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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUILIBRIZED

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Fire, 4:2nd Person - Son, Consciousness, Love-Wisdom, Equilibrized energy. FIRE BY FRICTION (Body orFire, 983:desire and sanctified emotion, he provides those equilibrized conditions and those stableFire, 990:two of them ever being in opposition until equilibrized by force emanating from a third. StudentsFire, 1081:sparks, Units of negative resistance, The equilibrized atoms. Many more names might be given butFire, 1134:The energy of the astral permanent atom - equilibrized. The energy of the physical permanent atom -Fire, 1214:place: Buddhic force - Positive. Human energy - Equilibrized. Animal energy - Negative. Or, to wordFire, 1262:which occultly holds our solar system steadily equilibrized in one specific direction. Their mainMagic, 95:via the ida and pingala nerve routes, are equilibrized, the forces can ascend and descend by theMagic, 96:use of the spiritual energy supersedes the equilibrized use of soul force, but that is a laterPatanjali, 147:of substance predominatingly sattvic in nature, equilibrized and rhythmic, yet serves to confinePsychology2, 133:new. As this inner event stabilizes into an equilibrized inner condition, the demonstration of thePsychology2, 369:and hold in his mind's eye the even, balanced, equilibrized distribution of the divine energy set
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