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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EPISODE

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Astrology, 64:governs the degree of M .*. M .*. up to the episode of the raising of the Master, and thatAstrology, 315:itself in the Cosmic Crucifixion, which is an episode of cosmic life and not of death, as isAstrology, 581:facility and understanding. Hence we have the episode in Gethsemane. It is not easy for me toAutobiography, 30:took up with me concerned a shockingly naughty episode in my life. She wanted to know whether IAutobiography, 44:not knowing whether to be flattered or hurt. The episode, however, indicates not only [45] theAutobiography, 59:on its way. I never heard the end of that episode from the artillery men. They spread the reportAutobiography, 74:to bring the matter up or was I just clever? The episode happened: I did not intentionally plan it.Autobiography, 83:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II The next episode took place in Quetta. I made up my mind that itAutobiography, 117:I will not enlarge upon the difficulty of that episode. Those who have children will understand. IAutobiography, 212:must not be seen as an isolated event but as an episode in a series of lives. What is working outBethlehem, 13:stream," and there is in the life of Jesus an episode which we call the "baptism in Jordan." TheBethlehem, 65:and in tradition, we can throw much light on the episode itself and unveil some of its hiddenBethlehem, 75:is dismissed in a very few words. Only one episode is related, and that is the one in which Jesus,Bethlehem, 79:How can we sum up the significance of that episode in terms of practical individual application?Bethlehem, 79:of practical individual application? Has this episode any personal significance? What are theBethlehem, 97:of initiation. There is also to be found in this episode an interesting analogy to what isBethlehem, 101:in the three names which appear together in this episode - John, Jesus and Christ - the whole storyBethlehem, 107:- The Baptism in Jordan III. In this intimate episode in the life of Jesus Christ we are givenBethlehem, 151:of all time to the revelation of light. This episode is the first one in which we contact theBethlehem, 158:of Jesus Christ. We have looked on at this episode through the eyes of others. Peter and James andBethlehem, 159:crises in the life of Jesus Christ, this third episode is called the "hut" initiation, and theBethlehem, 160:this time, "Hear ye him." At the first great episode, God the Father, of Whom the Initiator is theBethlehem, 175:has always been the outstanding, dramatic episode upon which the entire structure of ChristianBethlehem, 217:the Cross we have the recognition of the Baptism episode, which signified purity and releaseBethlehem, 218:we come to the extraordinary and much debated episode between Christ and His mother, summed up inBethlehem, 219:Words. One always hesitates to intrude upon this episode in His life, because it is one of theBethlehem, 231:know very much. The detail of the Resurrection episode, or crisis, in Christ's life is left untoldBethlehem, 242:deaths are but the prelude for the stupendous episode of dying. Death brings us release - temporaryBethlehem, 249:according to reason. The bodily life is but an episode in the eternal career of the soul, whichBethlehem, 257:to Calvary, and through the Resurrection to the episode wherein He disappeared from tangibleDiscipleship1, 209:count; I would ask you to perfect each life episode and event (which is only another word for time)Discipleship1, 383:snapped. This can be done before this life episode closes, leaving you thus free in your next lifeDiscipleship1, 602:of intrigue received a bad blow during the episode of glamor in the early spring. But the formsDiscipleship2, 146:consciousness. Sound the OM, thus "closing the episode." Close the above meditation with a dailyDiscipleship2, 503:death experience. He must endeavor to close the episode of this life experience so that it isDiscipleship2, 594:person to really know him. You may remember the episode when the Master M. was at one time asked toDiscipleship2, 617:concept or idea behind the apparently peculiar episode in the life of the Christ where heExternalisation, 343:facility and understanding. Hence we have the episode in Gethsemane. It is not easy for me toHealing, 319:enough to carry it through the process and the episode of abstraction. When that consciousness hasHealing, 351:truly is. Death, therefore, is referred to as an episode, and as a transitional point in a vastHealing, 402:upon the activities of this present life episode and accounts in no way for the distinctions andHealing, 406:of the second initiation. It is then a complete episode and is consciously registered. Between theHealing, 446:oft is unaware that he has passed through the episode of death. For the wicked and cruelly selfish,Healing, 519:upon the Mount of Transfiguration. That episode depicts symbolically the radiant soul, and also theHealing, 671:the exponent of evil to retreat. This triple episode is symbolically related, but is factual inHercules, 21:This is the problem of all disciples. The next episode in his career is his marriage and the birthHercules, 34:and ultimately brings about the final episode of resurrection. Thus Vishnu or Christ embodies theMagic, 301:is unaware that he has passed [301] through the episode of death. For the wicked and cruellyPsychology1, 268:sex caused it to be regarded as an unmentionable episode, and as a topic to be shunned by decentPsychology1, 398:back with a latent and dim recollection of the episode which separated them from three of theirPsychology2, 565:of psychical realization), they interpret some episode, which they may have clairvoyantlyRays, 86:of the monadic force is indicated at the Baptism episode; secondly, the destroyer aspect can beRays, 86:of the Temple from the top to the bottom. The episode which indicates the energy of organizationRays, 86:"Not my will but Thine be done." This final episode is closely related to the consciously expressedRays, 193:through the Great Renunciation or Crucifixion episode, a great and major rending took place. TheRays, 314:underwent the Crucifixion subsequent to this episode, but [315] that it was the Master Jesus WhoRays, 315:behind Him in the experience of the Christ. The episode of renunciation was a high point in theRays, 355:not the Master Jesus, except in the one brief episode wherein He appeared to Mary, weeping outsideRays, 662:important crises. An initiation is a culminating episode, made possible because of theReappearance, 29:it had no real relation to the Crucifixion episode, as the orthodox commentators emphasize. TheReappearance, 80:With His twelve disciples, He enacted a dramatic episode which epitomizes the work which He wouldReappearance, 81:for us - down the centuries - a prophetic episode, the interpretation of which is possible of
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