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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUAL

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Astrology, 69:energy of the various constellations change with equal steadiness and allowance must be made forAstrology, 157:This is the "need for green," but the Goat is equal also to climbing to the mountain top. This isAstrology, 181:function as either at any desired moment with equal facility. This takes place upon the Path ofAstrology, 429:and other forms of logoic expression of equal importance to their own. There is, in truth, aAstrology, 485:to the good of humanity. Aquarius is - with equal potency - affecting the world disciples andAstrology, 599:at which spirit and matter are balanced and co-equal. That is the reason why human perfection isAtom, 43:say with reverence, God, the scientist with equal reverence would say, Energy; yet they would bothAtom, 44:of "God [44] within" the human form, others with equal accuracy would speak of the "energizingAtom, 111:which is neither negative nor positive, but an equal balance between the two. In the EasternAtom, 155:ago, and so perhaps, after all, there may be an equal amount of truth in their teaching about theAutobiography, 103:and nothing in my life had tended to throw me on equal terms with those not of my own caste. I hadAutobiography, 105:most carefully saw to it that the Negro was not equal. Things are better in the North than in theAutobiography, 195:of into my own group. I looked at him with equal astonishment and told him that in the ArcaneAutobiography, 220:the U.S. was a Negro woman and they stand with equal importance to me in my consciousness and IAutobiography, 220:me in my consciousness and I think of them with equal affection. Autobiography, 242:a cosmopolitan crowd and heard him switch with equal facility to half a dozen different languages.Autobiography, 269:The head and the heart are regarded as of equal importance and as equally divine. It is with theAutobiography, 282:but a keen, alert and trained mind is of equal importance. The Masters reach the world of menBethlehem, 20:influences must surely be destined to produce equal effects, not only in the realm of physicalBethlehem, 106:but this he cannot do until he has become their equal in their knowledge." (The Recovery of Truth,Bethlehem, 107:of an ancient past of test and trial) our equal in all points - of sin, of weakness and of humanBethlehem, 171:honor, the reverend Teacher of the world. None equal Thee; how could any be greater? even in theBethlehem, 202:are regarded as free from sin, and men acting in equal ignorance should likewise be so regarded.Bethlehem, 227:on earth, wherein all God's children would have equal opportunity of expressing themselves as sonsDestiny, 33:of energy, beating upon the forms of life with equal force, but also that the energy of humanityDiscipleship1, 21:strength, bearing ever in mind that you are equal to more effort and to greater strain than everDiscipleship1, 95:and his presented opportunities with equal dispassion. Undoubtedly all disciples, you among them,Discipleship1, 137:and the weaknesses must be recognized with equal readiness. Among those whom I have been trainingDiscipleship1, 170:own reaction to this. Learn to register with equal sensitivity the mass of the world idealisms andDiscipleship1, 223:and difficult one for [223] you but you are equal to the task your soul assigned. It will remain soDiscipleship1, 252:not an easy task but it is one to which you are equal. Earlier I definitely laid the foundation forDiscipleship1, 254:you or see them crumble to nothingness with equal equanimity, then your field of service canDiscipleship1, 265:radiation could well be doubled and is not yet equal to the power latent within you. The mantramDiscipleship1, 279:free. For you there must be the lesson of the equal divinity of form and of form building, with theDiscipleship1, 379:not easy for you to be one among the many - all equal, all working as one, all engrossed with theDiscipleship1, 423:towards the world of men is again - for you - an equal necessity. In this way a closer integrationDiscipleship1, 434:and their power are great. Others work (with equal power) from a quiet center of relativeDiscipleship1, 434:and they wield, if I may again repeat myself, an equal force. For them comes the practice of thatDiscipleship1, 548:expression and of contact are spiritual and of equal importance to the observing, contacting soul.Discipleship1, 612:in other fields of hierarchical activity - of equal importance to be sure, but not the work toDiscipleship1, 646:forcing process - you can start on an equal basis. I am giving you no set meditation work until myDiscipleship2, 26:- that you subject your subtle bodies to six equal points of spiritual stimulation and that you doDiscipleship2, 73:in the morning sunrise. The uplifted hand. The equal four-armed cross. The open door. The triangleDiscipleship2, 103:Essentially and potentially all the Ashrams are equal, and their quality is not competitive; all ofDiscipleship2, 104:for instance, attract to him other Masters of equal rank as his Own. I have five Masters workingDiscipleship2, 192:the horizontal life of service is preserved with equal care and that there is a constant stream ofDiscipleship2, 216:the world religions and the heart of man bear equal testimony. 6. Invocation and Evocation. ThisDiscipleship2, 330:group of disciples within the Ashram who are of equal development with the new disciple, act as aDiscipleship2, 489:with care and would ask you to study them with equal care. I would like also to formulate yourDiscipleship2, 512:releasing others. You need now to demonstrate an equal selflessness upon the plane of aspirationDiscipleship2, 524:all your group brothers are handling problems equal in difficulty to yours; proffer richDiscipleship2, 673:accorded when love and wisdom are balanced and equal. This is not so, in your case as yet, and IEducation, 43:one world with two aspects. He moves with equal freedom in both worlds, and with simultaneity asEducation, 63:the spiritual curriculum? They deem it to be of equal if not of greater importance than theEducation, 87:when men everywhere are regarded in reality as equal; when boys [88] and girls are taught that itExternalisation, 78:time, be a realization by the Jew and Gentile of equal responsibility and equal liability for theExternalisation, 78:the Jew and Gentile of equal responsibility and equal liability for the present world difficulty.Externalisation, 131:vastly divergent elements and yet to present equal opportunity to all. This is brought about veryExternalisation, 190:be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goal but that all are atExternalisation, 241:correct human relations, upon the recognition of equal educational opportunities for all men, forExternalisation, 258:and of non-aggression can see their goal with equal clarity and are equally and uniformly unitedExternalisation, 272:the loud emphatic affirmation that "all men are equal." "Fraternity" is something that humanityExternalisation, 304:of the men of goodwill. A Messenger or Avatar of equal rank to the Christ in the Hierarchy (orExternalisation, 307:the cooperation of the Christ or of a "kindred, equal soul" with a cosmic Being or Presence, takingExternalisation, 317:I tell you that all of you, together, are equal to the task. [318] I will again write to you andExternalisation, 318:or small, victor or vanquished, of access, on equal terms, to the trade and to the raw materials ofExternalisation, 336:and bring different problems, but you are equal to it and to the task ahead. [337] Success canExternalisation, 377:great and small (with the minorities given equal and proportionate rights) should pursue its ownExternalisation, 379:is the most potent force in the world. It has no equal but has been little used. The gullibility ofExternalisation, 629:when motivated from the spiritual levels, is of equal importance. The large [630] metaphysicalExternalisation, 630:to speak, but an intelligent presentation is of equal importance. The major point to be emphasizedExternalisation, 651:for brotherhood and right human relations, are equal in force, in position and in influence, thenFire, 41:the duration of 994 Maha Yugas, which is equal to 4,294,080,000 Add Sandhis, i.e., intervalsFire, 41:of each Manu, which amount to 6 Maha Yugas, equal to 25,920,000 The total of these reigns andFire, 41:constitute a Kalpa, i.e., one day of Brahma, equal to 4,320,000,000 As Brahma's night is of equalFire, 41:equal to 4,320,000,000 As Brahma's night is of equal duration, one day and night of Brahma willFire, 41:of such days and nights make one year of Brahma, equal to 3,110,400,000,000 100 of such yearsFire, 142:of prakriti, or matter, so as to make it fit, or equal to, the demands and needs of the Spirit.Fire, 160:four. This is the true circle of matter, the equal armed cross of the Holy Spirit, Who is theFire, 294:qualitative life is naturally - under the law - equal to the demand, but this is of secondaryFire, 303:incarnations on the physical plane are not of equal importance, but some are of more moment thanFire, 412:system, so there may be cosmic entities, in rank equal to the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID,Fire, 468:are of high rank in the system, and of position equal to all the ranks and grades of the HierarchyFire, 541:the other two, which practically show forth in equal brilliancy. On the mental plane, the light ofFire, 642:own rulers - certain devas of a development equal to that of the sixth Initiation. The occultFire, 647:and the "Cross of the Holy Spirit," the equal armed Cross, is its symbol. This four-petalled lotusFire, 828:and the fifth is in process of arousement into equal activity. The triangle is in circulatoryFire, 831:energy in any one direction will necessitate an equal expenditure in an opposite. This in terms ofFire, 911:life, remembering that the deva evolution is of equal importance to that of the human. These devasFire, 911:deva Kshiti. He is a deva of rank and power equal to a Chohan of a Ray; He presides over everythingFire, 914:or passed through, the human kingdom, and are of equal rank with certain members of the Hierarchy,Fire, 914:in the white, with a presiding officer of rank equal to a Chohan. The number of the deva evolutionFire, 959:to this ability is added that of utilizing with equal ease the antahkarana (or bridge between theFire, 1037:on their own line of force, lightbringers of equal rank with H. P. B. All revolutionized theFire, 1039:and negate the six other types of impulses, of equal or of more importance, which may emanateFire, 1082:(or third) department. A cyclic tabulation is of equal interest but is of a totally differentFire, 1083:One of the truths less recognized, yet withal of equal importance, is that the entire solar systemFire, 1176:a group who pass with facility and develop with equal facility on the three planets that make aFire, 1183:Maharajahs, their representatives. So is the equal armed Cross formed - and all the wheels ofFire, 1196:a seventh, a synthesis in which the three are equal. A second six would be represented by (AB) C, C
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