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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERIC

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Fire, 396:within His consciousness. When, therefore, the esoteric side of astrology, and of mysticalFire, 400:Between these two stages is [400] a mysterious esoteric stage wherein he is resolved into the four,Fire, 401:and only as the Triad comes into play, via the esoteric four, are the fires of both mind and matterFire, 412:Quaternary. Associated with them are the three esoteric Kumaras, mentioned in the Secret Doctrine,Fire, 432:further point I would make, and as it is of an esoteric and occult nature, it can be but hinted at.Fire, 440:seven Kumaras, (the four exoteric and the three esoteric) cooperate with this Law, and workFire, 458:is the third of the kingdoms and is (from the esoteric point of view and as regards its relation toFire, 480:kingdoms of nature, which make them a temporary esoteric three and exoteric four. Man willFire, 483:only. Only a fragmentary portion of the esoteric meaning given. Only adepts can speak withFire, 486:lies in the inability of the student to read the esoteric background of the above communicatedFire, 493:"a little child shall lead them" is largely the esoteric enunciation of the fact that three fifthsFire, 520:another enumeration they make the ten of the esoteric life, and can also be enumerated as twelve,Fire, 520:centers of the Logos. There are to be found the esoteric planets and the Sun, viewed as the centerFire, 524:in a planetary condition of harmony, and of esoteric equality, which will provide ideal environmentFire, 525:purely exoteric, and no longer [525] part of an esoteric process. In due course of time, it will beFire, 525:(S. D., I, 116, 493; II, 112, 149.) and the esoteric three, and from the point of view of manFire, 526:atoms; we might then briefly summarize a mass of esoteric information anent the permanent atoms,Fire, 533:the three Buddhas of Activity. A hint as to this esoteric influence comes to man in the closeFire, 534:planets. The words "Halls of Wisdom" in their esoteric significance describe a stage ofFire, 555:and studied by many schools of thought, esoteric or exoteric. The extra-systemic stimulationFire, follow:than the mineral, and having a most esoteric relationship to the deva evolution. All these kingdomsFire, 620:will slay the forms. - S. D., II, 67. Note the esoteric order. - S. D., II, 88, 92, 100; II, 116. 1Fire, 634:of the systemic physical plane; hence their esoteric appellation of the "Agnichaitans of the innerFire, 634:of vision. These devas have to do, in a very esoteric sense, with the nerve plexus in the: SolarFire, 647:and the fourth, and their production of the esoteric seven is one of the lines of study for theFire, 648:Who form the life of specific groups. They are esoteric, and Their function is one of the secretsFire, 648:fire at the base of the spine (viewing it in its esoteric significance, and in connection with theFire, 656:body, a solar system. This has a definite and esoteric bearing upon the subject under discussion,Fire, 656:our present standpoint, must remain abstract and esoteric. If we consider this under the Law ofFire, 656:the Law of Analogy, and study the essentially esoteric nature of the plane of the Logos (the firstFire, 656:Group A of Agnichaitans must remain profoundly esoteric, and their true nature can only be revealedFire, 657:who form the substance of that one of those esoteric existences who are spoken of in the SecretFire, 664:triangles which will be found by the student of esoteric astronomy and of occult cycles. TheyFire, 666:denser manifestation. From the standpoint of the esoteric philosophy, the cosmic physical plane onFire, 670:of the Moon" is connected with a peculiar esoteric condition which concerns our own planetaryFire, 681:middle principle. (S. D., II, 83.) Thus the esoteric seven is completed. The physical body in itsFire, 697:star "blazes forth from within itself" as the esoteric phrase has it, and becomes the seven-pointedFire, 717:is the moment of fruition, and (from a certain esoteric standpoint) marks the attainment of oneFire, 724:not possible to say more oil these fundamentally esoteric matters, and the value of what is saidFire, 727:avatars from the fourth Creative Hierarchy, for esoteric and for us inexplicable reasons, leaveFire, 729:the limiting medium of language. From the most esoteric standpoint "Man is a deva;" he is SpiritFire, 746:the Lord of a Ray. I say correspondence in its esoteric significance, and do not seek to inferFire, 796:of the Zodiac. [796] The mystery is hidden in esoteric astrology, and until the subject of energyFire, 796:of the factor of time and cycles, and the true esoteric knowledge is not to be gained by the studyFire, 797:As time elapses, the true study of heredity and esoteric transmission will open up, and the wholeFire, 803:they together produce solar fire, and thus the esoteric fifth. It will be apparent that when a manFire, 813:be emphasized. Men will be taught the true esoteric meaning of citizenship - a citizenship basedFire, 821:These three circles of petals are called in the esoteric terminology: The "outer knowledge" triad,Fire, 824:is not possible to say, but the colors hold the esoteric key to this great occurrence. This innerFire, 826:land - have been so fruitful of trouble and the esoteric foundation of the "caste" system, soFire, 829:Kumaras, of Whom two fell, and the three esoteric, of whom One gathers the life forces of the fourFire, 877:and therefore upon his recognition of the esoteric purpose of his group, and of the planetaryFire, 898:forms a systemic triangle of great interest for esoteric astrologers with the sixth scheme and oneFire, 899:centers in man. This statement involves much esoteric macrocosmic significance. "When it isFire, 900:brought to a close. There is again a very close esoteric connection between the fact lying behindFire, 928:might be enumerated as follows: Some very esoteric mantrams, existing in the original Sensa, in theFire, 934:of the builders are pondered upon, and if the esoteric side of Masonry is carefully andFire, 934:and the other speculative Masonry in the true esoteric significance of the word. [935] The devasFire, 966:exoteric organ - Pineal gland - physical. The esoteric organ - the third eye - etheric. Note:Fire, 979:of Pythagoras at Crotona, and many other of the esoteric schools in Europe and Asia had a rule thatFire, 981:to speak can pass this veil and make certain esoteric contacts. Magic consists, we are told in theFire, 982:is usually termed magic. The man who masters the esoteric significance of what is here said willFire, 990:off." All the above must be interpreted in its esoteric sense and not its exoteric. Cosmic evilFire, 996:for Magic These rules will necessarily be of an esoteric nature, and the student will need toFire, 1000:Tetraktys. The two rules above form the esoteric basis of all meditation, and need to be carefullyFire, 1008:aspect, and under that name is hidden much of esoteric moment. Shiva stands for: The Will aspect,Fire, 1022:forms, with our earth and its opposite, the esoteric triangle. [1023] Students need here toFire, 1050:of the seven principles: The head center - an esoteric seven with an exoteric three. The throatFire, 1050:three. The throat center. The heart center - an esoteric three and exoteric seven. The solar plexusFire, 1050:three and exoteric seven. The solar plexus - an esoteric three and exoteric four. The organs ofFire, 1050:and exoteric four. The organs of generation - an esoteric two. The base of the spine - an esotericFire, 1050:- an esoteric two. The base of the spine - an esoteric unity. The inherent activity of every atomFire, 1051:in the karma of the Heavenly Man, and when true esoteric astrology comes into being then more anentFire, 1057:covers the vast rotation must remain as yet esoteric, but it may be stated that it approximates oneFire, 1064:powerful and comprehensive form with the true esoteric attraction which alone produces "occultFire, 1070:When this has been accomplished, astronomy and esoteric astrology will be revolutionized, and theFire, 1085:other. These cosmic wheels, according to the esoteric books, are divided into forty-nine groups,Fire, 1086:of the systemic physical plane. Blue in color, esoteric orange and green. A system which isFire, 1096:and a solar Logos. Viewing these three as an esoteric triplicity much light may be gained byFire, 1097:be expressed through a quotation from an old esoteric manuscript in the Masters archives: "TheFire, 1098:spiritual sun, and through what is called in esoteric parlance "the fourth solar cavity." IfFire, 1099:the fourth Creative Hierarchy. As we know, the esoteric number of this Hierarchy is nine, theFire, 1113:Saturn. It is a triple energy and there is an esoteric connection between this triple energy, andFire, 1121:felt, which produces among the centers the esoteric circulation of force which eventually linksFire, 1129:(the head, the heart and the throat) form an esoteric triangle, and can thus pass the fiery energyFire, 1168:pranic energies. The student will find much of esoteric interest in the following line of livingFire, 1175:school. They exist in five great groups: The esoteric non-sacred planets, called in occult parlanceFire, 1183:hierarchies of being, and the secret of the esoteric symbols. The main stream of energy enters atFire, 1185:brothers" and in their relationship and the esoteric interference of the "Man of Men" (the humanFire, 1189:from Them, and it is this which the true esoteric astrology will eventually reveal. The time is notFire, 1191:will be apparent, therefore, that the real and esoteric astrology will deal with four kinds ofFire, 1194:knowledge, and remains in his Nirmanakaya. The esoteric school teaches that Gautama, Buddha withFire, 1200:Life of Spirit, and principle of Buddhi, is the esoteric cause of the cosmic marriage of spirit andFire, 1206:in the three worlds. This is a most important esoteric fact, and all students of meditation uponFire, 1220:circles. The Laws and Symbols No. Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy 1. Law ofFire, 1225:together and viewed as one and are called in esoteric parlance: "The Lives of that which appeared,Fire, 1229:is considered (from the standpoint of the esoteric student) to be devoid of form and thereforeFire, 1229:with their "Father in Heaven," the Monad. Esoteric students, disciples and the initiates of lowerFire, 1229:is dealt with in the New Testament in one of the esoteric statements addressed by the Great Lord toFire, 1246:door" he has before him four very peculiar and esoteric IDENTIFICATIONS. This entrance takes place
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