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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ERA

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Externalisation, 482:Forces of Reconstruction. These will usher in an era of pronounced creative activity and will bringExternalisation, 491:of Japan. Some years ago I told you that the new era would be ushered in by the scientists of theExternalisation, 497:It is liberation which is the keynote of the new era, just as it has ever been the keynote of theExternalisation, 497:civilization will be simplified, and an era ushered in which will be free from the incubus of moneyExternalisation, 545:for a revelation which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the new world religion. ToExternalisation, 603:embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression of divine love is stillExternalisation, 631:training must do it. They must inaugurate the era of the use of money for the spiritual Hierarchy,Externalisation, 647:above; at the [647] inception of the industrial era He was responsible for the formation of theExternalisation, 649:These energies will bring in the new creative era, which will sweep into expression as soon asExternalisation, 656:humanity into the glorious prospect of the New Era. This is, as you may well imagine, a sevenfoldExternalisation, 657:vaguely called by the mystics of the past era "the Christ consciousness." This naturally focusesExternalisation, 679:reappearing. Had the Hierarchy come before this era of thought and of massed discussion and theFire, VII:dogmatic assertion has helped to establish a new era of mental freedom for the students of theFire, 719:of course, enter in until the human type of that era is sufficiently refined for their purpose.Fire, 755:ends contrary to the plans of the Lord. The era of peace will be ushered in by a gathering togetherFire, 1231:through the Treatise. The student of the new era will approach much that he has to master throughGlamour, 158:place at this time at the close of the Piscean era and when the Aryan race has reached maturity andGlamour, 163:the techniques which can bring in the new world era and its cultural order can be clearly noted andGlamour, 164:energies which will sweep humanity into an era of comprehension, leading to a focused mentalGlamour, 177:human apprehension and can now enter into a new era wherein illusion can be dispelled and thinkersGlamour, 187:have been prostituted to meet human demand. The era is [188] close at hand when science will bendGlamour, 197:an essential requirement for the race. The new era which will open up before mankind at the closeGlamour, 197:of glamor. The second characteristic of the new era will be the scientific approach to the entireHealing, 90:of physical functioning, will bring about a new era of health and of sound physical conditions forHealing, 254:then and only then, shall we enter upon a new era of well-being. Healing, 336:Man will enter into a new life and a higher era of understanding. The teaching concerning the irisHealing, 377:or their equivalent, which will mark a new era in so-called "spirit photography." People frequentlyHealing, 425:in the three worlds, that, until the cycle or era which we call the Christian, it might be statedHealing, 558:on healing on a sound basis - it postpones the era of truly occult healing quite definitely to aHealing, 577:being formulated early in the Christian [577] era. It is a clear and concise rule and implies whatHealing, 675:responsible for the patient. In the coming new era, the healer will work always with the scientificHealing, 713:reaction. We are on the verge of entering a new era in scientific unfoldment, owing to theHercules, 90:fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus, and is theHercules, 194:one respect and we are headed toward a Piscean era in another respect when the World Savior willHercules, 221:of the world's symbols, antedating the Christian era by thousands of years. The cross is originallyIntellect, 5:by the aid of a sound mental hygiene. After the era of the charlatans has gone by, and to someMagic, 90:will come. The Knowers of God in that era will preponderate over those who are simply aspiring toMagic, 121:at this time? The race is progressing into an era wherein men will function as minds; whenMagic, 137:new group of participants. Workers in the new era will be drawn from all groups and the test ofMagic, 262:form-building. Forms are of four kinds in this era of the fourth round: 1. The Form of theMagic, 265:in of a new ray, and the commencement of a new era comes ever a period of much disruption until theMagic, 333:civilization will be simplified, and an era ushered in which will be [334] free from the incubus ofMagic, 336:the needed changes, and will inaugurate a new era wherein brotherhood will be the keynote, for itMagic, 408:the musicians of Germany and of the Victorian era. Groups of artists are likewise to be found,Magic, 417:groups which are destined to bring in the new era of peace and of good will. These latter who areMagic, 426:take his place in the work and bring in the new era. These groups will demonstrate no sense ofMagic, 477:paragraphs, books, until we now have the era wherein this differentiation is at its height, and weMagic, 524:to seeing established as the laws of the new era, and which will then supersede or coalesce withMeditation, 179:the violent reactions, and present widespread era of crime are the results, very largely, of forcePatanjali, 167:identification reaches its apotheosis. It is the era of the personal self, not of the spiritualPatanjali, 168:(hence the great value [168] of the present era of criticism and polemical discussion, as it formsProblems, 27:in so far as they measure up to that vision. The era ahead of us - under evolutionary law and theProblems, 28:governments. It will be an intensely difficult era and will be only successfully lived through ifProblems, 50:the poets and writers of the Victorian era and the poets and musicians of Germany, as well as theProblems, 58:of the human being should also, under the new era, receive fuller attention; the child will beProblems, 70:the powerful business groups of the Victorian era to the handful of capitalists - national andProblems, 74:the outstanding characteristic of the Victorian era. From the angle of the planned evolutionaryProblems, 115:yet had little? Is the hope of establishing an era of right human relations within nations as wellProblems, 116:and ready to move forward into a new and better era. Though a platitude is, in the majority ofProblems, 121:and an understanding heart. The Christian era was ushered in by a mere handful of men, the twelveProblems, 121:recognized the message of the Christ. The new era in which Christ will "see of the travail of HisPsychology1, 4:are carried into form life in that particular era. These embodied lives (again in all fourPsychology1, 11:But the race as a whole is now coming into an era wherein the mind is becoming a potent factor;Psychology1, 28:of the transitional period which links the era of self-conscious existence with that of aPsychology1, 178:- an effort towards which the entire Christian era has been tending and for which it has been aPsychology1, 185:and widespread consequences that the present era in which we live will come to be looked upon asPsychology1, 185:potencies in an atom will mark a revolutionary era, and science will have much to discard and muchPsychology1, 257:first of the domestic animals appeared. A new era began, wherein certain of the animals evokedPsychology1, 272:their lack of control, they have inaugurated an era of disease, both mental and physical, of wrongPsychology1, 297:of marriage. We shall see the coming in of that era when good will will be the outstandingPsychology1, 367:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man The new era is however upon its way, and nothing canPsychology1, 369:of the work and the use of the Word. The coming era of group work and power and of organizedPsychology2, 22:to wax in power in this Aryan race to which this era belongs. It corresponds to the stage ofPsychology2, 143:discoveries will eventually end the present era of unemployment, and their inventions andPsychology2, 143:ameliorate human conditions so that an era of peace and leisure can supervene. You will note that IPsychology2, 202:issuing forth from God at the beginning of an era of creative activity. They return to theirPsychology2, 261:into being, with both good and bad results. The era of culture which was the outstandingPsychology2, 319:soul and the form). This will bring in the new era of spiritual attainment or of soul contact. ThePsychology2, 479:is instituted along these lines, a new era will begin for the human being. These three sciencesPsychology2, 632:forward the work which Christ inaugurated, - the era of peace on earth, good will towards men. ThisPsychology2, 636:selflessly under the inspiration of the new era. They are dedicated to the amelioration of humanPsychology2, 641:to change the old order and bring in the new era of economic comfort and peaceful living, and arePsychology2, 654:and which, will usher in the deeply desired era of peace and plenty. That the problem involved isPsychology2, 666:avert possible catastrophe and bring in the era of unity, peace and plenty. Personal ambitions havePsychology2, 670:and dissatisfied public opinion. We live in an era of extremes, - of extreme riches and extremePsychology2, 684:and uncertainty and thus inaugurate an era of peace and of soul-culture. This item of informationPsychology2, 695:thus make it possible for us to inaugurate a new era of peace and of good will. I would like toPsychology2, 729:of friendships and the commencement of a new era of right and constructive world contacts. HithertoRays, 19:not, however, so many who are ready for the new era of group initiation. Rule I For Applicants: LetRays, 111:you that one of the new things which the coming era of spiritual expansion will see is theRays, 191:of this formulated injunction is that in the new era and in the interlude between the past (whereinRays, 223:will be so distinctive an aspect of the coming era. There are three further points which I seek toRays, 238:work has been accomplished we shall record an era of world peace which will be symbolic of theRays, 290:and Shamballa. This is taking place in this era for the first time in human history. TheRays, 548:of its religious presentation throughout the era of the Christian dispensation. This lies at theRays, 552:a planned redirection. This will bring in an era of greatly enhanced creative activity; it will beRays, 554:of upheaval and emerge eventually into the new era, ready to build the new world and to reorganizeRays, 602:of the return of the Christ in this era and in the relatively immediate future. We are here dealingRays, 603:of the world Scriptures bear evidence. In that era, in which the then known world of men wasRays, 621:of this work are today inaugurating a new era of harmony and cooperation because the trend of human
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