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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ERA

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Rays, 628:of the soul or of the psyche and inaugurate the era of true esoteric psychology. To do this sheRays, 630:materialistic trends of this particular modern era which will finally evoke the harmony which willRays, 639:of the Christ, Who will inaugurate the new era of harmony. Christ will come in three differentRays, 647:upon the physical plane. Thus was the new era ushered in; thus was the stage set for a betterRays, 665:initiations. [665] Today, as we enter the new era, the symbology of the fourth initiation, that ofRays, 692:a cosmic symbol, long antedating the Christian era. It is one of the major signs to be found in theReappearance, 8:the face of the world and inaugurate a new era in the destinies of humanity." They come in times ofReappearance, 33:these underlying facts will be apparent and an era of spiritual propaganda, engineered by disciplesReappearance, 33:forward by esotericists, will mature. This era began in 1875 when the fact of the existence of theReappearance, 49:was embodied in a man and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression of divine love isReappearance, 74:end the turmoil on the Earth and instituting an era of peace. He is, in a mysterious sense, theReappearance, 80:when the two thousand years of the Piscean era would have passed away. He told His disciples to goReappearance, 81:the Christian emphasizes the fish in the Piscean era, the Christian era. Christ came to bring to anReappearance, 81:the fish in the Piscean era, the Christian era. Christ came to bring to an end the JewishReappearance, 83:five hundred years. Thus He inaugurated the new era and, upon the inner spiritual planes, the newReappearance, 83:word "religion" concerns relationship, and the era of right human relations and of a right relationReappearance, 83:relations in the masses of men. In the coming era, He will, therefore, be known as The Point withinReappearance, 84:the first centuries of the Christian or Piscean era to realize the future growth of the educationalReappearance, 87:He would be called upon to do in the Aquarian era. In the first two initiations, aspirants (trainedReappearance, 99:Piscean energy, generated during the Christian era. Aquarian energy, already generating upon theReappearance, 112:affairs will rapidly be adjusted and the new era of goodwill and of peace on earth will beReappearance, 127:the pseudo-occultism so widely extant. In the era which lies ahead, after the reappearance of theReappearance, 129:is esoterically related to those within any era of civilization who specifically, precisely and inReappearance, 180:training must do it. They must inaugurate the era of the use of money for the spiritual Hierarchy,Reappearance, 188:of us can play our part in inaugurating the new era of goodwill and understanding. It must beSoul, 71:by the aid of a sound mental hygiene. After the era of the charlatans has gone by, and to someTelepathy, 33:growth of telepathic rapport will bring in an era of universality and synthesis, with its qualitiesTelepathy, 134:Agent of the planetary heart center, a new era or "divine epoch" will be instituted. The Avatar ofTelepathy, 196:became more clearly emphatic; and the new era, with its latent possibilities can now be seen upon
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