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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERICALLY

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Fire, 681:in its denser manifestation is, as we know, not esoterically considered a principle. The devas ofFire, 688:of the divine consciousness, and yet, will be esoterically considered as "below the threshold" ofFire, 803:somewhat the significance of the number five, esoterically considered. Electric fire, being anFire, 829:our planetary Logos on His high level is what is esoterically called "sitting for yoga," and isFire, 846:of a type at present inconceivable to man. Esoterically he is stated to have "neither sight norFire, 848:lines of evolution and has been for this reason esoterically termed "the council chamber of theFire, 879:tie between them and the lunar lords (who are esoterically spoken of as "dead or dying on the fieldFire, 919:upon that great group of Builders who are called esoterically "Those who transmit the Word." I haveFire, 937:upon different aspects of lower manifestation. Esoterically, this is all hidden in the words of aFire, 1011:resemble Him; but this color must be interpreted esoterically. It must be remembered also thatFire, 1011:be colored according to the man's ray - again esoterically understood. More anent this question ofFire, 1016:around himself a protecting shell of air atoms, esoterically understood, that the magician guardsFire, 1051:or vibrations, of the various planets. This, esoterically understood, is the influence of some oneFire, 1064:within certain specific cycles. This awareness, esoterically understood, concerns itself withFire, 1142:a different formula - information as to what is esoterically called "the heat content" of any unit,Fire, 1154:must not be pushed too far. The Saturn scheme is esoterically regarded as having absorbed theFire, 1156:The past system, therefore, is deemed esoterically the third, being the lowest and being related toFire, 1157:sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lying esoterically behind the outer physical solar form.Fire, 1183:onward march of all things; these are sometimes esoterically called "the forward moving Lives."Fire, 1190:pull of that planetary scheme which is esoterically regarded as our polar [1191] opposite. (What isFire, 1204:Uniters" and "the Producers of the At-one-ment." Esoterically, they are the "Saviors of the Race"Fire, 1245:Path. The adepts who choose this Path are called esoterically the "beneficent dragons," and theGlamour, 6:the light of the intuition will draw forth, [6] esoterically speaking, into the light of day everyGlamour, 8:as the type of desire it arouses in you. Esoterically. This would cover the effect of the force orGlamour, 95:subtle man is as yet "weak in impact" (as it is esoterically called), a physical unificationGlamour, 104:glamor, and when this does take place - speaking esoterically - "an opening will be made which willGlamour, 128:is always controlled by the forces which are esoterically regarded as etheric in nature and,Glamour, 181:desired for the helping of humanity into what is esoterically called "the triple light of theGlamour, 258:should be in "process of elevation" as it is esoterically called; this increases their physicalGlamour, 268:Can it and should it be sacrificed so that (esoterically speaking) its life is lost and in itsHealing, 40:it is the scientific method, par excellence and esoterically speaking, of cleaning house and ofHealing, 67:in the emotional or astral body is synthesized esoterically under the term: diseases of irritation.Healing, 78:the bulk of humanity or of those people whom we esoterically call "solar-sacral" people. This isHealing, 81:are receptive to any particular type of force. Esoterically speaking, the centers can be in one ofHealing, 123:an effective influence and can never be what is esoterically called "unnoticed in his place andHealing, 123:a group, or is in a position to begin to form, esoterically, his own ashram (prior to taking someHealing, 125:of the disciple. The heart and the blood are esoterically related, and symbolically define theHealing, 194:discloses itself when the entire center is esoterically unfolded or awakened. It is present all theHealing, 197:to the three divine aspects; they are esoterically responsive to these three aspects and they makeHealing, 201:of the physical body. [201] The spinal column (esoterically, the ida, pingala and sushumnaHealing, 246:of the powerful life of the planet, speaking esoterically; this is an aspect of what is called,Healing, 246:Law of Gravitation. This law is - again speaking esoterically - an aspect of the Law of Return,Healing, 299:conditions which lead to what has been called (esoterically) "the suffocation of the life" -Healing, 372:necessity for "spiritual limitation" (as it is esoterically called when defining the career of aHealing, 380:Masters can usually gauge what will occur, but esoterically They refuse "to ponder on the energiesHealing, 448:beings achieving initiation are "withdrawn" esoterically), "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all menHealing, 462:which characterizes so many death beds. Coma, esoterically speaking, is of two kinds: there is theHealing, 469:body in time and space has in it what has been esoterically called "two moments of brilliance."Healing, 469:and its existence upon the outer plane, esoterically speaking. This is a moment of great radiance;Healing, 489:steadily into the mind body, and the astral body esoterically "drops away" and finally disappears.Healing, 492:nothing in [492] his consciousness but what are esoterically called "the three seeds or germs ofHealing, 529:to intuit the "karma of the moment," as it is esoterically called, and therefore to know if a cureHealing, 549:with studious care. The keynote to good health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution,Healing, 573:in that case the man would die; but they can be esoterically "driven to their point of emanation,Healing, 581:the alta major center, and that these correspond esoterically to the distributing agents of theHealing, 590:of the personality. The ray of the physical body esoterically "ascends upward towards juncture,Healing, 604:radiation from the patient. This radiation, esoterically, "lights up" the point of friction in theHealing, 616:that the dense physical body is regarded esoterically as simply an automaton; it is only aHealing, 621:mind. But the true results (as divine and as esoterically desirable) are correct alignment, rightHealing, 694:the healer. None of these healings can be traced esoterically to the scientific methods ofHercules, 68:well as of the individual soul. It is therefore, esoterically considered, the star of initiation.Hercules, 69:emphasizing the magnificence of Canis Major and, esoterically, the wonder and the glory of theInitiation, 9:most sacred ceremony of the Church, performed esoterically as one of the mysteries given at statedInitiation, 51:ally, if it might be so expressed, and fourteen esoterically, being more concerned with theInitiation, 60:North America. He it is who has had much to do esoterically with the various mental sciences, suchInitiation, 74:vehicle for force. In the reservation of words, esoterically understood, lies the conservation ofInitiation, 92:initiation the force or energy of the planet (esoterically understood, and not merely the force orInitiation, 94:three fifths of the human family will then have esoterically "set their feet upon the path," and aInitiation, 95:higher planes, as more and more the human units esoterically "blaze forth." It must be rememberedInitiation, 96:They will be the recipients of those who are esoterically "saved" from among the other schemes.Initiation, 224:the periphery of the influence of the sun, both esoterically and exoterically understood. The limitMagic, 183:is indication that the man is what is termed esoterically "a lighted lamp" it is useless for theMagic, 189:I use the words "creative work" I am speaking esoterically and am not referring to the valuableMagic, 243:understanding of this ebb and flow. Souls might esoterically be regarded as those "seeking theMagic, 252:he becomes in practical manifestation what he is esoterically and essentially. As this takes place,Magic, 289:forces, and of extra-solar or cosmic impulses, esoterically called "breaths". These forces andMagic, 419:value. The members of this new group work esoterically with souls, and deal not with the details ofMagic, 433:there are energies which emanate from what is esoterically called "the heart of the sun"; theseMagic, 460:Universal Mind and is of varying kinds and was (esoterically speaking) generated in a previousMagic, 479:and for the enjoyment of form drove men esoterically "into the waters". Desire for form stillMagic, 529:center of light and understanding which we call, esoterically, the occult hierarchy, the cloud ofMagic, 549:four elements - earth, water, fire and air, and, esoterically speaking, passed as a Savior throughMagic, 588:work of the earlier stage, become what is esoterically called "released within the prison house";Magic, 611:on Cosmic Fire referred. These fires are esoterically one fire but this fire produces, according toMeditation, 43:is of more value to the individual than aught esoterically imparted. Therefore, ponder andMeditation, 210:Nature. They are the offspring [210] of night, esoterically understood. They are the basis ofMeditation, 214:change, intermingle, blend, and are not esoterically understood in the same sense as you mightMeditation, 214:the words, red, yellow, orange, blue and violet. Esoterically they scarcely resemble their names,Meditation, 221:you know - white, and the Logos will then have esoterically "washed His robes and made them whiteMeditation, 221:and human kingdoms can find a place of contact. Esoterically violet is white. In the blending ofMeditation, 221:Men attain perfection and completeness, and are esoterically considered to be white, the synonym ofMeditation, 224:to ponder upon the significance of white being esoterically violet. It has special application nowMeditation, 225:of the law lies the ability to think esoterically, and wrest the inner meaning out of the externalMeditation, 266:regarded as the Master's intimate, or - as it is esoterically termed - the "Son of the Master." TheMeditation, 269:somewhat to impart to the group with which he is esoterically affiliated. Think upon this: too muchMeditation, 318:more than didactic, for the occultist is always esoterically self-taught. Much of the work done byMeditation, 359:the periphery of the influence of the sun, both esoterically and exoterically understood. The limitPatanjali, 302:path. Only one more point need be touched upon. Esoterically the sun is regarded as triple: ThePatanjali, 425:as it has also been translated. Here we have, esoterically, and symbolically given, the indicationPsychology1, 17:aspect. That Son, the product of the two, is esoterically defined as "the One Who was third but is
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