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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERIC

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Externalisation, 98:of the seed groups is described in current esoteric literature as love-wisdom (the heart nature andExternalisation, 99:the love which I have defined above, plus that esoteric sense which must be unfolded before theExternalisation, 99:and perceive the subtle evidences of the esoteric sense, and then define it and explain itsExternalisation, 101:to what end they are directed, for there is an esoteric distinction between the Plan as it existsExternalisation, 102:a gradual spreading throughout the world of an esoteric network. For this the majority are not yetExternalisation, 107:attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. ItExternalisation, 111:of the nature of the Forces invoked and of the esoteric meaning which these words (used soExternalisation, 137:records of all nations as well as in the esoteric records of the Hierarchy. The inherent humanExternalisation, 138:run. But there is very much to be done of an esoteric and a preparatory nature and it is this whichExternalisation, 139:to you (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, Esoteric Psychology, Page 647) that it should beExternalisation, 151:and see on every hand the process going forward. Esoteric students are apt to over-estimate theExternalisation, 151:procedure but is, for that very reason, potent. Esoteric and occult students demonstrate almostExternalisation, 164:begin now to demonstrate their profound esoteric significance and their amazing living potency: IExternalisation, 166:solar system. It is for this reason that the esoteric teaching emphasizes the fact that the soul ofExternalisation, 168:which will embody [168] the realities of the esoteric teaching, as well as the best of theExternalisation, 170:of humanity. Ponder on this statement. In the esoteric teaching, this takes place in the life ofExternalisation, 230:the distinction between exoteric happenings and esoteric attitudes and between those who see a newExternalisation, 276:Light and Love I can say but little to you. To esoteric students, these words are so familiar as toExternalisation, 285:and exoteric, into that of the intangible and esoteric. Science is rapidly becoming the science ofExternalisation, 322:was started by A.A.B. to train those ready for esoteric teaching and to prepare them for the stageExternalisation, 330:of mine. 7. Leaders of spiritual, religious and esoteric groups, as well as educational groups,Externalisation, 337:fellowmen. As I explained elsewhere in detail (Esoteric Astrology, Pages 570-575), this process ofExternalisation, 352:The question of right timing is one of deep esoteric significance and is basically involved here.Externalisation, 353:can be done. There are no limitations when true esoteric work is undertaken. To this end, I seek toExternalisation, 362:success of such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively veryExternalisation, 387:(A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 701-751) indicated might beExternalisation, 432:battle between evil and good which are so deeply esoteric and hidden from the understanding of theExternalisation, 484:people in the churches and humanitarian and esoteric groups. The energy which will lead toExternalisation, 490:affairs and by my understanding of a certain esoteric appropriateness in the setting of a timeExternalisation, 490:points in time, the stanza can be used by all esoteric school members, after being used for oneExternalisation, 503:must be revived and brought up to date (in the esoteric sense of the word) and the religiousExternalisation, 504:and alters not the fact of His influence and His esoteric coming. Certain of the Masters have theExternalisation, 506:is very close. He acts ceaselessly on the inner esoteric council of the churches, and with Him theExternalisation, 512:In all these bodies there are to be found esoteric groups who are the custodians of the innerExternalisation, 512:These groups which constitute the true inner esoteric group are many, but their membership is yetExternalisation, 512:that a student may belong to any of the outer esoteric groups so-called is no indication of hisExternalisation, 512:groups so-called is no indication of his true esoteric status. When the few who are the trueExternalisation, 512:esoteric status. When the few who are the true esoteric students of the world know the differenceExternalisation, 512:then will the Christ and His church have a real esoteric group on the physical plane and the outerExternalisation, 513:in cooperation with the Occult Hierarchy. In the esoteric group, which is composed of the trueExternalisation, 513:- will be the utilization of the banded esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the ChurchExternalisation, 513:true Masons, and the innermost circles of the esoteric societies. Three types of men have theirExternalisation, 516:and the walls of separativeness. Thirdly, esoteric organizations must stand for all that tends toExternalisation, 516:for the uplift of the world, and through the esoteric groups there must be the putting forth ofExternalisation, 518:of Church Organization, a Masonic Fraternity, an esoteric group) as much as may be. They seek toExternalisation, 520:in all kingdoms. The Hierarchy receives that esoteric "Fire of God" which brings to an end cycles,Externalisation, 536:planes in the three worlds. This was the deeply esoteric and unrecognized cause of the war - theExternalisation, 536:engineer of its own fate; but it took both the esoteric activity of Shamballa and the exotericExternalisation, 546:the Triangles, which constitutes a deeply esoteric mode of working, yet one of extreme simplicity;Externalisation, 546:these the Christ is responsible. These are: The esoteric preparation for the physical appearance orExternalisation, 547:2. I published books which gave the new esoteric teaching, founded on the past, of service today,Externalisation, 547:those books I isolated for the new generation of esoteric students the "truths" which were true,Externalisation, 550:which I have said. There are many who prefer the esoteric truths anent the antahkarana, the worldExternalisation, 571:is not necessarily connected with any so-called esoteric groups and - if he is - his task is thatExternalisation, 571:are able to work in this way. Occult bodies and esoteric groups are, at this time, the mostExternalisation, 571:oriented and dedicated, will find their way into esoteric bodies which are free from dogmatism andExternalisation, 576:of the Hierarchy - in full force and with its esoteric equipment. In the early stages, the task ofExternalisation, 582:general public, and not in the early stages to esoteric matters. In the last analysis, there is forExternalisation, 628:and who will if correctly approached. There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whomExternalisation, 629:can. Thirdly, the metaphysical schools and the esoteric groups have given much thought to thisExternalisation, 629:funds, whilst other groups, and particularly the esoteric groups, do not? Why do truly spiritualExternalisation, 631:law (related to the periodical giving out of the esoteric teaching) in order to aid humanity andExternalisation, 656:widespread nature of this energy contact because esoteric students have very frequently [657] theExternalisation, 657:the Hierarchy works only through the medium of esoteric and so-called occult groups. The moreExternalisation, 664:of disciples (many of them unconscious of their esoteric status) who were cooperating with the LawExternalisation, 666:labels, for schools of thought nor for academic, esoteric teaching. They exemplify withinExternalisation, 694:speaking, the intuition is not the revealer of esoteric truths. They come along another line ofExternalisation, 695:and there, from the mass of men. They indicate esoteric possibility, and in their lives love ofFire, VII:in producing was in fact only the A B C of esoteric knowledge, and that in the future she wouldFire, VII:teaching, when she found better and more deeply esoteric teaching available. Clear and profound asFire, VII:This involved the burden of leadership in the esoteric field and precipitated attack andFire, VII:authoritarian. The entire platform upon which esoteric teaching stands before the public today hasFire, viii:the problems of humanity. Heretofore, advanced esoteric teaching has almost invariably beenFire, xvii:on Cosmic Fire - Fire Fire "What says the esoteric teaching with regard to Fire?" Fire is the mostFire, xviii:of the seven cosmic paths Division C. Seven esoteric stanzas The above tabulation of the subjectsFire, 44:of the Logos viewing His manifestation from one esoteric angle; esoterically, they are the sumtotalFire, 47:system of control, of the Monad. These form an esoteric quaternary which with the fifth factor, theFire, 63:are not. 18 T. Subba Rao says on page 20, of Esoteric Writings: As a general rule, whenever sevenFire, 63:on this planet, as stated in Mr. Sinnett's book, Esoteric Buddhism, and after having set theFire, 83:etheric body, the locality of which is not for esoteric publication and cannot therefore beFire, 84:naturally lie where prana is received. It is the esoteric Garden of Eden, the land of physicalFire, 122:Man, the vehicles of spiritual life, the higher esoteric correspondence to the prana flowingFire, 128:His nature. Back of this design lies a yet more esoteric and ulterior purpose, hid in the WillFire, 130:that "which is not," but simply that which is esoteric. Second. The etheric double of a man, aFire, 150:easy to grasp in broad outline than the more esoteric work of the first Logos, which is that of theFire, 181:to the four minor head centers, and the three esoteric Kumaras corresponding to the three majorFire, 183:vehicles in etheric matter; three Kumaras are esoteric and have their vehicles in subtler mattersFire, 225:Why, as yet, do we consider certain knowledge as esoteric, and other aspects of knowledge asFire, 260:and the dawning fourth. The other three are esoteric and must remain so until each man has forFire, 266:685. II, 669. III, 476, 560. The latter is more esoteric.) 11 H. P. Blavatsky says in the SecretFire, 266:- S. D., III, 374, 446. That the esoteric enumeration cannot be made to correspond with theFire, 285:VIII. Why is Knowledge 16 both Exoteric and Esoteric? We can now take up the question next inFire, 285:"Why do we consider certain aspects of knowledge esoteric and other aspects as exoteric?" TheFire, 286:for a considerably longer time be considered esoteric, as also will the apprehension andFire, 287:these points, it will become apparent that the esoteric aspects of knowledge are really those zonesFire, 287:this is realized the true significance of the esoteric and the occult will be appreciated, and theFire, 296:the Akasha. The secret of the fifth round. The esoteric significance of Saturn, the third, planet.Fire, 357:were vital in the last solar system (from the esoteric standpoint), and are not counted in this;Fire, 366:On this we may not enlarge as these mantrams are esoteric and the use of them is fraught with muchFire, 370:connected with the Earth, and form eventually an esoteric triangle. b. Saturn is the synthesizing
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