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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUALLY

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Psychology2, 451:is necessarily a synchronous response, and this (equally necessarily) produces stimulation. ThePsychology2, 452:what we call the lower expression. Yet all is equally divine in time and space and in relation toPsychology2, 461:brain and all the physical plane activities are equally controlled and directed towards the plannedPsychology2, 486:tangible values is shut out; the mental world is equally shut out. I would ask you to ponder onPsychology2, 544:intellect can give him nothing. The occultist is equally apt to despise the mystical way and toPsychology2, 630:development of a disastrous war or wars, and the equally disastrous condition of no real orPsychology2, 630:the present impasse and economic bankruptcy, are equally great and equally undesirable. To offsetPsychology2, 630:and economic bankruptcy, are equally great and equally undesirable. To offset these possibilitiesPsychology2, 701:What is true of the individual aspirant is equally true of [702] humanity, the world aspirant. InPsychology2, 737:so often written. Behind these three groups, equally interested in them all, stands another group.Rays, 41:and the enlightened will of the soul have both equally been relinquished. Rays, 94:That His forerunner will be the Christ is equally sure. When Christ comes it will be for theRays, 120:attribute of the will, synthesis, is evoking an equally widespread response. This sense ofRays, 133:to the aspirants of the world; they must become equally well known to the average person; theRays, 165:under the Law of the Supplementary Seven, is equally true of the process in all forms and in allRays, 210:training of some willing aspirants, but also an equally definite point of tension, indicating realRays, 212:of the utilization of the group Will. It will be equally apparent that the group Will can only makeRays, 278:of sentiency. The mind, in due course, is equally transformed by impression from the higher mind,Rays, 301:"We are all the children of God; we are all equally divine; we are all on our way to the revelationRays, 311:can be regarded as higher or lower, for all are equally divine. Understanding of these ideas mayRays, 317:the same point of attainment for us, for we are equally and essentially sons of the Father orRays, 338:go through the same experience and arrive equally at divine expression. However, their qualitiesRays, 359:are, from the angle of the esotericist, the equally unprincipled dense cosmic substance; the markRays, 363:and eternal extra-planetary concepts which are equally unknown and temporarily inexplicable to theRays, 386:Crucifixion Initiation, another crisis arose of equally great import, if not greater. The crisisRays, 424:on to the Path of the Higher Evolution are equally of much greater unfoldment; the will aspect isRays, 440:but His two Brothers have Each of Them an equally important work and are responsible - as He is -Rays, 443:and scientifically creating. It might be said (equally symbolically) that at each initiation heRays, 454:the antahkarana in process of forming. It is equally arbitrary to call the bridge which theRays, 480:in the mysteries of planetary karma. This is equally true of man's lowest manifestations. It is theRays, 482:spirit at its lowest point," and the reverse is equally true. The whole process is one ofRays, 534:are now obsolete and should be abrogated. It is equally true of the Jewish race that in theRays, 552:progresses along the Path of Evolution, and is equally present in the life and experience of theRays, 570:are registered by the initiate. This will be equally true on a large scale where modern man, theRays, 576:reorientation. [576] He is now capable of an equally pronounced and often fanatical adherence toRays, 584:for life in the physical sense, and are equally basic in their implications spiritually; this theRays, 617:love of God into the hearts of men must equally and inevitably produce conflict; the line ofRays, 631:and choice to each related Dominion, plus an equally complete and free interrelationship. TheRays, 632:democracy. France and Great Britain are equally democratic, and more successful because more matureRays, 651:spiritual ambition grows and is paralleled by an equally steady growth in mental realization, heRays, 666:as is the way of religion, for "God" is found equally on both ways. The scientific way leads theRays, 674:nature. In its cycles of tranquility it reflects equally the good as well as the bad; it is theRays, 697:of consciousness or of events, and if it is equally true that (to the soul) there is no such factorRays, 741:suspicion and unseemly struggle for supremacy is equally as bad as the past war; the effects areRays, 743:active and organized, the Forces of Light are equally active, but not so well organized. The basicRays, 745:the world by a totalitarian regime, it would be equally wrong. These conflicting ideologies areRays, 747:of darkness into light. If the United States can equally [748] renounce its gross materialism, itReappearance, 33:will regard it finally as a prayer that some equally vague primeval condition of blissful happinessReappearance, 62:return. Today, the East and the West stand equally expectant. As we approach the theme of His work,Reappearance, 67:the appeal of men; His divine side or nature is equally responsive to the impact of energies,Reappearance, 80:beginning on the physical plane, will prove equally true of all human relations and this will beReappearance, 84:Age, a mass response to right relations will equally be evoked, and goodwill (as its expression)Reappearance, 84:and appreciate this possibility but it was equally difficult for the mass of men in the firstReappearance, 111:and separativeness will stand automatically and equally revealed and all men will know them forReappearance, 111:distinction between good and evil will be made equally clear. The invocative prayer, "From theReappearance, 113:of God, as well as the love of God. Both are equally important because that will is qualified byReappearance, 121:to which humanity has been subjected (with an equally potent purifying effect, which willReappearance, 174:for the reorganization of human living. Equally, it can be said that if the spiritual values andSoulpart, one either of undiscriminating awe or of equally undiscriminating distrust. It is a pity thatSoul, 14:correctness of the mechanistic school, and the equally correct position of the school ofSoul, 77:soul and spirit. The rational nature is not equally present in all parts of the body. The higherSoul, 129:by the particular man in question. The same is equally, and if anything, more emphatically true ofSoul, 140:The energy of the solar plexus center has, equally, to be transferred and carried to the heart, andTelepathy, 35:of life in the three worlds, but he is also equally responsive to impressions coming to him fromTelepathy, 52:SCIENCE OF CONTACT. These three sciences are all equally interdependent and all related to the artTelepathy, 135:the Hierarchy and Humanity. It is, however, equally true that Shamballa is primarily second ray asTelepathy, 142:truth or because of a false humility. Both are equally bad. There are six major propositions whichTelepathy, 142:change. This, being true of the Macrocosm, is equally true of man, the microcosm, and - through theTelepathy, 161:planetary Logos. The evolutionary processes can equally well be stated to be those of eliminatingTelepathy, 162:energies run through or along (both words are equally true) the lines of force which underlie the
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