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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EPISODES

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Astrology, 462:time and the events in space which lead to those episodes in the life of the soul wherein forceAstrology, 476:24 in all and in these are to be found the "24 episodes which mark the Cross of Life." From theAutobiography, 20:it would tell me much, remind me of people and episodes and help me to trace my spiritualAutobiography, 81:doubts began creeping into my mind and three episodes in my life began to assume engrossing mentalAutobiography, 85:was untrue, what else was false? These three episodes threw my mind into the most violentAutobiography, 238:to trace the significance of the five major episodes in the life of the Christ - the birth,Bethlehem, 9:This myth divides itself into five great episodes: The Birth at Bethlehem. The Baptism in Jordan.Bethlehem, 11:Dr. Campbell Morgan. Taking the five major episodes in the life of the Savior, around which theBethlehem, 13:and understanding of these five outstanding episodes, and in their practical and uniqueBethlehem, 34:standpoint of the individual, and study those episodes related in the Gospel story which vitallyBethlehem, 43:importance. In the life of Christ there are episodes which represent great points of attainment,Bethlehem, 116:is written." These two phrases link all three episodes and give the clue to the whole process. TheBethlehem, 137:- purification and self-sacrifice. In these five episodes the whole story of initiation is told;Bethlehem, 159:in His life history, and in the five Gospel episodes. More and more men will pass through the birthBethlehem, 217:in [217] Christ." The parallels between the two episodes are significant. The ignorance,Bethlehem, 219:me?" Christ had passed through all the climaxing episodes of adjustment. The TransfigurationBethlehem, 235:Again and again we have found that the three episodes related in the Gospel story are not isolatedBethlehem, 239:portraying upon the canvas of the Gospels the episodes of unfoldment so that all who live may knowDestiny, 151:speech. It is significant that two important episodes are related in the final part of the GospelDiscipleship1, 253:and not from an accumulated series of life episodes. This thought warrants your carefulDiscipleship1, 267:for these cycles to be more than transient episodes. I am not proposing to change your meditationDiscipleship1, 733:the New Age - these dreams and visions, these episodes of symbolic teaching, these contacts withDiscipleship2, 398:Monad. The significance of these "destructive episodes which produce the freeing of the prisoner ofEducation, 71:to past racial unfoldments and to ancient racial episodes will prove of interest and of import, andExternalisation, 110:distant that no modern historian recognizes its episodes. Information anent this ancient periodExternalisation, 525:eventually, when complete, to those volcanic episodes and those basic earthquakes which will changeHealing, 406:speaking in the larger sense, three major death episodes. There is, first of all, the constantHercules, 4:symbolic in nature, and passed through certain episodes and events which portray for all time theHercules, 5:the Path of Initiation, which are the climaxing episodes for which the twelve labors have preparedHercules, 208:in character, and that he passed through certain episodes and events which portray, for all time,Psychology2, 330:been mentioned in connection with such episodes in human history as those occurring at the time ofPsychology2, 433:usually been the so-called recovery of dramatic episodes which feed the innate sense ofPsychology2, 497:to the surface of his consciousness forgotten episodes and his dream life. Two important facts arePsychology2, 557:before his eyes; he identified himself with the episodes depicted and knew no difference betweenRays, 89:but it has always expressed itself through two episodes: One of them, the first, reveals the ChristRays, 93:which can be put upon the events and episodes in the career of Jesus the Christ. The underlyingRays, 93:unattended, unafraid and in His Own right." The episodes refer to happenings in the life of Jesus.Rays, 353:In the Gospel story there are two major episodes in the life of the Master Jesus which throw someRays, 355:outside the door of the sepulchre. The other episodes are universal in their implications, asRays, 704:Christian theologians have made three distinct episodes out of these two initiations, but this has
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