 147:Logos of our scheme to the scheme itself. The enunciation of a solemn undertaking never to revealInitiation, 155:the expansion of the basic words, from their enunciation by cosmic entities down to theInitiation, 164:solar system. Each secret deals with, and is the enunciation of, one of the seven laws of nature.Psychology1, 4:the meantime let us concentrate upon the clear enunciation of the truth anent the rays, and seek toPsychology1, 17:phrase which means little except the enunciation of a truth, incapable of proof. Everything is anPsychology1, 29:formulate the new religion and arrive at a fresh enunciation of ancient truth. Through the lens ofPsychology1, 287:present views on marriage, preparatory to the enunciation of certain hidden principles which willPsychology2, 9:the personality. This statement is a true enunciation of the goal for the disciple. The initiatePsychology2, 678:aims of a selfish and ambitious kind, and the enunciation of those principles which must and willRays, 124:of Life, and also that it embodies an enunciation of the basic fact of hylozoism. The Rule runs asRays, 226:integral part of the Hierarchy. This means the enunciation of a dual chord. The stage of respondingReappearance, 131:Him; He met each of them in turn with the enunciation of a clear-cut principle and not with the
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