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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESOTERICISTS

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Rays, 466:see, therefore, why so much emphasis is laid by esotericists upon fusion, unity or blending; onlyRays, 467:of unselfishness and high aspiration. Many esotericists seem to regard the treading of the Path asRays, 467:of the integrated and dedicated personality. Esotericists must not take the position that all theyRays, 593:love-wisdom. There is a tendency in the minds of esotericists always to refer to the great lines ofRays, 618:is concerned) through the heart, or through what esotericists call "the heart center - the focalReappearance, 19:public with the phrase "the Kingdom of God"; the esotericists and occultists everywhere haveReappearance, 32:That of the general public. That of the esotericists, or of the aspirants and the disciples of theReappearance, 33:and all that is immediately possible. Secondly, esotericists, aspirants and spiritually mindedReappearance, 33:engineered by disciples and carried forward by esotericists, will mature. This era began in 1875Reappearance, 34:on the one hand between the masses and the esotericists and, on the other, between the esotericistsReappearance, 34:the esotericists and, on the other, between the esotericists and the Members of the Hierarchy.Reappearance, 86:here on Earth before. This new birth is what esotericists mean when they speak of the firstReappearance, 87:and the Renunciation (or Crucifixion). As esotericists know, the term "little ones" refers to thoseTelepathy, 2:- not the dense physical form, but what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance. WeTelepathy, 125:unfoldment of the three divine Aspects which all esotericists recognize, and of others which theTelepathy, 134:energies will be very much greater; for this the esotericists of the world must be prepared. ItTelepathy, 135:for the seven ray energies. It is known to esotericists that each of the seven centers comes underTelepathy, 140:terms is also a scientific conclusion. Esotericists have always known this, but their aggressiveTelepathy, 196:and is a general recognition by the thinkers and esotericists of the world, by the religious people
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