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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENVIRONMENT

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Magic, 142:the many voices of the lower nature and of our environment are silenced, will the "Voice thatMagic, 146:of the vibratory aspect of all forms in the environment wherein it, itself, is a functioningMagic, 146:of the Self. Humanity as a whole is aware of its environment and, through the information conveyedMagic, 146:stages: Vibration is registered, and the environment has its effect upon the form. This effect isMagic, 147:awakens to consciousness or awareness. The environment begins to interest the man and he regards itMagic, 202:flux and movement and find their place in an environment of a similar nature. Acting as theMagic, 242:and begin to function as souls in command of our environment. The soul is omniscient andMagic, 262:around the permanent atoms. 2. The Form of the Environment. This is really the evolutionary workingMagic, 263:is alone. But this is only temporary. When the environment satisfies then is the moment of anxiety;Magic, 265:leant (be it friend, Master, doctrine [265] or environment), well may the Initiate cry out: "I amMagic, 281:cell life is responsive to the cell life of the environment. Never let it be forgotten that theMagic, 282:or congenial a physical surrounding or environment, for instance. It is that undefinable reactionMagic, 301:to the earth and their last setting in the earth environment. They seek desperately and by everyMagic, 304:future and the destiny of others in their environment. It is possible also for the more advancedMagic, 305:so many worthy people. This can be based upon an environment which is uncongenial andMagic, 307:most sensitive; they in their turn affect their environment and gradually a momentum is establishedMagic, 337:of energies and forces emanating from an outer environment. These are the energies of a widerMagic, 343:lies either in your own personality or in your environment. Thus poise will be attained. It liesMagic, 370:[370] well being, of contentment with one's environment or surrounding personalities, or ofMagic, 370:when ill-health makes its pressure felt, as the environment is difficult and the "accumulated karmaMagic, 394:to visualize oneself as the center of one's environment. The sense of responsibility and theMagic, 414:fellowmen and of their thoughts and conditioning environment. It is a group that has no exotericMagic, 534:germ of sentiency or of sensitive response to environment may be fostered in the living unit. WeMagic, 554:away". He will need to consider also that his environment is the result of the work of an aggregateMagic, 559:hindrances of physical nature, of heredity and environment, of character, of time and conditions,Magic, 577:planetary or cosmic currents to be found in his environment. This is done unconsciously frequentlyMagic, 581:and the world of our peculiar circumstances and environment. Magic, 603:as a worker under the plan, to influence his environment and to clothe the new ideals in thatMagic, 633:is no clear vision the voice of their chosen environment and the voice of the inner group of worldMagic, 636:and mental) do have a potent effect on his environment and on the people he seeks to help, and alsoMeditation, 15:an inner center to include the entourage, the environment, the allied souls, and the affiliatedMeditation, 48:and the ability to dissociate the self from the environment that matters, and not so much theMeditation, 63:It drives away discordant factors in the near environment. Meditation, 72:recurring adaptations of the microcosm to its environment, to its need and to the macrocosm. ItMeditation, 82:of violent conflict both internally and with the environment, intense and apparent darkness andMeditation, 91:wrongly used, may result in disaster to his environment as well as to himself. Only as heMeditation, 91:from the karma of the pupil, and from his environment. These also may be enumerated under threeMeditation, 96:to the thought-forms circulating in its environment. The force of the Ego will circulate throughoutMeditation, 99:ovoid positive to all that is lower and to its environment and only receptive to the Spirit via theMeditation, 115:incidental but are not the goal. His immediate environment and his close associates on the physicalMeditation, 117:[117] His associates and friends; the people his environment throws him with, his businessMeditation, 194:will affect the surrounding country and environment. It will cause corresponding stimulation in allMeditation, 208:the pupil. On groups and on group work. On the environment. The application of color: InMeditation, 232:the groups with which he is affiliated. On his environment. The point I seek specially to emphasizeMeditation, 236:VII - The Use of Color and Sound Effect on the Environment As regards our third point, the effectMeditation, 236:third point, the effect of all the above on the environment, it will be obvious at once to theMeditation, 236:to the careful student that the effect upon the environment will be noticeable, especially as moreMeditation, 299:which brings the product of many minds into the environment of the very poor, the ability of all toMeditation, 300:leaders who make their impress on their environment, then mayhap will come the time for theMeditation, 312:with the world; the other demands necessarily an environment of comparative seclusion and freedomMeditation, 313:this book will be applied. This necessitates an environment wherein many and varied human contactsMeditation, 337:desire. It contacts every whim and fancy in its environment; every current sets it in motion; everyPatanjali, 22:processes which correlate the man with his environment, through the medium of the senses and thePatanjali, 125:form. He can begin practically to do this in the environment and in the place where he is. He canPatanjali, 130:aware of himself as he is and conscious of his environment. As this environment is triplePatanjali, 130:he is and conscious of his environment. As this environment is triple (physical, astral and mental)Patanjali, 133:man, has various instruments for contacting his environment and thus becoming increasingly aware:Patanjali, 149:necessitate present conditions both of heredity, environment and type of body, and the form, bothPatanjali, 161:and their true significance in his own immediate environment and in his own tiny world, through thePatanjali, 164:infinitesimal part. Man's tiny world, his small environment and contacts, exist for the sake of thePatanjali, 172:of human endeavor. [172] When this is so the new environment becomes familiar to him so that hePatanjali, 174:and to search where (in the group and in his environment), what he seeks may lie. He awakens to aPatanjali, 182:meditation, his emotional attitude towards his environment or his group, and his mental attitudePatanjali, 187:(or karma) in the place, surroundings and environment where fate has put one. Certain governingPatanjali, 188:from impurities coming to them from their environment, just as the physical body must be keptPatanjali, 211:3. His soul or ego fiery aspiration, 4. Environment and physical plane contacts spiritual reading,Patanjali, 221:so as to produce certain magnetic results in his environment, and to awaken his centers so thatPatanjali, 265:or of the relationship of the object to its environment. 1. Characteristics of the form. In thisPatanjali, 276:of forms which are to be found in its environment. The trained seer has learnt to dissociate thatPatanjali, 278:time of his meditation, Those in his immediate environment, Those of his present family, group andPatanjali, 365:of the conscious response of all forms to their environment, esoteric and unseen, produces thePatanjali, 400:of the form to inner influence, and to outer environment. The other concerns tendencies, impulsesPatanjali, 403:we build our own world, and create our own environment. The inference, therefore, is that (givenPatanjali, 407:forms and the way he builds and creates his own environment and colors his own life. He constructsPatanjali, 427:which are the result of ignorance, blindness, environment and activity have been done away with;Problems, 30:and conditioned by their background, race and environment? Will they be willing to leave each otherProblems, 37:a comfortable and if possible a beautiful [37] environment; all the products of nature have beenProblems, 37:setting and in his particular vocational environment. Reading, writing and elementary arithmeticProblems, 51:inadequate in fitting men to cope with their environment; we must develop the new attitudes andProblems, 51:enable the youth of the world to contact their environment with intelligence and sanity, and adaptProblems, 54:social position, his national conditioning, his environment and his individual mental and emotionalProblems, 90:men are subject to the same reactions to their environment, to the same pain, to the same joys, toProblems, 103:observances which separate him off from his environment and make him non-assimilable. These mustProblems, 104:or consideration of the Gentile [104] environment to which they ceaselessly make appeal, profferingProblems, 109:ahead of the many who today condition the environment and the circumstances of the Negro. We mightProblems, 119:goodwill and find the men of like mind in their environment. The work of the men of goodwill is anProblems, 131:and spiritual force. The challenge of its environment is great and it cannot be reactionary as canProblems, 133:interiorly repudiate the materialism in their environment and see little hope for humanity in thePsychology1, 17:a form of sensitive awareness and of response to environment, and therefore a form of consciousPsychology1, 27:these three produces conscious response to the environment, regarding the environment as composedPsychology1, 27:response to the environment, regarding the environment as composed of the sum total of all lives,Psychology1, 45:sensitive machines, responsive to an enveloping environment. This is true of all [46] forms, fromPsychology1, 53:and capacity to react to vibration and to environment. This is the soul as it expresses itself inPsychology1, 58:a sensory apparatus, registering reaction to the environment; there is a consciousness of moods, ofPsychology1, 58:with the Deity that this sensory response to environment provides the entire basis for astrologyPsychology1, 90:in the parental germ, and the conditions of the environment, added to heredity and education, arePsychology1, 110:when brought into touch with the forces of his environment. Aspirants should endeavor to makePsychology1, 118:and animal mechanisms, of his reactions to his environment and of his sensitive apparatus; we havePsychology1, 119:of quality, character, personality, and the environment. We have learnt much, therefore, about thatPsychology1, 130:growth in knowledge. Consciousness, awareness of environment, and the development of instruments
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