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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUIPMENT

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Discipleship2, 461:the full manifestation of a very fine mental equipment. I am putting the problem quite clearly toDiscipleship2, 465:Can you do it with your present psychic equipment, or must you build new bodies for integration,Discipleship2, 477:sixth ray astral body as a powerful piece of equipment to be used in service. In these two symbolicDiscipleship2, 481:would otherwise be obligatory upon him. Faulty equipment. Oft a disciple, in a particularDiscipleship2, 488:realization is often bigger than the present equipment of brain cells warrants. Therefore,Discipleship2, 499:the need to be met is gigantic, but you have the equipment and enough surviving links in thatDiscipleship2, 522:- three first ray controls in your personality equipment. This necessarily engenders a seriousDiscipleship2, 523:Owing to the dominance of the first ray in your equipment, you have successfully withdrawn yourselfDiscipleship2, 549:of service and the limitations of his equipment, plus a [550] divine indifference - he drops theDiscipleship2, 564:number of rays along one particular line; your equipment of energies is therefore somewhatDiscipleship2, 582:you can begin to use all the forces in your equipment as the implements of loving service. HereDiscipleship2, 583:have the second ray powerfully present in their equipment. The entire group has, therefore, withinDiscipleship2, 583:conditioning. Which of you investigates his ray equipment of energy from this standpoint? Do notDiscipleship2, 583:much along the following lines: This ray in my equipment enables me to be and do thus, and so thisDiscipleship2, 583:Disciples must learn to study the group equipment as a whole, and discover where a potency of whichDiscipleship2, 646:second ray astral nature and a fourth ray mental equipment. Hence the balancing in two directionsDiscipleship2, 670:in this present vehicle and with your present equipment you can contact the Master of all theDiscipleship2, 692:ray strains (if I may call them so) in your equipment are far more dominant than heretofore. HadDiscipleship2, 709:enrich your life, add something needed to your equipment, and then return to your previous work andDiscipleship2, 710:should be recognized by you that your entire ray equipment is so well balanced that your capacityDiscipleship2, 712:down from the soul into your threefold lower equipment, and from thence out into the Arcane School,Discipleship2, 720:and initiates - each aware of his task and equipment - proceed to carry out the phase of the OneDiscipleship2, 727:other ways and by better minds than yours. Your equipment was not adequate. There was the glamor ofDiscipleship2, 728:that in this life you have neither the mental equipment nor the clear vision to enable you to be aDiscipleship2, 728:you in this incarnation and with your present equipment. This has led to a chronic state [729] ofDiscipleship2, 731:lack of second ray force in your most difficult equipment. There are too many energies in yourDiscipleship2, 731:There are too many energies in your present equipment along the line of the first ray, and yourDiscipleship2, 743:second thing you have to do is to assess your equipment and ascertain - from within yourself -Education, 9:experiment the conscious possessor of his equipment; it should leave him standing clear-eyed beforeEducation, 11:carefully investigated so as to bring the entire equipment of the child, latent or developed, intoEducation, 12:the law of survival. This forces him to use his equipment and knowledge and so take his place as aEducation, 14:by a study of his background, his physical equipment, the nature of his response apparatus with itsEducation, 24:for I have here touched upon the [24] equipment (aspects and attributes) which is found, in someEducation, 35:him to use his inherited, acquired and endowed equipment for the evidencing of the socialEducation, 50:until young people of fourteen will have the equipment and intelligence of the brilliant collegeEducation, 51:to the assets of civilization and culture "the equipment" required for the process of functioningEducation, 51:the condition of the glandular and physiological equipment, upon certain specific tests, and uponEducation, 60:on the physical plane through the medium of his equipment or his vehicle of manifestation. TheEducation, 61:of the forces which constitute his personality equipment and which he himself magnetically broughtEducation, 78:the basic character trends and the gaps in his equipment emerge clearly. They will not be hiddenEducation, 78:by others and did not form a part of his innate equipment when he came [79] into incarnation. ThenEducation, 82:and why (given a certain emotional and mental equipment, plus an ascertained psychological rating)Education, 83:and his individual mental and emotional equipment and will seek to throw the entire world of effortEducation, 128:of his own physical, psychological and mental equipment), but they have brought mankind also to aExternalisation, 6:rhythm imposed upon them; and humanity's equipment of knowledge is so poor that the majority haveExternalisation, 85:of the vehicle of response. According to his equipment and the nature of his bodies, so will manExternalisation, 101:and when it is thus truly a part of your mental equipment, your emotional aspiration and yourExternalisation, 102:have these two faculties as part of their usable equipment. Have you got them, or are you trying toExternalisation, 191:will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe theExternalisation, 330:world. 6. The organizing of the needed financial equipment to carry forward this work must be theExternalisation, 576:Hierarchy - in full force and with its esoteric equipment. In the early stages, the task ofExternalisation, 622:and with the psychological and physical equipment with which they are endowed, they can and mustExternalisation, 652:scenes, utilizing the minds, brains and physical equipment of Their disciples in order to carry outFire, 276:has become coordinated as part of the equipment of the Logos on every plane of the solar system,Fire, 983:steps towards the achievement of the needed equipment of the white magician. This tranquility isFire, 1073:1-3-5-7. Each kingdom starts with a specific equipment, and during the process of evolution withinFire, 1073:life enters the next kingdom with its old equipment plus one. The human kingdom is equallyGlamour, xi:human being uses only a small part of his equipment. The area of the brain which is found aroundGlamour, 12:dependent upon your own personal reading, mental equipment and knowledge. Your capacity to read aGlamour, 30:but clear thinking, coupled with a trained equipment in that particular field or enterprise. TheGlamour, 36:known becomes a true content of the equipment of the disciple. Earlier I referred to the fact thatGlamour, 42:they form in time part of his quality equipment. He is in reality integrating and synthesizingGlamour, 55:working scheme is as yet wholly unsuitable. The equipment does not suffice for accuracy. The waysGlamour, 59:distorted through the inadequacy of the mental equipment, and frequently stepped down intoGlamour, 61:a purified emotional body, and a good glandular equipment, as the result of the above requirements.Glamour, 106:these hypotheses with their present inadequate equipment and type of brain. Nothing would beGlamour, 117:tackles life through the medium of a particular equipment, which is colored by the experiences ofGlamour, 119:environment, innate tendencies to glamor in the equipment or resulting from sensitivity to theGlamour, 246:has now a certain amount of knowledge as to the equipment available for his task and has masteredGlamour, 255:of the [255] occidental or of his mechanism and equipment which, as the result of a civilizationGlamour, 268:it is essentially a piece of adequate and useful equipment. It has, however, its points of weaknessHealing, 10:to grasp and to express, for the general mental equipment of the average aspirant and disciple isHealing, 48:due to interior conditions in a man's own equipment, to his mental state, or to an emotional [49]Healing, 52:to be suggestive; the complexity of the human equipment and the intricacy of the ray energies areHealing, 52:the mental body, The ray governing the astral equipment, The ray of the physical nature, it willHealing, 52:analysis concerning what is not present in the equipment can be of little value here. It will againHealing, 79:is poor in certain directions or aspects of the equipment. Through certain focal points or centersHealing, 92:owing often to the inadequacy of the physical equipment; but the basic cause of the disease is theHealing, 196:primarily to two aspects of man's physical equipment - the seven major centers in the etheric bodyHealing, 207:This is done via the center concerned in the equipment of the patient, the corresponding center inHealing, 207:of the patient, the corresponding center in the equipment of the healer, and the direction (by anHealing, 240:what he is, and thus physically control his equipment. The blood stream is also the life, andHealing, 274:and "substands" or underlies the outer, familiar equipment of the nervous system, which feeds andHealing, 288:of the centers to psychological research and equipment and the glandular [289] or endocrine systemHealing, 289:or the effect of the inner causes of events, equipment and circumstances upon the physical plane.Healing, 293:concerning the conditioning factors in the equipment of those great Beings Whose life force (whichHealing, 294:the worlds, and adds its quota of force to the equipment of every single human being. Every manHealing, 310:- all of which were part of the needed equipment whereby the soul determined that certain neededHealing, 325:physical factors to be found in the personality equipment is not the way of the disciple. He mustHealing, 326:the desired results as far as the glandular equipment is concerned, and as far as the totalHealing, 328:then the major expression of energy in his equipment will be astral or emotional feeling energy. HeHealing, 334:on differing rays, of different temperaments and equipment and at various ages. Individuals areHealing, 376:this line of thought-photography and electrical equipment, will come the solution. It is theHealing, 464:There is no astral elemental to be found in the equipment of an initiate of high standing. DesireHealing, 465:to a response to that aspect of the man's equipment which H.P.B. states is not a principle - theHealing, 478:factors: The quality of his astral-emotional equipment. The mental condition in which he habituallyHealing, 527:does through a scientific coordination of his equipment, using the hands as a directing agent. InHealing, 556:a very severe course of training before his own equipment - personality, etheric body and itsHealing, 625:good, indifferent or bad - and the psychological equipment of a man. Students should bear in mindHealing, 626:change the personality and the physical equipment of a man through treating the glands themselves;
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