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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ERRORS

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Astrology, 27:of the Ageless Wisdom correct what are deemed errors by the Teachers on the inner side of life, IAutobiography, 193:to think of the mistakes I would have made, the errors in judgment of which I would have beenAutobiography, 301:in the Piscean era, which is now closing. These errors and unfortunate aspects were in a certainBethlehem, 215:the point, where we no longer make our earlier errors or commit our former sins. For we suffer andDiscipleship1, 48:of the disciple) and making apparently serious errors in judgment or technique. Yet, brother ofDiscipleship1, 343:of losing time as you appropriate the mental errors of others), the group identification requiredDiscipleship1, 512:to see the good and ignore the weaknesses and errors? Is there an immediate interest evoked in youDiscipleship1, 662:position of the naughty, wilful child, for your errors and faults are those of a child and are notDiscipleship1, 685:of the evil of the present war and of errors in every national policy make it possible eventuallyDiscipleship2, 12:notice need be paid to less important faults and errors; so oft faults that seem to you ofDiscipleship2, 150:own life and community - with the weaknesses and errors to which he may find himself prone. I wouldDiscipleship2, 415:mind, with its deviousness, its illusions, its errors, its dogmatisms and its separative thinkingEducation, 13:criticism and the pointing out of faults and errors does not always prove helpful; it may butEducation, 87:[87] many, many educators in every country. The errors and mistakes of the past techniques areExternalisation, 64:the group members. Personality tendencies and errors exist and the mistakes which involve,Externalisation, 135:joint responsibility, joint mistakes, ancient errors of judgment, wrong attitudes and habits ofExternalisation, 206:three clear and practical truths: That the errors and mistakes of past centuries, culminating inExternalisation, 206:in the present world war, are the joint errors and mistakes of humanity as a whole. ThisExternalisation, 237:within themselves. They have made many grievous errors in the past (as have all peoples), but theExternalisation, 332:number of trials and the greater the number of errors. But the system works, for it is anExternalisation, 398:will know what to do and how to rectify past errors. A revelation of life and of "life moreExternalisation, 430:faced with the opportunity [430] of erasing past errors, ancient selfishness and ingrainedExternalisation, 490:own life and community - with the weaknesses and errors to which he may find himself prone. I wouldExternalisation, 550:in the direful task of pointing out mistakes and errors of ancient standing, wrong and disastrousFire, 645:somewhat to recognize them. One of the great errors into which the human family has fallen has beenGlamour, 83:aspirants fail at this point, due to two errors. They omit to discriminate between illusion andGlamour, 147:(if I may use such a term) of the same basic errors and faults. The German is powerfully raceGlamour, 199:thus can humanity be helped to leave behind the errors, the glamors and the failures of the past.Healing, 114:Ancient mistakes, so-called sins and errors of the individual concerned, committed in this life orHealing, 381:a very ancient past, wherein so-called sins and errors, wrongdoing and wrong attitudes have piledHealing, 393:penalties, usually out of all proportion to the errors of a lifetime, and the terrors imposed by anInitiation, 57:neutralizing as far as possible the mistakes and errors of the churchmen and the theologians. He isMagic, 114:to good account situations brought about by the errors of those inferior in point of development.Magic, 180:of those who write from personal knowledge the errors in expression will be of no real moment;Magic, 180:moment; whilst in the second and third cases the errors will be dependent upon the point inMagic, 180:to receive and hear, he will soon correct the errors himself and his understanding will grow. LaterMagic, 552:civilization, in spite of all its mistakes and errors, is to produce thinkers. Education, books,Meditation, 134:but come back, and then in the future avoid like errors in the same way as a child once burntMeditation, 244:what I seek to point out is that although those errors will be obviated in the case of the physicalProblems, 60:among them many educators in every country. The errors and mistakes of the past techniques arePsychology1, 171:any desire to serve, and which were (in spite of errors in technique and method) of any usefulnessPsychology1, 306:conditions in order to offset and rectify past errors and give the lower nature time to readjustPsychology2, 44:[44] of too close attention to the faults, errors and activities of other disciples, and too littlePsychology2, 487:phenomena. They realize that in spite of errors and mistakes, the whole trend of the racialPsychology2, 502:separated at night from the physical body, such errors will be of increasing occurrence. ThePsychology2, 612:the glamors, the ambitions and the errors of the modern mystic can all be traced to the earlyRays, 751:are prompt to adjudicate blame, to point out errors and to advise other nations what is wrong andReappearance, 63:of the Christ have disappeared in a travesty of errors and in a mummery of ritual, money and humanReappearance, 126:The total effect of all these stupidities and errors of presentation has nevertheless been good. InSoul, 90:based on natural facts, which has offset the errors and deductions of the visionary mystic and theSoul, 149:it makes up by its vast number of trials and errors extending over many centuries of qualitativeTelepathy, 80:This Dweller represents all the mistakes and errors due to wrong reactions, unrecognized contacts,Telepathy, 101:disciple. When he is an accepted disciple, the errors decrease in number even though the trials (or
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