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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENVIRONING

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Astrology, 51:plus inherited karmic conditions, produces those environing states and those circumstances whichAstrology, 208:and clarity that there is no escape from the environing conclusions of the disciple's family,Astrology, 237:lines. Crime will be stamped out when the environing conditions in which children live areAstrology, 293:away from the "one who stands alone" to the environing group, and an equally important shift awayAstrology, 295:factor instead of sensitivity to the environing world as the conditioning factor; The spiritualAstrology, 323:in mind the need to respond sensitively to the environing conditions and circumstance, the soulAstrology, 493:problem of response to and interpretation of the environing contacts is one which is to be found onAstrology, 493:cosmically aware; it is driven by need and environing cosmic circumstance to develop love-wisdomAtom, 62:due course of time - liberating itself from the environing form in order to acquire one more suitedBethlehem, 89:can be aroused and we shall thus awaken to our environing responsibilities when we study anew theBethlehem, 94:to sunlight, to warmth and cold, and to other environing climatic conditions; the animal kingdomBethlehem, 246:of moods and feelings and sentient reactions to environing condition, hold sway over us again.Discipleship1, 27:the emphasis of the non-essential. The glamor of environing conditions, leading frequently to aDiscipleship1, 47:to misunderstandings, your dislike of your environing conditions, your hurt pride and qualities ofDiscipleship1, 138:futility where making any major impression upon environing conditions is concerned. It is inDiscipleship1, 149:individual equipment than it has to do with your environing conditions. It is in these conditionsDiscipleship1, 175:outer work. But this trained responsiveness to environing conditions, leading, as I have said, toDiscipleship1, 201:your entire personality makes to your outer environing conditions. That response produces an outerDiscipleship1, 301:this should not be. It is all a part of the environing illusion. What matters it if each knows theDiscipleship1, 391:lies a subtle distinction) not from release from environing conditions and responsibilities. WhatDiscipleship1, 395:over many years) of strain, incident to environing conditions, much monotony in his life outlineDiscipleship1, 420:of the Wesak Festival. A good deal of immediate environing testing. An increased and increasingDiscipleship1, 420:an increased reticence in thought anent your environing conditions. This involves two subsidiaryDiscipleship1, 458:to it all that it needs but be not anxious. Your environing circumstances and the pressure of yourDiscipleship1, 483:- the drama of life as lived by yourself, your environing associates, and also the nations of theDiscipleship1, 493:of life (a roof, food and warmth) and your environing conditions with those which today faceDiscipleship1, 521:By remembering, my brother, that though the environing conditions may remain relatively the same,Discipleship1, 538:it will not produce any outer change in your environing relationships. Your outer obligations andDiscipleship1, 689:at the same time, produce an effect upon the environing world of men because of a strong innerDiscipleship1, 690:because they are not divorced from the environing All. They are active focal points for the ForcesDiscipleship1, 697:to the response of the material mechanism to its environing material world - the three worlds ofDiscipleship2, 600:loyalties and characteristics, acquired through environing circumstance. Is this too hard a lessonDiscipleship2, 601:tied up with your racial inheritance and your environing circumstances), you are constantly awareDiscipleship2, 617:lesson: the lesson of standing free from all environing limitations, whilst steadily giving loveDiscipleship2, 643:his knowledge of this plan to the immediate environing [644] situation and is strenuouslyDiscipleship2, 644:own personal life. In many cases, such as yours, environing conditions and chosen associates tendDiscipleship2, 644:life service. This is true in spite of karma or environing conditions. It is not a choice of theDiscipleship2, 688:must themselves initiate; these may not touch environing outer conditions, but concern innerDiscipleship2, 690:of your personal relationships or your personal environing circumstances. All that I have saidEducation, 7:that which is impressed by, and is sensitive to, environing conditions, but is under the control ofEducation, 19:in other lives, and the effect of reaction to environing conditions. The increasing of soulEducation, 26:steadily expanding range of contacts within the environing whole. The sutratma is the direct streamEducation, 28:been reached, the sensitive feeling-out into the environing universe still continues. Man weaves aEducation, 94:The man as a member of the human family, and his environing world. You will note from this thatExternalisation, 189:the past twenty years has proved the effects of environing mental attitudes. These boys who rollExternalisation, 205:and dealing factually with circumstance and environing conditions. It must be realized that theExternalisation, 656:the struggle for freedom and liberation from environing conditions. This may express itself as theFire, 78:cellular matter, and concern its adjustment to environing conditions; they concern likewise theFire, 220:certain speed. [220] It acts and reacts upon its environing atoms. It adds its quota to the generalFire, 273:sound which will demonstrate objectively as environing circumstances. In other words, [274] theFire, 479:rapidly and surpasses the external heat of its environing. The atom radiates. The spheroidal wallFire, 624:internal) of the solar system itself, and of its environing space. It might be regarded as theFire, 1214:of the individual with himself and with his environing units, and his realization of the essentialFire, 1216:the primary realizations by any atom of its environing contacts, and the going out, or feelingGlamour, 70:by those who have liberated themselves from the environing mists and passed on into a world ofGlamour, 71:your way: Each human being stands in an environing world of glamor which is the result of: His ownGlamour, 85:in the animal nature or in the world and the environing circumstances in which he finds himself.Glamour, 86:to, and draws its energy from a type of general environing prana, until such time as there is aGlamour, 119:sensitivity to existing world, national, or environing thought-forms of any school of thought, idéeHealing, 18:diseases and many causes of death are due to environing conditions for which he is in no wayHealing, 74:or unrecognized, has been established. From the environing world to which the vehicles of the soulHealing, 150:of being and of expression, to ray energies, to environing conditions, to the three periodicalHealing, 518:to and suited to the period, race and the environing conditions wherein the creating soul choosesHealing, 559:the consciousness which expresses itself in that environing area of conscious substance. We areHealing, 563:incarnations or developed as a result of environing group, national or planetary karma. There is noInitiation, 102:and thereby call forth from all his [102] environing associates a recognition that will show itselfInitiation, 130:sun, and of which our physical sun is but the environing shield and envelope. The Rod of the cosmicInitiation, 197:a just sense of proportion, a due regard for environing conditions, and a sane common sense are theInitiation, 206:kind, and by [206] the example he sets to his environing associates of spiritual living and moralIntellect, 43:condition of his mind, plus the nature of his environing circumstances, so will be his characterIntellect, 209:a chaotic situation which makes all vision of environing peace and quiet utterly out of theMagic, 4:exact details of unimportant personalities, and environing conditions. Magic, 77:is connected also with the etheric body of the environing system. Note that in this lies the basisMagic, 78:Their proximity, continuously magnetize the environing ether. This in itself affords another lineMagic, 103:upon those whom one contacts and upon one's environing associates. May I interpolate here theMagic, 147:and space.) Later, when the vibration of the environing forms of the natural world becomesMagic, 264:suffering, of frequent clashing with the environing circumstances, of numerous friendships made andMagic, 396:stages, plus a growing intellectual grasp of environing conditions. The stage of responsibility toMagic, 448:of these kama-manasic forms and not by his environing associates. The moment that the mind factorMagic, 465:and tendencies which cause the situation and environing circumstances. In this realization lies hidMagic, 534:various appearances or aspects; they produce the environing forms, and they lead the imprisonedMagic, 551:history of the Creator and the life story and environing conditions of every human being. TheyMagic, 556:human individual is free from impression by his environing impulses? He has to recognize theMagic, 588:all around the centers and is dealing with their environing matter and with the living substanceMeditation, 17:for those he personally loves, of all for his environing associates, and thus on and up till all isMeditation, 20:his consciousness to include a just part of his environing [21] circumstances. But, though ofMeditation, 24:himself, of a wild unreasoning devotion for his environing associates, and of an equally wild andMeditation, 90:gained anent the bodies and the karma, of environing associates solely for their wise assistanceMeditation, 95:of the man's mind and the thoughts of his environing associates) so that the mental egg is coloredMeditation, 122:Instead of making it firmly positive to environing factors and to all lower contacts, and insteadMeditation, 133:transpires without. We are so apt to look out at environing circumstances, whether physical, astralMeditation, 144:until it embraces: Its family and friends. Its environing associates. Its affiliated groups. ItsMeditation, 149:of life, paying no attention whatsoever to the environing sheaths. He works along the path of fire.Meditation, 347:foreground of his life and in the details of his environing work will cause accuracy in theMeditation, 349:once enjoyed, and the approbation of his environing associates, provided his inner sense of contactProblems, 86:of the point reached in evolution, of unfair environing conditions and of a certain type ofPsychology1, 21:quality and thus presented an appearance to the environing world which will persist for as long aPsychology1, 90:under the pressure of nature's laws, and of environing conditions plus a consistent adaptation toPsychology1, 91:Of the sum total of the united cell life; of the environing [92] group in which a particular formPsychology1, 142:to life, according to its cyclic need and the environing group condition. This latter is determined
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