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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ERROR

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Meditation, 244:of healing. There will not be so much danger of error in the future day of healing, but what I seekMeditation, 245:medical man, and thus safeguard [245] him from error, enabling him to judge truly of the extent ofPatanjali, 68:perception and will only produce illusion and error until that time when the higher forms ofPatanjali, 108:of a faculty which safeguards him from error and of a sense which only reveals to him things asPatanjali, 109:developed, the man is thereby safeguarded from error and from danger. This has been very clearlyPatanjali, 149:of mistakes, the paying of the price of error. The settling of past obligations and debts is ever aPsychology1, 74:Antichrist as working on the black side, their error is great. His work is as beneficent as that ofPsychology1, 252:that there has been a mistake, or a serious error, on the part of God Himself, of our planetaryPsychology1, 398:earth, they spoke of this event. This was their error; the long antagonism started, which persistsPsychology1, 427:hinted that there has been a mistake, or serious error, on the part of God Himself, of ourPsychology2, 95:enact the drama of salvation. But this is an error, due to the overpowering emotional glamor of thePsychology2, 106:upon the outer plane. This is a subtle error, for it masks itself behind a sense of righteousPsychology2, 316:her Study in Consciousness sought to avoid the error of materialism and to voice a real vision ofPsychology2, 402:lead us deeper into the gloomy forest of human error and illusion. Yet, could we but know it,Psychology2, 471:and to believe that its existence is simply an error of mortal mind, and a form of autosuggestionPsychology2, 474:to preoccupy him and to lead him into danger and error. It retards his progress on the way andPsychology2, 545:and disease are indicative of individual error, of failure and of so-called sin. They can of coursePsychology2, 572:man has [572] to learn to distinguish truth from error, and the real from the unreal. Thus thosePsychology2, 572:properly be asked: How can the mystic avoid this error and confusion? How can he distinguish thePsychology2, 572:will guard the mystic from astral delusion and error is: The cultivation of a spirit of truePsychology2, 598:has chosen to proceed by means of the "trial and error" method and it is in many ways a soundPsychology2, 612:astral plane" and proceed to function without error and can thus bring about the unimpededPsychology2, 647:upon a recognition of the universality of human error in the past, and the fact that there is noPsychology2, 721:interpretation of the sensed ideals may be in error, but the power to respond to the new forces isRays, 126:cannot be taken in the spiritual sense. This error or mistake in the approach of truth enables menRays, 436:interpretation is almost always fundamentally in error, and it takes time (coming within that cycleReappearance, 130:faculty of the mind - the great discloser of error and the eventual revealer of truth. Once thatReappearance, 143:VI - The New World Religion We are surely not in error if we conclude that this spiritual dismayTelepathy, 101:truism of learning through a system of trial and error proved more correct than it is in the lifeTelepathy, 105:will the recorded impression be devoid of error. It will not then be tinctured with any emotionalTelepathy, 106:disciple is ever aware of the possibility of error, of the intervention of psychic intrusions andTelepathy, 175:of the sphere of radiation." An element of error can creep in at this point, which is not possible
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