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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EQUIPPED

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Astrology, 249:physical expression. An instance of a person, equipped to do this, can be seen in H. P. Blavatsky.Astrology, 251:balancing of the qualities with which he is equipped. The rulers of the decanates in this sign areAstrology, 252:This every form veils, but the human form is equipped and fitted to manifest it in a mannerAstrology, 278:the end, and consummate in the rounded out and equipped personality. They are, exoterically, AlphaAstrology, 322:is sensitive. Average humanity is not yet fully equipped to bear the full range of these impacts,Atom, 31:way with this stupendous subject, even were I equipped to lecture on such a fundamentallyAutobiography, 54:in the Home in Belfast. All these homes were equipped with large coffee shops in which hundreds ofAutobiography, 54:if out on pass, and also a Gospel-meeting room, equipped with a harmonium, hymnbooks, Bibles andAutobiography, 259:therefore be large and highly organized, fully equipped with material, and under adequate control.Autobiography, 301:and the acquiring of a trained mind well equipped to deal intelligently and in a common senseBethlehem, 89:by W. H. Sheldon, p. 135. Christ stood thus equipped. It may be of value if we study here for a fewBethlehem, 89:few minutes the purpose for which He stood thus equipped. We saw in our last chapter that thisBethlehem, 270:the self in order that they may be better equipped to serve their fellow men and God in man. Destiny, 19:entirely to the Hierarchy Whose Members are equipped to handle it and to assimilate it correctlyDiscipleship1, 152:into a fuller life of service of a much better equipped worker - better, [153] because he is aDiscipleship1, 181:strain but you are (interiorly again) far better equipped to handle it. A word upon which I seek toDiscipleship1, 215:are sensitive and whose physical bodies are ill-equipped to stand the modern pressure or to carryDiscipleship1, 268:that the demands of the future will find you equipped to meet them. That you may with steadinessDiscipleship1, 405:enable them to enter upon their next life better equipped to love, to work and to live unselfishly.Discipleship1, 442:in this cycle. Apart from the fact that you are equipped for your professional duties, theDiscipleship1, 442:ray, the fifth, you will note how thoroughly equipped you are for your undertaking in this life.Discipleship1, 541:spiritual accomplishment. For this you are well equipped and yet, with the exception of some wordsDiscipleship1, 569:you will bring to that field of service a better equipped instrument, particularly if you apply theDiscipleship1, 641:my brother, you will note that you are eminently equipped to heal, for you have two streams ofDiscipleship2, 34:Armed Forces; for this he is eminently well equipped, being English by birth but having spent longDiscipleship2, 71:humanity as a whole. Classically the body is not equipped to receive the fire, until consciousnessDiscipleship2, 140:which aspect of my planned work you are equipped to do. Determining how to do it. Considering theDiscipleship2, 576:and the field of your daily work - you are equipped to provide that measure of technical knowledgeDiscipleship2, 606:major hindrance was the physical body - a body equipped to render the service and complete certainDiscipleship2, 611:work I was attempting to do and which she was equipped to aid. That the "middle point" between theDiscipleship2, 618:the senior students and for this you are well equipped and need not to handicap yourself withDiscipleship2, 710:and constructive unity. You are singularly well equipped; you have a dual capacity to use secondDiscipleship2, 718:this incarnation, you will start your next life equipped for fuller service and with a moreDiscipleship2, 741:lesson at this time. You are exceedingly well equipped to serve. Your second ray energy, coupledDiscipleship2, 741:spiritual things, but because the disciple is equipped to render some definite service which fitsDiscipleship2, 742:intention of the moment. You are thus well [742] equipped; your health is good, even if you thinkDiscipleship2, 748:transfer light. For this task you are peculiarly equipped and hence the psychic difficulties whichEducation, 81:Education is a process whereby the child is equipped with the information which will enable him toEducation, 85:child, as an individual, will be developed and equipped, trained and motivated and taught then hisEducation, 106:highest to the lowest are being intellectually equipped as never before. The effort is, of course,Education, 116:high mental caliber, with minds well stocked and equipped; they will be free from personal ambitionExternalisation, 34:into practice. Yet these people would not be equipped throughout their natures in such a way thatExternalisation, 655:magnetism with which every physical form is equipped; when combined with the energy of mind, itFire, 178:is the transmitting point (when sufficiently equipped and built) between the higher and the lower.Fire, 365:the Atlantean root-race found them adequately equipped to cope with life conditions. ThisFire, 826:its roots in the subjective distinction between "equipped and unequipped" Egos, between those unitsGlamour, 102:planes. Now he faces his climaxing resolution, equipped with these powers. He becomes aware ofGlamour, 125:and glamorous - but that he is adequately equipped to handle it, did he but know it, and that thereHealing, 48:expression of usefulness, and enter the new age equipped to deal with the people who will graduallyHealing, 49:of energy through centers which are not properly equipped, or adequately developed, to handle theHealing, 322:an insoluble problem just a long as man remains equipped with his present mental approach andHealing, 376:sensitivity than those in use in the best equipped laboratories. But this is not so. Along thisHealing, 630:and at the same time he is not psychically equipped to arrive at a true diagnosis in an occultHealing, 632:aid to set bones which the surgeon is well equipped to do, or to clear up infection which theHealing, 696:healers who are on the second ray, or who are equipped with a powerful second ray vehicle, areHercules, 16:a power as yet unproven. And thus he stood equipped. The gods stood round his Teacher, and watchedHercules, 19:medium of expression for the indwelling soul and equipped to undertake the tasks to which the manHercules, 25:with the world in which our labors are cast. Equipped, therefore, with vocation, spiritual energyHercules, 25:the darkness of his path, when needed. Thus equipped, Hercules stands ready for the great endeavor.Hercules, 30:into the kingdom of the gods. He has been equipped with all divine powers, though, as yet, he doesHercules, 73:who go deeply into this research, and who are equipped so to do. I refer to the ignorantHercules, 81:of the human into the spiritual Kingdom. Being equipped with the faculty of mind, in Aries, andHercules, 82:is the higher aspect of the mass consciousness. Equipped, therefore, with a controlled mind, aHercules, 92:or a new and freer home. The pilgrims are equipped with instinct, and as they pass through theHercules, 115:This, every form veils but the human form is equipped and fitted to manifest it in a mannerHercules, 189:yet; there are no true Aquarians; we are not yet equipped. For that age some of the children comingHercules, 226:powers have to be developed and utilized. Thus equipped, in Leo (July 22 - August 21, the Lion), heIntellect, 10:of evolution has produced a wonderful race, equipped with a sensitive response apparatus and aIntellect, 27:and wider future and realization. It must be equipped to meet and handle whatever may come, so asIntellect, 34:varies infinitely, and a man, moreover, who is equipped to function in one particular sphere mightIntellect, 56:which is one with all that is; he finds he is equipped with an apparatus which can put him in touchIntellect, 112:can safely and wisely meditate. All men are not equipped to meditate with hope of complete success.Intellect, 165:have, through steadfastness in contemplation, equipped themselves to act as interpreters of theIntellect, 200:Most of us are bigger and wiser, and better equipped than we realize. We can all begin toMagic, 148:lacking is the developed spiritual body which is equipped to respond to the vibration of the innerMagic, 187:delusions, and a mental body uncontrolled or ill-equipped are all dangerous to the student unlessMagic, 227:there is a good physical instrument and a well-equipped mentality. The greater the sensitivity ofMagic, 242:hence has a triple problem with which he is well equipped to deal through the medium of his tripleMagic, 242:Let us close the instruction on that note - well equipped to deal. We can overcome mental inertiaMagic, 377:hands of those of our Earth Humanity who have equipped themselves so as to serve. In the hands ofMagic, 417:as of paramount importance. They are equipped to organize, slowly and steadily, that public opinionMagic, 417:in the world at this time, only about 156 are equipped by their thought activity to form part ofMagic, 436:inertia. In the body with which man [436] is equipped lies hid the secret of past experience, andMagic, 456:and must be contacted by those who are duly equipped to work under the Great Architect of theMagic, 524:in a closer relation to man. Men are not yet equipped to comprehend the nature of those units ofMagic, 525:To this type of energy there are few so equipped that they can respond. It is for the majorityMeditation, 19:In this way the causal body is more rapidly equipped. When the reincarnating unit has reached aMeditation, 102:inner evils. Each human being enters into life equipped with a physical and etheric body of certainMeditation, 280:those we seek to help. When the pupil has equipped himself, when he has purified himself and isMeditation, 298:of a Master in personal presence, able and equipped to teach the true scientific development whichMeditation, 330:the Brotherhood of Light in embryo. He will be equipped and ready to pass into the advanced school,Meditation, 348:skill has not full scope and where less well equipped men and women would do as well. Be ready,Patanjali, 64:the fact that those whose mental bodies are well equipped and actively used can more quickly beProblems, 52:Education is a process whereby the child is equipped with the information which will enable him toProblems, 57:child, as an individual, will be developed and equipped, trained and motivated and [58] then taughtPsychology1, 181:high mental caliber, with minds well stocked and equipped; they will be free from personal ambitionPsychology1, 293:the next century, will prove themselves well equipped to handle this problem of sex, because theyPsychology1, 298:incarnation a group of people who will be well equipped to lead humanity out of the presentPsychology1, 302:people who are now coming in will come into life equipped with a much deeper sense of the group,Psychology1, 340:of scientific formulas, if man were mentally equipped to appreciate them. But this is not yet
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