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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUALLY

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Astrology, 46:lotus, and with the logoic causal lotus, equally of a twelve-petalled nature. [47] We have,Astrology, 47:of the solar system. This fifth Hierarchy is equally, under the law, a distributor of energy to theAstrology, 134:is little real room for questioning. This is equally true of the science of astrology, for itsAstrology, 153:after the satisfaction of desire, or man, the equally selfish aspirant hunting for the satisfactionAstrology, 162:of the world today and advanced humanity are equally in a state of turmoil. They are being testedAstrology, 169:zodiac that the man learns to pass with [169] equally conscious purpose through the gate ofAstrology, 246:second aspect, whereas it is the third aspect (equally divine and equally important) which must beAstrology, 246:it is the third aspect (equally divine and equally important) which must be invoked and evoked.Astrology, 256:cycle in solar system one, whilst Virgo is an equally advanced expression of the second half. In anAstrology, 293:stands alone" to the environing group, and an equally important shift away from selfish interestsAstrology, 341:aeons, form controls and hides the soul. This is equally true in regard to the fluid psychicAstrology, 351:facility in relation to humanity, but it applies equally to all forms in all kingdoms of nature andAstrology, 367:later and more advanced stages it leads to an equally fluid but analytical understanding of men andAstrology, 445:Humanity. 2.Humanity and its karma, for it is equally essential that the laws for the transmutationAstrology, 491:and active. Ray VI - as might be expected, is equally expressive and effective. 4. Five of theAstrology, 505:discussion of these unknown divine attributes be equally meaningless to you. All that you canAstrology, 586:be overcome and that is by the opposition of an equally focused spiritual will, displayed byAstrology, 615:factor in form building and - which is equally an act of the sustaining will - can abstract orAstrology, 618:carried forward in their lives; then - equally expectant - they should believe in theAstrology, 686:polarized, and also that the Pleiades [686] are equally so) why they should be termed negative ifAtom, 45:we call human. Surely, then, the human atom may equally be supposed to progress to something stillAtom, 80:form. Then it can perhaps be proven that man is equally a life or center of energy, manifestingAtom, 86:in the formation of a group, so the human atom equally has to find his place within a greater form.Atom, 122:as he evolves and develops, these two stages can equally be seen. There is the early or atomicAtom, 126:the group, for instance. But both stages are equally right. We can look at this matter from anotherAtom, 127:there are a few people who are able to function equally consciously on the next subtler plane, thatAutobiography, 31:for her philanthropies and religious views but equally sound and sweet. At 18 years of age I wasAutobiography, 63:with these four titles myself) and others with equally tempting alliterative titles. I was oftenAutobiography, 98:on the brain, or was going insane or something equally silly and I was too physically ill to combatAutobiography, 102:lower classes. I've met them, also, of an equally virulent kind among the aristocracy. The pruderyAutobiography, 102:have a right and sound usefulness but all can be equally well misused. Conservatism can beAutobiography, 102:United States there is an aristocracy of money equally as distinctive, exclusive, and rigid in itsAutobiography, 141:life, until some day for each of us it would be equally true, "As He is, so are we in this world." Autobiography, 146:which shriek so loud to the world that our equally outstanding virtues are forgotten. One of theAutobiography, 172:other groups and organizations as integral and equally important parts of the Theosophical MovementAutobiography, 179:according to need and that both are equally important in the spiritual life. The trouble withAutobiography, 196:in my statement for to my mind both groups are equally needed; both can serve a spiritual purposeAutobiography, 201:with the Church of England. There is something equally wrong with the Episcopal Church here becauseAutobiography, 229:rising spiritual tide could be seen everywhere, equally in Poland and Romania as in Great BritainAutobiography, 269:heart are regarded as of equal importance and as equally divine. It is with the states ofAutobiography, 295:to humanity. [295] That God Transcendent is equally God Immanent, and that through human beings,Bethlehem, 73:applies to our individual situation, it becomes equally apparent that today humanity, as a race,Bethlehem, 114:encouraging for all of us, His younger brothers, equally sons of God. Therefore, as a whole man andBethlehem, 116:in one aspect of our lower nature or another is equally unimportant. It is the general lifelongBethlehem, 122:this issue is true, and that men must be fed is equally true. Upon what basis shall the problem beBethlehem, 246:environing condition, hold sway over us again. Equally surely, none of us are pleased toBethlehem, 280:such as the world had never previously seen is equally unchallenged. The greatest of the previousBethlehem, 281:far away they may have wandered. God has always equally sought after us, and from century toDestiny, 9:of them suitable for general use (and I say this equally of democracy as of any other ideology);Destiny, 13:obvious possibilities. These are necessarily the equally obvious effects of the predisposingDestiny, 22:emanating from three different centers, but all equally divine in their essential natures, and inDestiny, 34:divine nature of mankind as a whole, for all are equally divine and all are the Lord's elect.Destiny, 36:difficulty of the problem and one that is equally difficult for the Lords of the Left Hand Way asDestiny, 62:Spain. The triumph of the Fascist part has been equally inevitable from the start because of theDestiny, 83:little to choose between them and are all equally indicative of personality control. This is, asDestiny, 107:Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by the light of the intellect, and bothDestiny, 109:remember that both systems and modes of work are equally right in their time and place, but thatDestiny, 112:human, and also spiritual. But all three are equally divine, which is a point oft forgotten. TheDestiny, 113:die for an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally ready and have done so, whether it is theDestiny, 126:the end of the seventh ray cycle he will work equally hard to perpetuate what he has brought about.Discipleship1, 33:loss and was against the occult law. They have equally demanded reticence about their personalityDiscipleship1, 35:spiritual advancement. All true disciples are equally distinguished by a determination to make theDiscipleship1, 119:of a pronounced nature and certain liabilities, equally pronounced - as have all the group members.Discipleship1, 164:new factors and to the people whose task it is - equally with the group to which you belong andDiscipleship1, 192:your devotion to the cause of humanity is equally right; your liking for your fellowmen is veryDiscipleship1, 285:the physical plane which will materialize in an equally definite achievement, so that your soul canDiscipleship1, 299:In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be the keynotes of your [300] life - as aDiscipleship1, 340:average. Your sensitive response to glamor is equally so. It is for this reason that your soul hasDiscipleship1, 342:and realization, for you ever serve. But, equally, there are those who can give to you - in theirDiscipleship1, 382:and whose radiation is love but whose head is equally responsive to the individual as he is at hisDiscipleship1, 395:struggle with sickness and with fatigue, plus an equally constant urge to serve and to help,Discipleship1, 424:the second ray. See to it that the love side is equally developed. That will not be a hard task forDiscipleship1, 425:quick to see any emerging wrong tendencies, and equally quick to repudiate them. Humble love is forDiscipleship1, 442:the Observer, can learn. Your weaknesses and equally your strengths will be revealed to you. TheDiscipleship1, 451:loses his reason, or dies, so it can be equally true of mankind as a whole. Bear this in mind. ItDiscipleship1, 477:But having said this I must be equally frank and tell you that you have made real progress. YouDiscipleship1, 478:slightest doubt. Of your ultimate success, I am equally confident. Of your present static conditionDiscipleship1, 478:Of your present static condition I am, however, equally sure. What [479] then can I say, myDiscipleship1, 519:[519] and action taken on that recognition is equally slow. Yet, in the last analysis, it is by farDiscipleship1, 550:It will be good for both of you for you are equally feeling the limitations of the physical body,Discipleship1, 641:and be ready to recognize and admit error; be equally ready, however, to perceive where success hasDiscipleship2, 74:mankind will profit from proffered opportunity. Equally so, the Master of an Ashram does not knowDiscipleship2, 165:will regard it finally as a prayer that some equally vague primeval condition of blissful happinessDiscipleship2, 194:active Love in establishing relationships and equally active Intelligence in the use of the twoDiscipleship2, 216:definitely create that which is desired. This is equally true of the other three stages, for theyDiscipleship2, 250:the point are the natural symbols. This applies equally to the atom, to man, to the planet and toDiscipleship2, 273:inspiration to the soul of the people. Not yet, equally of course, is the "point moving forwardDiscipleship2, 313:or revelation, and then to give it an equally correct format so that it can meet the immediateDiscipleship2, 404:and planetary service. The objective is equally clear; it is the assembly of that which has in itDiscipleship2, 458:meditateth in his heart so is he," it is also equally true that as a man meditateth in his head soDiscipleship2, 477:upon the Way. But they are apt to forget that - equally because of that devotion - they ray forth aDiscipleship2, 486:- I gave you in my last instruction. I am equally confident that your approach was along the lineDiscipleship2, 505:goal of the first ray working disciple. This is equally true of you. You and he have the sameDiscipleship2, 571:luxuries of life, you need to offset it with an equally potent expression - again on the physicalDiscipleship2, 649:blackness and agony, so there are lives which equally so stand out in a cycle of lives because ofEducation, 6:possible. We can also express this idea in an equally true manner by saying that the vehicle whichEducation, 40:to function. Their attitude to the deity was equally sensitive, and their religious activities wereEducation, 41:My remarks are only partial, and the facts equally so. I exaggerate perhaps; yet maybe I do not.Education, 68:(the application of energy to force) is equally substantial in nature, a far more intelligentEducation, 75:hands of others, and is expected also to render equally courteous treatment in return. This is rare
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