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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EPOCH

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Autobiography, 230:The New Group of World Servers. This was epoch making in its significance though only a few peopleBethlehem, 240:from the Divine - whether at the level of the epoch-creating prophet or of the simple personDiscipleship2, 372:at this time - or at any one time or particular epoch in time and space. Let us now consider theseExternalisation, 492:a revelation as that of radioactivity or the epoch-making event announced this week concerning theFire, 159:it stands for them all at the prime or earliest epoch of manifestation. It stands finally for aFire, 828:when this is the case it marks a very momentous epoch; a dual work has been consummated in theHealing, 583:I wonder sometimes if any of you realize the epoch-making importance of the teaching which I haveInitiation, 28:to say that in the middle of the Lemurian epoch, approximately eighteen million years ago, occurredMagic, 269:between matter and substance, the lesson of this epoch will be grasped. Other lessons will be leftMagic, 350:The world's karma engulfs each of you at this epoch. If you could but realize it, the time isPsychology1, 166:may have been dominated by the fifth subray; the epoch of the Flagellants and other fanaticalPsychology1, 166:representing the third subray; while the earlier epoch of the Gnostics may have been the outcome ofPsychology1, 298:often forgotten. There are always those at every epoch in human history who are able to solve thePsychology2, 22:is the correspondence in man to the Lemurian epoch and to the period of pure infancy. The qualityPsychology2, 55:the mind and brain of man during any particular epoch. It might, therefore, be thought that thesePsychology2, 273:and we learn later the amazing nature of the epoch through which the race is passing, will humanityPsychology2, 718:things: 1. That this crisis is imminent and of epoch-making effects for two reasons. The workRays, 236:and the forces of evil. This has been an epoch of crisis, and the great moment for which theTelepathy, 134:the planetary heart center, a new era or "divine epoch" will be instituted. The Avatar of Synthesis
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