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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERICALLY

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Psychology1, 18:activity a quality within all human forms which esoterically can "obliterate the forms" and soPsychology1, 37:and that this septenate of qualities colors, esoterically, all forms in all kingdoms in nature,Psychology1, 77:and the solar Angels sacrificed themselves. Esoterically speaking, they "went down into hell, andPsychology1, 86:embodying His qualities run as follows, and were esoterically whispered into His ears when He "leftPsychology1, 96:He said, not to bring peace but a sword, and esoterically, He has been the "Cosmic Divider." Why?Psychology1, 119:of this study of the rays when I state that, esoterically, these seven rays are the sevenfoldPsychology1, 153:But this is a somewhat unique example, esoterically. The relation of the constellations to thePsychology1, 198:blood aspect, and in the shedding of the blood, esoterically understood, lies the clue to thePsychology1, 226:fire and by the pressure of the "divine idea." Esoterically speaking, we have, in the mineralPsychology1, 241:of interest might here be noted. It is known esoterically that the vegetable kingdom is thePsychology1, 243:nature, remembering however that this kingdom is esoterically ahead of the others, for there arePsychology1, 244:scientifically, so the "attractiveness" (esoterically speaking) of the vegetable kingdom remainsPsychology1, 246:we have the indication of the potency of Saturn. Esoterically speaking, the vegetable kingdom isPsychology1, 329:to the "I" consciousness. These are called esoterically "the darkened sparks." [330] Those awakenedPsychology1, 345:of the brotherhood of man. This is their paean." Esoterically speaking (and not speakingPsychology1, 374:the emphasis upon the quota of vitamins. This, esoterically [375] speaking, is due to the shift ofPsychology1, 376:of civilization which functions under what we (esoterically) call the Laws of Cleavage. It is thePsychology1, 383:and also between the two symbols which are esoterically theirs. The symbol for France is the fleurPsychology1, 390:forming country of the United States is likewise esoterically and intimately associated, in itsPsychology1, 418:Gold. Sense: A synthetic sense, embracing all. Esoterically, this power is viewed as the lifePsychology1, 418:The heart. Plane: The Monadic. Sense: Hearing. Esoterically, this power is the consciousness orPsychology1, 419:atmic, or plane of spiritual will. Sense: Touch. Esoterically, this principle of creative mind isPsychology1, 419:The Buddhic or Intuitional plane. Sense: Sight. Esoterically, this is the pure reason, seated inPsychology1, 420:response to knowledge. Bodily location: Brain. Esoterically, this principle of sentiency is seatedPsychology1, 420:or emotional Plane. Desire plane. Sense: Taste. Esoterically, this principle of desire is seated inPsychology1, 420:Physical plane, etheric levels. Sense: Smell. Esoterically, this principle of vitality or prana isPsychology1, 420:in the center at the base of the spine. Note: Esoterically speaking, the planets which are thePsychology2, 55:to control the "way of a man on earth", as it is esoterically called, produce the conditioning herePsychology2, 69:way of familiar approach", as it is sometimes esoterically called. Thus the first half of thePsychology2, 70:being "precipitated into incarnation", as it is esoterically called. Modernizing the concept, wePsychology2, 74:to do this and to subject themselves to what is esoterically called a "crisis of polarization".Psychology2, 79:in terms of energy. These energies are spoken of esoterically as "having impulsive effects,Psychology2, 117:set up, creating a dual magnetic field. Speaking esoterically they are "magnetically impelledPsychology2, 147:contact which leads eventually to what is esoterically called "the Way of divine refusal." It is,Psychology2, 160:of the pairs of opposites, he begins, esoterically, to "isolate" the "noble middle path" of whichPsychology2, 181:group to the raising of the human race esoterically. Within the group life, the individual will notPsychology2, 323:There is - in time and space - no synthesis (esoterically understood) permitted, but simply thePsychology2, 354:has destroyed. [354] He is subjected to what has esoterically been called "the light which shocks."Psychology2, 416:positive and negative, of male and female and, esoterically speaking, of the sun and the moon. ThePsychology2, 457:exist and are of constant occurrence, and we esoterically divide them into three divisions: 1.Psychology2, 504:his patient, is based not only on his inability esoterically to "place" his patient as to ray type,Psychology2, 524:lotus or chakra," the hub of the wheel, as it is esoterically termed in the Oriental teaching) isPsychology2, 537:of the body (except in the head and face) can esoterically be traced to the congestion of thePsychology2, 551:their "deficiency through abstraction" (as it is esoterically called) they constitute a fruitfulPsychology2, 566:at a high level of awareness. It is well known esoterically that Some people simply recordPsychology2, 615:this theme, owing to the fact that group work (esoterically understood) is relatively new, andPsychology2, 619:not of separation and hate. It produces what is esoterically called "the crippling of the one whoPsychology2, 621:are brought by the individual to the group. Esoterically, the reason for this should be obvious.Rays, 15:II.) As regards the Hierarchy itself, speaking esoterically and technically, its Members (many ofRays, 46:This developed will expresses itself as tension, esoterically understood. It embodies the ideas ofRays, 55:only one which is the same in all languages is, esoterically, the AUM. [56] Then comes a point ofRays, 68:of group work. One of its major functions, esoterically speaking, is to absorb, share, circulate,Rays, 73:and these are (to interpret these Sanskrit terms esoterically) the light of the pure reason, whichRays, 88:enlightened public opinion, which is (speaking esoterically) right response to the sound whichRays, 108:in time [108] and space. It is in this sense, esoterically understood, that time is an event -Rays, 146:truth. The will of God and the life of God are esoterically synonymous terms, and when the lifeRays, 147:expression of divinity or what has been called esoterically, "Shamballa is consummated in him."Rays, 153:enables him to contact the outside world, and esoterically enables him to contact the world ofRays, 159:there has been no "responsive return," as it is esoterically called, and hence no circulation. TheRays, 165:beings achieving initiation are "withdrawn" esoterically), "I, if I be lifted up will draw all menRays, 169:but even these words must be interpreted esoterically and not according to their usual and obviousRays, 171:or groups. Only a group sense of "well - Being," esoterically understood is realized, for it isRays, 188:(five up the spine and two in the head) were esoterically "in shape." The seven lotuses, or chakrasRays, 198:For Group Initiation Blindness is therefore, esoterically speaking, the place of learning and isRays, 218:by the group itself. The group becomes esoterically "a burning ground," and much time would beRays, 234:with which it peculiarly "coincided," as it is esoterically [235] called. Hence the presentRays, 248:(now lost along with the Lost Word) of Alchemy. Esoterically speaking, transmutation is the modeRays, 270:triangle is found in the human body and (esoterically considered) is related to the subject underRays, 286:with knowing, and through his ability to express esoterically that which he knows is able to revealRays, 290:and the world of phenomena faded out and - esoterically speaking - He lost His All. These are wordsRays, 341:in the Hierarchy. This involves, speaking esoterically, the relinquishing of all separateRays, 352:on this fourth subplane of the mental plane esoterically "ejects" the unit of electricity which isRays, 375:which would qualify Him to become what is esoterically called "a Shamballa recipient." There is, inRays, 386:did so in a fourth ray Ashram and then, esoterically speaking, "the Way lay open toward the Cross";Rays, 420:these two words, apparently contradictory though esoterically significant, there is embodied oneRays, 433:true tests in the real sense of the word, esoterically understood. It is a test - imposed withRays, 445:being precipitated into incarnation - as it is esoterically called. Modernizing the concept, weRays, 458:disciple upon the lower mental plane. There - esoterically speaking - "he takes his stand, andRays, 519:religion, as it has hitherto conditioned it esoterically and unconsciously. 4. Invocation andRays, 527:of God in the matrix of love" (as it has been esoterically called). He pointed the way through "theRays, 655:in the sense of physical expression because, esoterically speaking, it is "the will of God whichRays, 663:they are "set apart for fulfilment," as it is esoterically called, and in spite of fluctuations andRays, 676:to only one point of the compass (speaking esoterically). To the mass of humanity, the aspect ofReappearance, 26:and the world of phenomena faded out and - esoterically speaking - He lost His all. For the timeReappearance, 113:because of the tremendously material intention (esoterically speaking) of all forms at present,Reappearance, 129:influence, leading to an initiation. Culture is esoterically related to those within any era ofTelepathy, 183:form of the solar system which is, as we know, esoterically portrayed as a twelve-petalled lotus.Telepathy, 189:distinction and one that is seldom grasped. Esoterically speaking, the word "matter" or material isTelepathy, 189:so it is; substance - technically speaking and esoterically understood - is in reality cosmic
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