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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERIC

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Astrology, 680: Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students The Fourth Kingdom and the Hierarchy ofAstrology, 683: Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students The Cosmos "Our solar system, with theAstrology, 687: Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students Some Hints on the Science of TrianglesAstrology, 687:to the four minor head centers, and the three esoteric Kumaras corresponding to the three majorAstrology, 690: Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students "A hint may here be given to those whoAstrology, 692:connected with the Earth, and form eventually an esoteric triangle." (C. F. 370) "Each of theAstrology, 693: Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students Planets, Rays and Esoteric TeachingAstrology, 693:- Suggestions for Students Planets, Rays and Esoteric Teaching Uranus (7th) - The School of MagicAtom, 6:as given. Those who are already students of the esoteric wisdom will be able to follow the line ofAtom, 101:is coming gradually to the conclusion of the esoteric philosophy of the East, that consciousnessAtom, 103:This has been long taught in the East, and "esoteric philosophy teaches that everything lives andAutobiography, 3:many languages. I found myself the head of an esoteric school - all unwittingly and without anyAutobiography, 11:great outstanding characteristic - Fear. In esoteric circles, there is much learned talk about theAutobiography, 16:a very interesting one and, from the angle of esoteric symbolism, extraordinarily significant. IAutobiography, 18:never failed me. When I became interested in esoteric matters and gave up being an orthodox,Autobiography, 38:and to "debunk" the nonsense put out by many esoteric (so-called) schools of thought. The claim ofAutobiography, 140:and the planetary Hierarchy. I found that the esoteric presentation of truth in no way belittledAutobiography, 152:class rooms, a shrine room where members of the Esoteric Section met and a cafeteria which fed theAutobiography, 155:a girl of fifteen. I had been admitted into the Esoteric Section (E.S.) of the Theosophical SocietyAutobiography, 170:control of the Theosophical Society by the Esoteric Section was rapidly growing. Autobiography, 172:expressing itself through the various occult and esoteric bodies, but through the labor unions,Autobiography, 190:this Mr. Prater recognized. Later he gave me the esoteric section instructions as given to him byAutobiography, 190:of the Theosophical magazine, plus other esoteric papers which he had received from H.P.B. AmongAutobiography, 190:one in which H.P.B. expressed her wish that the esoteric section should be called the ArcaneAutobiography, 193:it would entail and the responsibilities any esoteric school has to shoulder I know I would notAutobiography, 193:from myself. It is not an easy thing to run an esoteric school. It is [194] far from easy to takeAutobiography, 194:think they are fundamental and should govern all esoteric schools and because after I am dead andAutobiography, 195:is room in the world today for hundreds of true esoteric schools and that they all should be ableAutobiography, 195:and I asked him why people who were ready for esoteric training should be kept waiting for twoAutobiography, 195:a pity it was that the Arcane School and the esoteric section could not work happily together. IAutobiography, 212:always held the theory that the deepest and most esoteric truths could be shouted from theAutobiography, 217:be undenominational, non-sectarian and open to esoteric thinkers and occult students of all groupsAutobiography, 228:were working in the order, having outgrown the esoteric section in the T.S. I'm not a good hand atAutobiography, 229:of the Ageless Wisdom and some presentation of esoteric truth. The first indications of a risingAutobiography, 237:the exoteric religions of the West and the esoteric faiths of the East. On the levels of theAutobiography, 237:faiths of the East. On the levels of the esoteric or spiritual approach to divinity there hasAutobiography, 241:and the soul. He emphasizes, also, the new esoteric astrology which deals with the purpose of theAutobiography, 246:though H.P.B. (in her communications to the Esoteric Section) stated that she bitterly regretted soAutobiography, 247:three is entirely given over to the subject of esoteric astrology and forms a unit in itself. It isAutobiography, 249:of many associated with the Hierarchy) to see an esoteric school started which would leave theAutobiography, 249:whilst assigning meditation and study and giving esoteric teaching - leave people to make their ownAutobiography, 249:at the same time communicate to them the deepest esoteric truths which they could recognize ifAutobiography, 250:A.A.B. Students can work in any of the occult, esoteric, metaphysical or orthodox groups andAutobiography, 255:stated in certain instructions sent out to the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society thatAutobiography, 262:of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - What is an Esoteric School What is an Esoteric School By Alice A.Autobiography, 262:Appendix - What is an Esoteric School What is an Esoteric School By Alice A. Bailey There are manyAutobiography, 262:By Alice A. Bailey There are many so-called esoteric schools today. All of them are relativelyAutobiography, 262:I am not here referring to the ever-existing Esoteric School, which is present in every part of theAutobiography, 262:public the nature of the secret doctrine, of the esoteric teaching and of the inner government ofAutobiography, 262:but frequently little real understanding. Esoteric schools are occupied with promoting the growthAutobiography, 262:life, consciousness and form. None of this is esoteric teaching. Devotion to the Masters has beenAutobiography, 263:a command or expects obedience. The average esoteric group is today a closed organization,Autobiography, 263:It will be apparent, therefore, that no true esoteric school has yet come into existence. TheAutobiography, 263:not been ripe for the manifestation of the true esoteric schools. Humanity has not been ready.Autobiography, 263:the Law of Evolution - make their appearance. Esoteric schools are no exception to the evolutionaryAutobiography, 263:occult and thus vision clearly the goal of esoteric training. This they have not yet done. TheAutobiography, 264:schools, the [264] inner schools and the various esoteric sections have been disastrously guilty.Autobiography, 264:Schools of Initiation. Up to date, the so-called esoteric schools have dealt with aspirants uponAutobiography, 264:and are intended to bridge the gap between the esoteric schools of the past and the true schoolsAutobiography, 264:of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - What is an Esoteric School 1. Esoteric Schools in the Past TheseAutobiography, 264:- Appendix - What is an Esoteric School 1. Esoteric Schools in the Past These are the schools withAutobiography, 265:instinct, if haply man may find Him. [265] 2. Esoteric Schools of the Present These schools, nowAutobiography, 265:Present These schools, now forming, have more esoteric knowledge; this is being correlated andAutobiography, 265:the occult fact of identity with the divine. 3. Esoteric Schools in the Future These schools willAutobiography, 265:in the Future These schools will be truly esoteric for humanity will then be ready. The higherAutobiography, 265:Some definitions of esotericism. How an esoteric school is formed. The fundamental truths taught inAutobiography, 265:study of these themes will help us to know what esoteric teaching is and aid us to work asAutobiography, 265:Leaders and teachers in the present so-called esoteric schools must face the facts - hard as theyAutobiography, 266:of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - What is an Esoteric School I. Some Definitions of Esotericism TheAutobiography, 266:I. Some Definitions of Esotericism The words "esoteric" and "occult" signify "that which isAutobiography, 266:the soul must manifest. This cleansing is not esoteric in nature and is no sign of esoteric or ofAutobiography, 266:is not esoteric in nature and is no sign of esoteric or of spiritual unfoldment. It is only a mostAutobiography, 266:required by the disciple when he starts true esoteric work. This elementary training enables theAutobiography, 266:of God. The new schools are occupied with more esoteric values. They train the disciple to work asAutobiography, 267:and very different techniques of training. 1. An esoteric school is one in which the relation ofAutobiography, 267:way to become a useful server of humanity. 2. An esoteric school is an extension into the physicalAutobiography, 267:of the consciousness of the Master, so the true esoteric school is the outpost of some subjectiveAutobiography, 267:direct relationship to the Hierarchy. 3. A true esoteric school works on four levels of service andAutobiography, 267:with a Master, as is the case in the majority of esoteric schools of the old order. Contact withAutobiography, 268:definite knowledge about the Hierarchy. 4. An esoteric school trains the disciple in group work. HeAutobiography, 268:separated self conditioning his thinking. 5. An esoteric school is not founded upon authority or onAutobiography, 269:under some one of, the [269] Masters) starts an esoteric school has absolutely no authority, exceptAutobiography, 269:charged with the work of the Hierarchy. 6. An esoteric group is one in which the rounded-outAutobiography, 269:the world, for higher and different work. 7. An esoteric school is, therefore, a medium throughAutobiography, 269:in the soul and in his Master's Ashram. The esoteric school teaches him how to achieve this, how toAutobiography, 270:There are many other definitions of an esoteric school but I have chosen the simpler of them, andAutobiography, 270:to tread the Path of Initiation with which the esoteric schools of the future will familiarize theAutobiography, 270:effort to meet these seven requirements of all esoteric schools, that the Arcane School isAutobiography, 270:as true servers in the world. There is no true esoteric school today which is giving training forAutobiography, 270:of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - What is an Esoteric School II. How an Esoteric School is Formed AnAutobiography, 270:Appendix - What is an Esoteric School II. How an Esoteric School is Formed An esoteric school isAutobiography, 270:School II. How an Esoteric School is Formed An esoteric school is not formed because some MasterAutobiography, 270:impression. He does not usually plan to start an esoteric school; no definite and plannedAutobiography, 271:a helpful organization but he does not found an esoteric school. A disciple becomes the center of aAutobiography, 271:be taught. Humility is the keynote of the true esoteric leader, because humility indicates visionAutobiography, 272:to be done before the vision becomes a reality. Esoteric schools can be divided into differentAutobiography, 272:the beginner who needs to learn that the true esoteric school is ever started by a disciple andAutobiography, 272:groups: 1. There are a large number of so-called esoteric schools which are started by aspirants.Autobiography, 273:in the plan of the Hierarchy but they are not esoteric schools and their leaders are not disciples;Autobiography, 273:2. There are also a certain number of esoteric schools, started by disciples, who are learning,
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