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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ERRONEOUSLY

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Astrology, 356:certain pairs of opposites that she has been erroneously connected in the minds of men with sex andDiscipleship1, 516:you, it is a symbol of a detachment which you erroneously feel you cannot achieve. You underrateDiscipleship1, 708:but, at the same time, he descends into what he erroneously regards as the depth of humanDiscipleship2, 61:thereby disrupting the etheric web in what you erroneously call the Far East; it was used once inDiscipleship2, 68:the Master Morya has called it. This is somewhat erroneously interpreted as irritation by theDiscipleship2, 70:about his fitness to take initiation, as it is erroneously called in theosophical circles. These,Externalisation, 230:through Germany). They embody a true, but erroneously interpreted, idea of human unity. They failExternalisation, 495:of atomic energy, through the medium of what is erroneously and unscientifically called theExternalisation, 658:that true detachment which was symbolically but erroneously applied by all monastic ordersFire, 435:here dealing with man we can count from what is erroneously termed "the bottom up." Therefore, theFire, 581:not only the physical plane catastrophes (as we erroneously term them), but the correspondingFire, 679:to the emphasis laid by Christians (even though erroneously interpreted) upon these two. Fire, 789:around, the etheric body of particles of what we erroneously term "dense substance." This type ofFire, 1068:phenomenon, in the human kingdom which is erroneously termed the prolongation of life; it mightFire, 1124:an expression) is closely connected with what is erroneously called "evil." Mahat and cosmic EvilHealing, 246:this is an aspect of what is called, erroneously, the Law of Gravitation. This law is - againHealing, 256:of the mental schools and cults, as they erroneously call themselves, has not proceeded soHealing, 282:the concept of thought currents (as they are erroneously called) which are directed to certainHealing, 466:the dense vehicle. This has been sometimes erroneously called the health aura, and it can beHealing, 577:purity; this latter is largely based (somewhat erroneously though not entirely so) on the effect ofHealing, 585:which demonstrates its livingness. We, however, erroneously apply the term living to the ability ofHealing, 615:occult teaching. It has been emphasized (though erroneously interpreted) in the Christian teachingHercules, 172:of dominant importance: Cancer, into what we erroneously call life, and Capricorn, the gate intoMeditation, 241:monadic sheath. It was not my intention, as you erroneously supposed, to give you information as toPsychology2, 9:psychology of the extreme materialistic school erroneously supposes that man's quality isPsychology2, 264:in which this word is used, both correctly and erroneously. Let us here list them: A personality isPsychology2, 507:he is apt to appropriate unwillingly and quite erroneously to himself because of the egocentricRays, 341:become inclusive can "take initiation" (as it is erroneously termed). If initiation were a purelyRays, 349:and utilize the energy of attraction (erroneously called love by some students) stored up in theRays, 409:larger number than those who read (and claim, erroneously, to understand) A Treatise on CosmicRays, 480:around, the etheric body of particles of what we erroneously term 'dense substance'. This type ofRays, 551:of Order or Ceremonial Magic, as it is somewhat erroneously called. This ray is now coming intoReappearance, 106:teaching of the Christ when He came. He was erroneously presented to the world as the livingTelepathy, 69:into activity the quality to which man has erroneously given the name of "love". This emphasizes
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