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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUILIBRISING

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Fire, 729:force, plus negative electrical force, plus the equilibrising medium. He is the Flame, the Fire,Fire, 826:recognition of the pairs of opposites, and their equilibrising in love and service. This cycleFire, 833:is radiant energy, and is the result of the equilibrising of the two others. These three aspects ofFire, 997:balancing of the pairs of opposites, and their equilibrising, so that eventual manifestationFire, 1014:on the astral plane has to be along the line of equilibrising activity, and the distinctive natureFire, 1018:planetary polar opposite, Our complementary or equilibrising planet, is committed to the initiate.Fire, 1018:two types of energy, will and desire, and their equilibrising is what leads to the balancing of theFire, 1021:the work, through the astral, where the equilibrising work was done, to the physical plane, or toFire, 1026:on the Ego, but stems the tide by love and the equilibrising powers of his own nature. In theFire, 1037:of the three major Rays; but it will be, in the equilibrising process, balanced by analogous cyclicFire, 1090:true rhythm, but for millennia of cycles the equilibrising process must go on. Nor has ourFire, 1103:and the astral permanent atom. The process of equilibrising the forces in the personality (thusFire, 1186:Lotus. Solar Angel. Manasic Ego. Solar Fire. Equilibrising Force. 3. Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom.Hercules, 134:of fact, the laws of karma may be considered as equilibrising activities that prevent theMagic, 225:lies in the balancing of the forces and the equilibrising of the pairs of opposites. The Path is
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