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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENVELOPS

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Fire, 973:slow vibrating or pulsating fog or cloak which envelops the human family, and which produces muchFire, 1064:aware of the attractive nature of that which envelops it on all sides, and becomes conscious of theGlamour, 72:of human values. This fog, this glamor which envelops humanity at this time must be realized as aGlamour, 96:"reality which shines under the envelope which envelops it" - as the Old Commentary calls it - thatGlamour, 269:seen no more as of old. The light of the Angel envelops it; the burning ground has done its workIntellect, 190:[190] single absolute Reality), it pervades all, envelops all, and illumines all." - Guénon, René,Magic, 487:and wave of love for the party implicated, that envelops the thought-form and sends it back to theRays, 763:goal. See shining far ahead [763] the glory that envelops and the light that naught can dim. SeizeRays, 769:left save iridescent fire. Three times the fire envelops, three times the sun recedes; at time theSoulwhich descends from the central hope of the self envelops the body; it becomes a city of meanings,Telepathy, 115:mind that the potency of the magnetic aura which envelops all human beings is to be found at
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