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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENVIRONMENT

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Fire, 545:objective world; he works upon and through his environment successfully or blindly just in so farFire, 595:surrounding associates, to love of one's entire environment; patriotism gives place later to loveFire, 804:yet he can utilize force, circumstance and environment and can turn them, if he so will, to his ownFire, 855:occult "smell" or aroma is permeating their environment. They are those Egos who have not yetFire, 866:God, produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as a stimulator of both theFire, 928:will also prove of beneficent influence upon his environment. Uttered by an adept or initiate itsFire, 973:are the most active; when an atmosphere or environment of thought-forms of a low key and vitalizedFire, 1070:existing, and how they affect the atoms in their environment. One hint only can here be given.Glamour, 27:aspects. To discover what conditions in the environment or in the individual constitution induceGlamour, 32:reactions and but little emotional response to environment. Men were largely instinctual animals.Glamour, 35:your own individual aura is making upon your environment and how can you improve that effect? ThisGlamour, 35:you look out upon the world and your immediate environment, that you look out through your aura andGlamour, 115:produces around him a field of glamor and an environment of illusion that brings this thirdGlamour, 117:The glamors or glamor already existent in his environment, to which he will easily be attracted, orGlamour, 119:undue sensitivity, reaction to glamor in the environment, innate tendencies to glamor in theGlamour, 154:are inchoate; he works unconsciously in his environment, the victim of circumstance and of his ownGlamour, 192:Just as the result of innate reaction to environment produces the apparatus needed to contact thatGlamour, 192:produces the apparatus needed to contact that environment, so the unfoldment of the powers whichGlamour, 192:Each of these techniques is related to a new environment; each of them eventually develops power inGlamour, 192:into a conscious relationship with a new environment, new states of awareness and new fields ofGlamour, 194:to bear on life, circumstance, events, and on environment with the intuition. The light with whichGlamour, 195:of expression in the vast threefold [195] environment in which it chooses to imprison itself forGlamour, 220:the forms which desire, emotion, sensitivity to environment, developing aspiration and old idealsHealing, 18:through a widespread condition of disease in his environment. Diseases due to malnutrition,Healing, 22:to disease which emerge out of the environment, or with those definitely physical taints which areHealing, 53:which (being imposed upon him from his environment and the period in which he lives) are, for him,Healing, 94:very ancient past, are a constituent part of the environment and of the group life into which theyHealing, 118:past, of taking into consideration the present environment, of reckoning with heredity, and ofHealing, 122:in his relation to those around him. Hence his environment is affected, and consequently his ownHealing, 126:lack of interest in his relationships and environment, and with an intense introspective,Healing, 130:of right rhythm and right contact with the environment. The drawing in of the life breath, theHealing, 140:forces which constitute man's being and form his environment are brought into relation with eachHealing, 141:responsiveness to energy impacts coming from the environment as well as from the inner spiritualHealing, 183:of the indwelling man is adequate to his environment. The synthesis of the life energies of all theHealing, 194:definite effect which the center has upon its environment. This quality is dependent upon the rayHealing, 196:system built up in response to a [196] tangible environment yet holds sway in the West. The idea ofHealing, 226:there will be no true escape for man whilst his environment is still under the shadow of disease.Healing, 247:a temporary cycle, determined by its species and environment, thus resisting successfully anyHealing, 262:inevitability. The concepts of heredity and of environment are efforts to explain existing humanHealing, 310:conditions or of any physical body or physical environment to which such a term could be applied.Healing, 327:above, at this time, climate, world conditions, environment and our civilization militate, and theHealing, 372:within the field of karmic limitation and of environment where your destiny has cast you is allHealing, 394:and the form of our familiar surroundings and environment. Yet this type of love runs counter toHealing, 428:plus the impression it makes upon its environment. The stream of dynamic life. This is anchored inHealing, 446:to the earth and their last setting in the earth environment. They seek desperately and by everyHealing, 490:body, is as much aware and alert to his environment as he was upon the physical plane when alive.Healing, 490:of himself - is sentient to the theme of his environment and of his outgoing desires, or (whereHealing, 492:One determines later the nature of the physical environment in which the returning man will findHealing, 492:It is related to the quality of that future environment and thus conditions the needed field orHealing, 496:provide the needed vehicle of contact with the environment demanded by the incarnating soul. TheyHealing, 514:into the experience of the disciple. His environment is of the highest quality available in theHealing, 523:in the three worlds which constitute his environment when in incarnation. The ten laws which weHealing, 612:which makes knowledge and conscious response to environment possible; it is that which connotes aHealing, 613:spiritual man to life, circumstances, events and environment. The physical body responds. When theHealing, 625:implement the responsiveness of the man to his environment or determine his interpretation of lifeHercules, 37:harm that he can cause in his neighborhood and environment through the brood mares of his mind. HeHercules, 74:of the physical plane and his own particular environment, the still greater confusion of theHercules, 90:the hidden, struggling individual out of his environment of stabilized world condition and makesHercules, 93:aspects of consciousness and of response to environment and to the world in which the human beingHercules, 93:of instinct and of instinctual response to his environment. Instinct is the consciousness of theHercules, 110:as the "capacity of the mind to control its environment by concepts and abstract ideas". WhereHercules, 154:but says, "I am having such a difficult time, my environment is against me, my home conditions areInitiation, 33:of the Lord of the World, and proving to his environment a distributor of the love and wisdom ofInitiation, 77:seeds of the next enterprise, and embodies the environment of the next step forward. Herein liesInitiation, 79:God produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as a stimulator of both theIntellect, 13:a human being comes into contact with his environment. But there are men among us, men who are notIntellect, 27:cope with external facts and with his arbitrary environment? Humanity must be led out and into aIntellect, 33:for we live, each of us, in a different environment; we have each our special problems andIntellect, 34:of man's response apparatus, nor of the environment with which it can put him in touch. What areIntellect, 34:adequate educational advantages, differences in environment and in heritage, other groups ofIntellect, 41:in the highest sense and active in its environment, manifesting its true nature perfectly.Intellect, 42:The mystic is frequently unable to cope with his environment, and where the emphasis is laidIntellect, 43:which he is [43] brought into contact with his environment. Second, according to the caliber of hisIntellect, 54:which enables him to orient himself to his environment during the stages in which his personalityIntellect, 57:feelings. This body reacts to a man's physical environment in response to information received byIntellect, 86:(to the soul on the one hand and to the outer environment on the other) and finally his ability toIntellect, 92:and then are hurled into the abyss of our daily environment, our animal nature and the chaoticIntellect, 126:subconscious," on the active memory, and on the environment, for what is needed to carry forwardIntellect, 127:mind (as he knows it) nor his circumstances and environment seem able to give. This can be calledMagicof truth grasped to the immediate problem and environment, and that the consciousness expandsMagicrealization which produces changes in form and environment commensurate with its power. These threeMagic, 5:in our own peculiar times, state and environment. To do this we will take the Fifteen Rules forMagic, 17:wherein it has [17] been wrestling with its environment - the sum total of the other kingdoms inMagic, 19:to make the man aware of, and sensitive to, his environment. This entire sensory apparatus is thatMagic, 19:quota of vital energy. The energy of the environment in which the individual finds himself andMagic, 20:involving as it does sensitive response to environment, and the apparatus of that response, theMagic, 21:himself; then he sees them in every form in his environment, and finally he learns to relate theseMagic, 21:physical plane life. Correct response to one's environment will result in correct rapport with theMagic, 33:between the physical body involved and the environment, it will be apparent that no approach toMagic, 37:it is that in man which makes him aware of his environment and his group, which enables him to liveMagic, 45:form is not only that which responds to the environment but is the transmitter (from inner sources)Magic, 46:responsiveness to force emanating: [46] From his environment, plus his own outer physical body.Magic, 49:yet spiritual man to be en rapport with his environment. This is carried forward through the mediumMagic, 78:in a prepared atmosphere, in a highly magnetized environment, and in a settled condition which isMagic, 78:which occidental bodies so oft afford. The environment has been long permeated with the strongMagic, 84:fermented foods and drinks, and nurtured in an environment in which fresh air and sunlight are notMagic, 97:thus affecting the three grades of matter in his environment. All the time that he is thus occupiedMagic, 97:active being through his own life and in his own environment. This is only truly possible when aMagic, 98:in the three worlds of a man's immediate environment. Magic, 117:them facts, without previously adjusting the environment to those ideals, comes the frequent
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