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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERICISTS

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Astrology, 25:the new proposition (new to you though old to esotericists) of the centers in the human ethericAstrology, 114:they remained undiscovered except by trained esotericists. Today, humanity is rapidly responding toAstrology, 173:the reversing wheel. It will be obvious to all esotericists that the Sun is the obvious ruler ofAstrology, 192:emphasizing as he always does the way of the esotericists. He usually tunes in on the esotericAstrology, 324:have not yet been sensed or noted accurately by esotericists; they are secondary in nature and areAstrology, 427:Just as the physical body is regarded by true esotericists as not a principle so the sacral centerAstrology, 471:today. This fact will be obvious to all true esotericists. Another stream of energy it also pushingAstrology, 622:and Humanity. Anent this ray energy, the esotericists of the world know much and this for threeAutobiography, 265:what esoteric teaching is and aid us to work as esotericists, taking the needed training andAutobiography, 292:will of the majority of the students. There are esotericists, however, who hold that to be anAutobiography, 293:This is largely the fault of the mystics, the esotericists and the professional "spiritual people"Autobiography, 301:the Western world, and are so prevalent among esotericists, were largely outmoded and were,Bethlehem, 73:individual would-be initiate. We are told by the esotericists that man is a threefold person in hisBethlehem, 75:that the number twelve is regarded by the esotericists of all faiths as signifying the number ofDiscipleship1, XI:inclusiveness which is the hallmark of all true esotericists. Where it is lacking you may have anDiscipleship1, XI:is far too much exclusiveness extant today among esotericists and in occult schools and too muchDiscipleship1, 353:service will be a deep knowledge on the part of esotericists and a renewed interest in orthodoxDiscipleship2, 22:movement and the narrow theologians among the esotericists, will make an outcry. They will beDiscipleship2, 137:a general recognition [137] by the thinkers and esotericists of the world, by the religious peopleDiscipleship2, 150:appeal and not simply of importance to convinced esotericists... It can be so presented that theDiscipleship2, 165:are: That of the general public. That of the esotericists, that is, of aspirants and disciples.Discipleship2, 166:may not find it impossible to use. [166] Second, esotericists and aspirants of the world will haveDiscipleship2, 166:engineered by disciples and carried forward by esotericists, will mature. This era began in 1875Discipleship2, 167:in the one case between the masses and the esotericists, and on the other between the esotericistsDiscipleship2, 167:the esotericists, and on the other between the esotericists and the Members of the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 211:and aided also by the meditation of those few esotericists (technically speaking) who are workingDiscipleship2, 225:of all spiritually-minded people, of all true esotericists and of the religiously inclined manDiscipleship2, 261:This will be done by those who are trained esotericists. Much that is now being said by worldDiscipleship2, 302:a slow technique, but there is a point which esotericists would do well to remember. If informationEducation, 57:and lost in the speculative indications of the esotericists (which, when true, are seldomEducation, 59:that what is now taught in the schools of the esotericists will be part of the acknowledgedEducation, 61:objectives; both groups are groups of trained esotericists. Education, 63:esoteric work, but is scorned by present day esotericists who regard themselves as spiritually [64]Education, 66:nature of the enterprise upon which all esotericists are embarked. Education, 68:the mystical application hitherto developed by esotericists in past decades. If esotericists wouldEducation, 68:developed by esotericists in past decades. If esotericists would accept, in its simplest form, theEducation, 68:to you later on. I would challenge all esotericists to attempt the practical approach which I haveEducation, 70:anent the Constitution of Man given by the esotericists, with the implied relation of soul andEducation, 108:facts may be more usually considered facts by esotericists than by the world in general. But we areEducation, 108:But we are working, or endeavoring to work, as esotericists. These facts are: The fact that thereEducation, 135:This is a point which must be grasped by esotericists. The widespread promiscuity of the sexes, andExternalisation, 33:age on this higher turn of the spiral are the esotericists and aspirants throughout the world.Externalisation, 33:- The Masses - The Churches and religions - The Esotericists, in their turn Positive Groups - TheExternalisation, 33:turn Positive Groups - The Intelligentsia - The Esotericists, aspirants and occultists - TheExternalisation, 90:bars." This parable will be apparent to esotericists. The clue to what I have to say comes later inExternalisation, 104:to forceful results. But I seek to have you, as esotericists, deal with energy and the result ofExternalisation, 110:which will have significance and meaning to esotericists and to all who have in any way grasped theExternalisation, 347:increasing emphasis being given in the West by esotericists to the Full Moon of May, which is theExternalisation, 350:which the new group of world servers and all the esotericists and spiritually oriented people ofExternalisation, 428:here correct an impression which exists among esotericists. By this phrase, (the Forces of Light),Externalisation, 490:appeal and not simply of importance to convinced esotericists...It can be so presented that theExternalisation, 510:be of use (except as a field of service) to the esotericists of the world, for they heed not theExternalisation, 513:group, which is composed of the true spiritual esotericists found in all exoteric occult groups, inExternalisation, 542:is in many ways easier for Western believers and esotericists to tune in and participate in theExternalisation, 547:have not proved encouraging; the effect upon the esotericists and aspirants of the world has beenExternalisation, 547:consequent formulation of thought-forms which esotericists (since the time of H.P.B.) have soExternalisation, 604:with the great potency of the inner groups. Esotericists, occult students, Rosicrucians andExternalisation, 680:attention that the mental inclination of all the esotericists in the world for the past one hundredFire, 901:of water, or desire. All this is revealed to esotericists in the symbology of the circulatoryGlamour, 20:bandied about among so-called occultists and esotericists. They are: glamor, illusion, maya and theGlamour, 185:a small handful of disciples, initiates and true esotericists who have always been present upon theHealing, 72:and forty-nine smaller centers known to the esotericists. However, we will confine ourselves atHealing, 506:not here speaking in abstract terms, as do all esotericists when they work at the negation ofHealing, 514:all the qualities. [514] The soul is now in what esotericists call "a process of reversal." ThisHealing, 634:we call its instinctual nature - is called by esotericists the physical elemental. DuringHealing, 684:as well as an abstract and abstruse meaning for esotericists. The last paragraph in this Law XHercules, 81:influences which pour from it are held by many esotericists to bring about the formation of theHercules, 87:form regarded from the standpoint of spirit, and esotericists tell us that the physical body is notHercules, 91:which guides the pilgrim back home. Many esotericists hold the belief that the human family, theIntellect, 123:perception and another range of ideas. For the esotericists, therefore, the objective of theMagic, 470:so that only those who know can understand. Esotericists will understand that these five stagesMagic, 553:They are well known but seldom applied by esotericists to the creative work. They are the cube, thePsychology1, 23:is the embodiment of pure love, is regarded by esotericists as being as close to the heart of thePsychology1, 25:found within His body of manifestation. Advanced esotericists debate as to whether Mars is, or isPsychology1, 183:of light, of illumination and of revelation. The esotericists of the world will understand a littlePsychology1, 183:you note, however, that the majority of true esotericists are found outside, and not within, thePsychology1, 232:follows them. The beliefs and knowledges of the esotericists today (of the real spiritualPsychology1, 232:of the esotericists today (of the real spiritual esotericists, not of the so-called esotericPsychology1, 258:entire reorganization within the animal form. As esotericists have long pointed out,Psychology1, 312:secret), for only in the human kingdom, as esotericists have long pointed out, are the three divinePsychology1, 342:types who work with the Law of Correspondences. Esotericists must remember that every kingdom inPsychology1, 361:plane light and electricity. [361] Among the esotericists and spiritualists of the world, knowledgePsychology1, 426:"the true nerves and the sensory centers" by the esotericists. Plants also have nerves, but theyPsychology2, 9:laid upon the understanding of the Plan amongst esotericists; hence likewise the work of thePsychology2, 41:out a constant misconception on the part of esotericists. This Fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty andPsychology2, 116:this law, and which will be of deep interest to esotericists, is to be found in connection with thePsychology2, 159:desire is oft the major sin of so-called esotericists and must be carefully avoided. Therefore, hePsychology2, 184:- not the dense physical form, but what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance. WePsychology2, 208:form for the consideration of the minds of men. Esotericists and theosophists would do well toPsychology2, 384:the evocation of the will. It is right here that esotericists will recognize the importance of thePsychology2, 389:man's activity into what is called (by esotericists) black and white magic. It is interesting alsoPsychology2, 447:point of light within the conscious nature." To esotericists, this whole problem of the at-one-mentPsychology2, 471:bandied about among so-called occultists and esotericists. They stand for the same general conceptPsychology2, 484:divinity, of the God within. Again, schools of esotericists, theosophists and rosicruciansPsychology2, 493:if analyzed, substantiate the position of the esotericists. The origin of the word "dream" is inPsychology2, 504:of the future (who will necessarily be also an esotericists) as most revealing because they willPsychology2, 518:to educators, psychologists, parents and esotericists. There is, however, as yet no realPsychology2, 683:with the Great White Lodge (as are all true esotericists) in that the Wesak Festival takes placeRays, 193:the three days in the tomb and one recognized by esotericists; it corresponds also to theRays, 204:has now come when a distinction must be made by esotericists between the words "spiritual" and
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